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by hairyfeet (#47570203) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

It AIN'T the men, its the stupid as hell clothing industry thinking any guy besides metrosexuals give a rat's ass about that. I don't know how many guys I've talked to the past few years that are ROYALLY PISSED that they can't just go into a store and grab a pair of size whatever and know it'll fit. We don't care if you call it a 37 or an ummagumma just STICK TO IT so we can just walk in and buy a pair of damned pants without having to try shit on like the that REALLY so much to ask for?

As for TFA? The correct answer is "we don't know shit, it'll probably change, but for now the number pulled out our collective asses is". hell they can't even make the math work without "dark" this and "dark" that which should automatically be replaced with a little stick figure shrugging its shoulders. I think the only thing we can truly say for certain is how things work in this one little teeny tiny itsy bitsy area, anything else? Its just wild guesses with a LOT of question marks in there.

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by hairyfeet (#47570111) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

Calling someone retarded is no less insulting than screaming nigger or faggot at them...are you telling me that is acceptable? or how about Linus flipping the bird to a major manufacturer that a LARGE part of the community REQUIRES to do their jobs? What if Nvidia said "ya know what? Fuck you Torvalds, from now on? They can buy OSX or Windows" and called it a day?

he is not only giving FOSS a bad name, which is pretty bad considering what RMS did in public left Torvalds pretty much the ONLY face of FOSS that didn't look like a loon, but he is also giving every stereotype of IT, that IT is full of maladjusted man children that behave like 14 year old punks, credence. We get enough of that shit without Linus acting like a fucking prima donna, thx.

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by hairyfeet (#47569993) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"
Notice I got modded down for daring to say this type of behavior is NEVER excusable, I don't care if its from Cook or Ballmer or Torvalds you should act like a PROFESSIONAL, not a spoiled brat halo player. And I'm sorry but cursing anybody out in public, along with flipping the bird to companies who don't do to suit him? He's acting like a brat NOT the head of such a large important project. and the fact that so many will put up with this prima donna behavior and actually make excuses for it? Just shows there IS A REASON why IT has such a bad name.

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Application support always says to turn off everything that might possibly interfere with their precious application. They would have you shut down the operating system if they didn't need it. Application support lives in a fairy land where the only thing they have to worry about is their application. They don't have to fix anything if the application isn't broken. They have no interest in anything else. A good vendor will program their application to work with the system standards. Most ISVs are not good vendors.

As a system or network admin, you have to protect the application from the rest of the network and protect the rest of the network from the application and protect everything from the users and the Internet. Part of doing that is firewalling the crap out of your core network, and if you can't do that you should be looking at adding more VLANs and controlling traffic that way.

+ - Conservatives Release New Video Proving Global Warming is a Hoax->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Conservative Louisiana House of Representative Lenar Whitney has released a new four minute video on Youtube proving once and for all that global warming is a hoax. In the heavily referenced and peer reviewed video, Whitney puts to rest global warming — something "any ten year-old can invalidate." She points out the important fact that our planet "has done nothing but get colder each year." The highly polished video with special effects clearly exhausted all of Whitney's cognitive powers in researching and backing up each point in her proof that global warming is the "greatest deception in the history of mankind." Fat cat scientists and their propaganda machines don't stand a chance with this hardworking former oilfield equipment company sales employee to set the record straight."
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by hairyfeet (#47564637) Attached to: EA Tests Subscription Access To Game Catalog
The problem is this....EA is known for killing MP as soon as a title leaves top tier, usually within a year or two max. this means these games will be "pre-crippled" so that half the fun of a sports title, kicking your friend's ass, will already be removed.

Still for those that made the mistake of buying an Xbone that might be a good deal. For us PC gamers that 30 bucks a year would get you a dozen or more games from the Humble Bundles or Steam sales we could keep forever, of course the guys into EA sports will already have the latest Madden so won't care and...wait who is this supposed to appeal to anyway? Sports guys will already have the sports games,shooter guys generally don't play sports and have the latest shooters (because the MP dies the second a new one comes out), I'm sensing a case of "here is some old shit we can't sell so what do we do with it?" fail coming on.

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by eldavojohn (#47560113) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

Over at Dice

But we are at Dice, sir:

Domain ID: D2289308-LROR
Creation Date: 1997-10-05T04:00:00Z
Updated Date: 2014-03-14T22:12:11Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2015-10-04T04:00:00Z
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 69
WHOIS Server:

Referral URL:
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
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Registrant ID:tuE8gFbzWFO9qSj2
Registrant Name:Host Master
Registrant Organization:Dice Holdings, Inc.
Registrant Street: 1040 Avenue of the Americas
Registrant City:New York
Registrant State/Province:NY
Registrant Postal Code:10018
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.8557527436
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:

Pros: Today's article has more content than the usual Dice front page linkage. Great article if you're not a programmer but feel stymied by the wide assortment of languages out there. Although instead of hemming and hawing before making your first project you're better off listening to Winston Churchill and sticking your feet in the mud: "The maxim 'Nothing avails but perfection' may be spelt shorter -- 'Paralysis."

Cons: It barely scratches the surface of an incredibly deep topic with unlimited facets. And when one is considering investing potential technical debt into a technology, this probably wouldn't even suffice as an introduction let alone table of contents. Words spent on anecdotes ("In 2004, a coworker of mine referred to it as a 'toy language.'" like, lol no way bro!) could have been better spent on things like Lambdas in Java 8. Most interesting on the list is Erlang? Seems to be more of a random addition that could just as easily been Scala, Ruby, Groovy, Clojure, Dart -- whatever the cool hip thing it is we're playing with today but doesn't seem to quite pan out on a massive scale ...

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by Wonko the Sane (#47545917) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

If you'd actually read the linked mailing list post (or even just read the quotes of it in the summary) you'd see that none of the abusive comments are aimed at people, they're aimed at the code. He calls the code a bunch of mean, nasty, insulting things, but he doesn't say anything about the people who worked or released that code. I think the distinction is important here. It's not abuse if there's nobody to be abused.

Secondarily: if you read the rest of the thread, he goes on to work with everyone very productively on tracking down the exact nature of the underlying bugs, posts deep analyses of the code generation differences, proposes a patch for his own kernel to work around this GCC bug, and goes and files the upstream Bugzilla report with the GCC team himself. On the whole I'd say this is pretty responsible and cooperative behavior.

What are you doing bringing objective facts into a Slashdot debate, I mean SWJdot?

Comment: Re:I know you're trying to be funny, but... (Score -1, Troll) 715

by hairyfeet (#47544857) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"
Torvalds has shown repeatedly he has ZERO professionalism and the fact that so many in the FOSS community make excuses for his childish amateur hour behavior is truly sad. There is NO EXCUSE for acting like a spoiled rotten 14 year old Halo player and the fact that Torvalds can continue acting this childish and get away with it is a pretty damning commentary on the Linux community and its support of diva behavior.

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It sounds like this transformer had its center tap grounded and was the path to ground on one side of a ground loop as the geomagnetic field moved under pressure from a CME, inducing a common-mode current in the long-distance power line. A gas pipeline in an area of poor ground conductivity in Russia was also destroyed, it is said, resulting in 500 deaths.

One can protect against this phenomenon by use of common-mode breakers and perhaps even overheat breakers. The system will not stay up but nor will it be destroyed. This is a high-current rather than high-voltage phenomenon and thus the various methods used to dissipate lightning currents might not be effective.

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by hairyfeet (#47538567) Attached to: Russia Posts $110,000 Bounty For Cracking Tor's Privacy
I thought that it was pretty easy to crack TOR, just run a bunch of exit nodes and suck up the data. Sure it doesn't let you target a specific individual but its governments we are talking about here, where the typical goal isn't to get ALL the people, just enough that you are seriously rolling the dice if you try thus causing a nice chilling effect.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.