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kosher roughly means blessed.
that is why there is a 'kosher' hot dog and 'kosher' pickles they are blessed by rabbi under judaic law. however jesus preached a few things about people who said they had to teach the laws to children when those laws were not written by god. at least thats my take on these matters...

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where we're going we need roadways! solar freakin roadways! and before you say 'can't be done' the people doing it are doing it in the snowbelt. if you haven't seen the video watch it! i know they funded already but i was skeptical until they said they had used it in the snowbelt.

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"More to the point, now that Occulus is highly capitalized via its facebook deal, its quite capable of ramping up production to meet demand at its price, BUT, it seems to me occulus dont seem to want its products in wide use yet , probably to protect their reputation whilst its still in development. If they just wanted cash, they could simply produce more."

this is exactly my point. if they wanted to they would take a page from sony and sell a vitual 750" screen as seen at 65' away. but they want real games that look nice and are meant for gaming. and sony is going to release a version that can be motion compensated for, as it's tv model is designed to be sit down and do your best to not move, because if you move the image doesn't change and sensitive folks get vertigo. whereas the gaming model is to track and move the image as smoothly as possible with as few vertigo as possible.

the occulus rift is a devkit, people have been asking for 3-d headset displays since digital tech made it possible. those people are not ready to own a rift yet, because it has one major game engine, and decent games take time to mature. i bought planetary annihilation when it was early in development and it was awesome but it is so much harder than a normal rts and the interface is so different that i stopped playing it, i might have enjoyed it better had they had weaker ais or no nukes allowed modes, which maybe it has by now, but playing it from beta was not a plesant experience. saying that the occulus rift should 'let the market decide the price' when games are all crappy and in early alpha development would be almost suicide. i bought the original playstation 1 just for final fantasy and the few rpgs they had all got me mad at buying a ps, cause i had no games i liked. sony almost died to me, but eventually good games came along and made it worth the money. so there is a litlle chicken and egg dillema because in order for people to 'eat the chicken' at a bbq no one can eat the mutant egg of the chicken for breakfast. if you do what philips did with the CDI (computer disc interactive) and release the system to everyone without securing launch titles it will fail. if you launch a system like sony, but promise on paper lots of games, maybe it will work for some, but others will be pissed at the lack of quality of the games that were rushed to fill the void. however what the rift is trying to do is they somehow knew the first chicken would come from that egg, and decided to hatch feed and grow it until it could lay eggs for chickens and once that was successful then they had bbq, and some people could still eat the eggs, of the other chickens.

i think that for as long as i have waited for VR in the home that the occulus and the ps4 both getting head tracking VR is very cool, and i will use whichever one works better. so if occulus or sony delays their head tracking vr units i might even get impatient and get the one that is released, rather than wait on reviews. but only if that model can do 3-d bluray movies (i have 3 3d bluray capable computers if you count my ps3) either with a standard pc or with a ps4. if it doesn't do movies it is dead to me, and games are less important. support for google earth streetview would be very, very interesting.

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mark, the oculus rift2 devkit can play a few game engines, but it is not released to the public yet! it's not about shipping a full retail model in china, it is that chinese companies are requiring their employees to buy (at $350) the one per custom limit then selling them on ebay or like sites for $470

$120 profit at posting time. to compound the issue the devkit includes chips that have been discontinued, and are no longer available unlike a 'retail' model which will use custom chips, from a vendor like intel or amd or someone else.

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no landfills are very dry. to avoid contaminating local water they tend to have a 500 year plastic liner, and what little moisture is there from the garbage itself. i know they put off methane but that is largely from organics not plastics.
sorry i was lazy that day here is a link

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plastic can be made of corn and sugar. that does not make 'plastic' a viable food. however we have been requiring biodegradable plastics for decades now, they don't degrade in landfills but they do in the wild. also recycling has been vastly improved and that means less plastic in landfills and in the wild. scientists thought they'd see more plastic but people have suggested this is based on the amount of plastic produced, without even considering possible reasons like more recycling. also some pretty bright people have figured out where in the ocean to place nets that capture all the floating garbage, without having to use ships to 'drag' all across the ocean. perhaps that information is old, perhaps someone has been harvesting ocean plastic to recycle it.

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"The difficulty with anonymous cowards is knowing when one is the same person. The coward to which Chrisq was responding was appeal to Descartes. The problem with Descartes is that you can only prove your own existence to yourself. In the event of some higher power deceiving you, the only proof you have is of your own existence. So even though you and others say that there's no evidence that I'm existing in a dream or simulation there's no way for me to verify their existence."

while i can't prove that i exist to you, surely i can reference data that suggests that corporations will do almost anything to raise the bottom line, and that includes lying, cheating, and stealing.

red dwarf mocked virtual reality in it's 5th season(1993), yet it took the japanese 2 years later to build a mono-chromatic(red lcd) despite red dwarf mocking full immersion which i think there are finally ps4 vr headsets as well as the oculus rift.

technically flat screens are old tech was it in 1989 was my first handheld with a lcd was a gameboy, and my first laptop in 1997 came with a color lcd screen and technically there was no barrier to an oculus rift after lcds became reliable. other than bandwidth related to high definition signaling.

now we 'see' these bluetooth smart watches when people said we'd never have a radio watch that could be used to call people even if it's radio range is literally measured in feet.

what does all this prove? it proves that companies are greedy and have screwed people over time and time again with garbage tech designed to last fewer years.

i can also prove that laserprinters are still using 1994 processors to handle the buffers of the print queue. when a watch has a chip that can drive a low def screen and digital radio transmission 'proven' 1994 tech is still preferred over energy saving modern chips.

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