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Comment I suggest (Score 1, Funny) 160

X-ray scanning needs to be at least ten times more radiating to get you used to the radiation exposure you'll face in space. Also passengers need to be pat down WHILE being X-rayed. You should also arrive at the spaceport 2 weeks prior to departure. And your luggage should end up on the moon.

Comment What companies need to do... (Score 1) 498

is stop buying high performance machines for the top executives and only spend that money on the grunts that could actually use that power. Back in my desktop support days I'd groan every time I went into a VIPs office and see an overpriced beast of a machine running excel and outlook. Then I'd go to a programmers area and see the POS 5 year old computer that was given to him and would about pull my hair out. Companies usually have the money to provide high performance machines to their employees, they just elect to give them to the wrong people.

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