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Comment: I like the idea but for one thing (Score 1) 218 218

I can't go back to a laptop without touch. I still have and use my thinkpad T500 as a test machine. Every time I use it for more than a few minutes I tap the screen and feel frustration that it doesn't do what I want. Touch should just be standard these days.

Comment: Re:Terrible twos (Score 1) 289 289

This is not about MS at all. This is all about Samsung being lazy.
All they need to do is go through the same process as everyone else (WHQL the drivers and submit them to WU) and this would not be an issue. I suspect their drivers are not passing WHQL and instead of fixing them they pull this BS.

Comment: Re:Contracts (Score 2) 131 131

You can't follow the water fall method with games and gather all the requirements up front. This is because the number one requirement for a game is that it's fun to play and there's really no way to know how fun it will be early on. You need to get a large part of it working just to know what works well and what doesn't.
If it's no fun to play 1/2 way in something (requirements) needs to change. Maybe LOTS of things. True, they should have asked MS to support changes up front but if it starts costing so much that it's never going to break even it's probably best for everyone involved to just pull the plug.

Other option is to just ship a shitty game and hope to make some of the money back but that sucks too.

Comment: Re:These days... (Score 1) 892 892

So progress would be to move in the direction of less negotiation. Where two people with the same BSCS and 3 years of experience are offered the exact same offer. That's not a random example btw. I was hired at the same time as a woman at my last job. We both had the same education and basic experience. For some reason my initial offer (I suck at negotiation so just took the first offer) was still 5k higher than hers.

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