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+ - Make your own open source retro arcade syle clock->

Submitted by
ptorrone writes "Hardware hacker "Ladyada" has released an open source retro arcade style table tennis for two clock called the MONOCHRON. According to MONCHRON project page they "wanted to make a clock that was ultra-hackable, from adding a separate battery-backed RTC to designing the enclosure so you could program the clock once its assembled." It includes a ATmega328 processor (with'Arduino' stk500 bootloader for easy hacking). It's completely open source hardware, all firmware, layout and CAD files are yours to mess with."
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Comment: Re:Hardware hacker extraordinares?? (Score 2, Funny) 282

by ladyada (#29583789) Attached to: Hardware Hackers Create a Cheaper Bedazzler
Wow you are really paranoid! Adam helped me pick out the best amplifier and looked over the RF gain stage layout to make sure it was nice and clean, since he did this for a living. Sure I could have done everything without any extra eyes but then the jammer might not have been as effective and that would be so sad :~( If you check back, next week, I'll have project on how to build your own 4 layer boards with popsicle sticks and glitter!

Comment: Re:It's probably not bright enough. (Score 5, Informative) 282

by ladyada (#29582039) Attached to: Hardware Hackers Create a Cheaper Bedazzler
Don't worry, its plenty bright! Its bigger only because it has more LEDs, and nice 6 degree lenses. If you RTFA you'll see we suggest going with green LEDs for best effectiveness but this has an RGB rave mode for going to parties. That way we can take it out to raves! Also, please note that LEDs are not driven "continuous current" not sure where you got that from

+ - Hardware hackers begin to open source Homeland Sec->

Submitted by
ptorrone writes "Hardware hacker extraordinaires Ladyada (Adafruit Industries) and Phil Torrone (MAKE magazine) have just published an open source "Homeland Security" project, a non-lethal LED-Based Incapacitator: THE BEDAZZLER. After attending a conference where the $1million "sea-sick flashlight" (THE DAZZLER) was demoed by Homeland Security, the duo decided to created an under $250 version and just released the source code, schematics and PCB files. The team also released a 5 minute video describing the "official version" as well as how they created the "open source hardware" version."
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Comment: Re:A few glitches in the vodka (Score 1) 155

by ladyada (#29212449) Attached to: Open Source Russian Vacuum Fluorescent Tube Clock
ancient hacker, the chip has a 'always on WDT' and the only place the dog is kicked is a function where we also set the timer & port registers fresh. if a register freaks out, say the one that has the port direction or the PC, then either the dogkicker will be called (and reset the registers) every 2 seconds OR the chip is completely latched in which case the WDT will reset the chip. same with the BOD, which cuts in at 1.8V (the chip can run down to 1.8V) however, there is -always- a possibility for cosmic waves, so our design accomdates a pulldown to the fet gate and a 200mA 0.1 polyfuse after the DC jack. all shipping kits have this (we'll update the schem shortly). experimenting with wreaking havoc on the FET and causing a dead-short, the fuse kicks in and 'stabilizes' below the rated DC current for the inductor and FET. thanks for helping us think about all this again, if you're still reading this send us a note support@adafruit and we'll send you out a kit once we ship the first round of orders out.

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