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Journal Journal: yo i have been having issues.

six week vacation so i played advance wars Dual Strike, i also got the 'golden sun' rpg for ds, and a couple other games. sleep cycle been all over the map, went to a few fast foods that promptly got a lobby repair and a broken drinking fountain. this is why you don't yell 'change nothing' into a command prompt when a polymorphic virus that has spread via the internet to infect the entire cluster oh, come off it you guys lie too, but my head is fucked up and i wanted it 'fixed' cause replayin

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

when i was first shown the internet, real player was capable of streaming right over a dial-up connection. granted you were getting 320x240 video streams. and this was on a Macintosh classic. but wikipedia denies the dates, saying real player was invented much later. that school had fiber optics to the universities where they could basically do face time with fancy hardware.

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Journal Journal: i would like to have some sort of job...

I am interested in finding a day job. I have requirements... nothing that will lose all my benefits from SSA. This means i will do unpaid internship to 'test' my skills, besides the routine testing that goes along with living life. however, i need a 'plan b' option in case the SSA decides i don't need my benefits. I will work virtual, and have both sides (linux and windows) machines and knowledge as a basic user. I would prefer to stay in MN, WI, or ND. though TN, and FL, are possible reloc

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".