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Comment Dash Computers are Suboptimal (Score 1) 135

In 10 years, it will still be a fine car but the dash computer will be an antique. My car has bluetooth and a phone jack, and that will allow me to hook up the latest equipment to navigate and entertain me, for a long time, and replace it on my own schedule.

Comment Re:Everyone Is Guilty, Only Enemies Will Be Indict (Score 3, Insightful) 108

If you are a leftist, beating the shit out of private companies is well and good. Remember: corporations are evil! Prosecuting them is only a good thing. Are you a corporate shill?

I am neither a leftist nor a corporate shill. I believe in beating the shit out of private companies that deserve to have the "shit beat out" of them. You need only look at the lengthy history of consumer protection in the United States to find instances where this was and is necessary. Take, for example, Debt Collection Practices. Please, please, please "beat the shit out" of unscrupulous collection agencies. Please "beat the shit" out of the companies that call my grandmother to deliver unsolicited advertisements about a "warranty extension" on her car. There are plenty of private companies that should have this done to them. The issue I take with China's implementation is 1) that it will never target a state owned business and 2) the guidelines are by no means clearly laid out and can be ambiguously interpreted. Who will interpret them? When will they interpret them? Why just in time and by the same state body that made them. Please tell me, how can I prove that my product's advertising does not "Cause detriment to national dignity"?

Comment Do Not Conflate This With Individual Free Speech (Score 2) 108

Communists don't believe in free speech?


It's not that binary. The United States has its own truth in advertising laws that, in my personal opinion, are beneficial at both the federal and state level. Slashdot readers are free to go the Libertarian route and claim the free market would alleviate these issues on its own or perhaps point out how downright pedantic it can be at times. But the truth of the matter is that, as a consumer, we only have so many hours in a day to decide which of the thousands of products we consume in a year we should spend our money on. So it does come down to federal guidelines for what is "Grade A" or "Organic" or "Green" when there is a label espousing these properties and there are consumers paying a premium for this notion. Without those guidelines those words will mean absolutely nothing and there will be no way to tell where your product was made, how much cadmium it has in it or whether it is the end result of spewing carbon into the atmosphere. Without similar laws, you wouldn't be able to trust the nutritional information at the grocery store. Is it free speech to claim that my potato chips cure cancer and lead to weight loss no matter how many of them you eat? People will know that I'm lying? Cigarettes used to sooth sore throats. Trans fats used to taste awesome.

Speech used by an individual to express ideas is free speech. Advertisements -- especially advertisements representing a very large organization -- are not. Corporations should not have the same rights individuals have and I feel that free speech is one of those clear cut distinctions. There is a long history of consumer protection everywhere in the world -- learn about your own country's struggles with it. It's not a simple issue and advertisement should not be regarded as free speech.

Comment Everyone Is Guilty, Only Enemies Will Be Indicted (Score 5, Insightful) 108

Here is the full text of the newly amended law. Here is the WIPO listing the deltas with the older 1994 version of the law (click expand notes). It appears that this is the first change in this law since 1994. Also the WIPO provides a PDF of their English version which seems to be slightly different. I also found a definition of the extent of what is regulated advertising by the PRC. Here's the WIPO's full list of defined restrictions:

1) Overt or covert use of national flag, anthem or emblem of People’s Republic of China or military flag, anthem or emblem;
2) Overt or covert use of the name or image of national public institute or staff of national public institute;
3) Use of words such as “national-level”, “the most” and “the best”, among others;
4) Causing detriment to national dignity or interests, or disclosing national secrets;
5) Interfering with social stability, or causing detriment to social and public interests;
6) Harming personal or property safety, or disclosing privacy;
7) Interfering with social public order, or going against good social norm;
8) Containing obscene, pornographic, gambling, superstitious, terrifying, or violent content;
9) Containing discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, or gender;
10) Affecting protection of environment, natural resources or cultural heritage;
11) Other situations prohibited by laws and regulations.

Merely sounds like another tool for the Party to deal with companies that are not state owned. Most companies will be found guilty of some section of this but they won't be prosecuted until they run afoul of the Party. In China (and increasingly in the US) everyone is guilty of something but only those that the state wants to be prosecuted will be prosecuted.

So looking at the story, we have a new law enacted a month ago and whose head is on the chopping block today? Xiaomi? Well from wikipedia:

Xiaomi Inc. is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, China, that is the world's 4th[4] largest smartphone maker. Xiaomi designs, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, and related consumer electronics.[5]

Aaaaaand there's your problem. Wake me up when a state owned company is prosecuted under these new laws. Xiaomi's true crime was probably doing better than Huawei.

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 52

Wow are you REALLY this dumb, or are you just a console tard? Lets see 1.- Tigerdirect is one of the largest e-tailers in North America, 2.- There are vids of 6 year olds putting together PCs, fuck they come with instructions that use pictures so you don't even need to be able to read (should be great for you) 3.- Windows 10 IS FREE, just type "Windows 10 for free" and you can get the Insider version for a whole $0, and are you really too fucking dumb to know how to fill out a fucking envelope and mail in your receipt, really?

BTW if you are dumber than the 6 year old or so fat you can't actually see your wee-wee and therefor are incapable of bending over to use a screwdriver? You can pick up an A-10 APU PC for $479 and the upgrades you to a TB drive and gives you Windows 8.1. All you have to do is flip the switch...think you are capable of that, or do you need to have somebody draw you a picture?

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 3, Informative) 52

Except that "You need a gaming beast PC" has been a myth for quite awhile now, hell you can play battlefield 4 on an AMD A10 7850k,which you can get in kit form for $345 after MIR, that is "Walmart PC" territory. Just slap on the free edition of Windows 10 and voila! $350 PC that will play most games at 30FPS, even comes with an SSD.

That is of course if your PC is truly ancient and you want a new PC, if its less than 7 years old or you don't mind going to Craigslist? You can get a gaming PC for just stupid cheap. The cheapest gaming PC was one I set up for a single mom down the hall as a favor, cost? $150! I just picked up a C2Q PC off of CL with 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 and a 500GB HDD (cost $75) and then $75 for an HD7750. He plays TF2 and other online shooters at 30FPS+ with no issue and since most games don't use quads to their full capability they can always pop in a $100 GPU in a year or two and keep right on gaming.

So the "beat PC for gaming" is just a myth, its for guys that care more about bench scores than game scores.

Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 5, Insightful) 259

Exactly. During the early days most of us had NO problem with ads because they weren't being assholes. They had simple .txt, maybe a .jpg or if they wanted to be fancy a .gif, and since it was first party it was actually relevant to the site and usually the site host had good experiences shopping there.....then came the MBAs, Masters of Being Assholes.

First came the pop ups, then came the ads blocking content, then came loud as hell sound blaring, then Java (in fact the reason I originally started advising customers to remove Java was early Java ads) and then came Flash, now look at what we have...want to make a PC so safe you can remove the AV and be just fine? Block ALL ads and watch infections disappear. Last figures I saw had malware ads causing something like 96 out of every 100 infections, nothing else came close.

And to all those that say "we need ads to have the web, boo hoo" I'll say the exact same thing I said to Jim Sterling that got me banned from The Escapist when he was being their apologist, I produced links showing how many times The Escapist had shown malware ads and said..."are you gonna be responsible for the damage you cause? Are you gonna pay to clean their PCs, have a watch put on their CC numbers? Gonna pay them for the lost hours dealing with resetting passwords and cleaning up the messes YOU CAUSED with your ads?" You want to be treated like REAL journalists and stores? Fine and dandy because they pay when they are hacked sometimes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars like TJ Maxx when their system got hacked.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too ad pushers, either you step up to the plate and claim responsibility and pay for the damages when YOUR ADS cause damage or you have a heaping cup of STFU when users do the only smart and sensible thing and block the largest source of malware their PCs can possibly see.

Comment Re:there is only one (Score 1) 488

The GOP will never let ANY Paul have a shot, just as they are trying their damnedest to get trump to sign a pledge that he won't run as an independent so they can find an excuse to kick him out the race, all they want is corporate booty kissers that don't have a chance in hell.

With that criteria it will probably be Bush (no chance in hell) or Rubio (less than no chance in hell) because that is what they want, somebody that will scream about "entitlements" and how the rich are paying too much and the poor are just lazy for not being willing to work in a cancer city like they do in China for $5 a day.

So I'd say the best bet at a non spy loving POTUS would be Sanders, didn't think he would have a chance just a few months ago but apparently the press hates Hillary as much as they loved Bill so he is getting tons of good press and shooting up the polls, so he may have a real shot at the brass ring.

Comment Re:More nope (Score 1) 403

Sigh...you DO understand that the word fallacy does NOT always come with the word "logical" connected, yes? Loaded words are a form of POLITICAL fallacy as they are used by politicians to sway the populace. Same as you don't say "integration is bad" you use "forced busing", you don't say "we are against blacks" you say "welfare queens". It gives you the same effect thanks to the public "filling in the blanks" but gives the one using them a CYA.

And excuse me for not being willing to coddle the spoiled as fuck population, I suppose you want "trigger warnings" and all that bullshit? I call it as I see it and if you are an idiot? Well sorry but unless English is not your native tongue I really shouldn't have to write for fucking third graders or keep a pile of LOLCats so that the clueless masses can understand basic sentences, especially when I use something so fucking obvious like "see how that works" that Ray Charles would have caught it.

How about everybody stop smoking the blunts before posting, yes?

Comment Re:More nope (Score 1) 403

Wow are we REALLY gonna have to come up with a fucking ironic tag because the users here are too damned stupid to understand anything unless it has a fucking LOLCat connected to explain it to them?

Since you and everybody else here are unable to comprehend anything without it spelled out? Allow me to spell it out The name calling was to point out how worthless name calling is but I guess that's my bad, I forgot this generation doesn't understand a damned thing without a fricking meme pic connected. I thought it would have been fucking clear when I literally spelled it out "...see how that works"? But I guess this audience is so damned burnt out that unless somebody literally bitchslaps you with the answer? You ain't getting shit.

Comment Re:A flat sheet of glass (Score 1) 250

Not to mention it will end up costing more money in the long term. that tablet you got for $150 that played everything 2 years ago? Yeah not so much today. Compare this to my 2009 Phenom X6, the oldest is playing the latest shooters on it just fine, all he replaced was my old HD4850 for an R9 280 which he got for $120 on sale. If you want to go back even further my Pentium D is still playing games, a neighbor bought it and the above HD4850 and is using it for his flight games.

That is why I'm glad I got my boys on PCs when they were little, ended up saving a ton over the years compared to consoles and I don't even want to know how much it would cost to keep tablets capable of playing the latest and greatest every year. the nice thing about X86 is that once we went multicore PCs quickly reached a point where they were more than capable, so that a C2Q or Phenom II has no problem playing the latest games without issue, hell even that HD4850 was playing games just fine, I just wanted a new card because the newer ones generate less heat.

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