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Comment Re: They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 290 290

Because something requires education doesn't make it wrong. The expense is somewhat hard to measure, because we subsidize the meat and dairy industry in the US by $5B. With estimates of around $400B in cost to society (I'm a bit skeptical of that one, I have no done the research myself, relying on Google here).

If meat were more expensive, such that the poor could not afford it, then we as a society would be forced to educate everyone on how to get the necessary nutrition on a vegan diet. I don't think this is impossible, and there are other cultures that have huge sections of society that are meat-free and a few that are also dairy free.

ps - I had a meatball panni today. vegetarian/veganism is a scientific curiosity to me, I haven't adopted it as a religion.

Comment Re:They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 290 290

What exactly does this stuff TASTE like?

disturbingly neutral. Like scientifically engineered inoffensive blandness.

I think if I were too busy to care about eating, it would be a useful product. Imagine the weightloss if eating became a boring chore. I might even find other things to do instead to avoid eating, like clean the house.

Comment Re:Oblicatory (Score 1) 290 290

There is probably more nutrition in the ramen packaging than in the ramen itself. And vitamin supplements are somewhat controversial as many of them are not significantly bio-available, meaning when you're popping vitamins you're throwing your money down the shitter.

But who is to say that something like Soylent can't be done in a ramen form factor? It kind of defeats the philosophy of Soylent, but if you never bought into that philosophy then no real loss there. Top Ramen or someone ought to invest in some R&D so they can dominate this industry.

Comment My last 3 android phones have had this feature (Score 0) 63 63

Taking and transcribing voicemail? My last 3 phones, all Android and going back at least four years, have had this feature. Is Apple really that far behind, that this feature comes out as News, and what's more, implies that they invented it?

Christ, does anyone editing this site actually keep up with technology?

Comment Re:Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 229 229

Never took off? I thought it had hundreds of millions of users. In what world is that not taking off?

Where people actually *use* it. Sure, it has millions of users, precisely because google tied it to it's various services.

But do people actually post on it? Do people actually open it and use it to keep in touch with friends and family? No, and by your own admission, they couldn't because it gets "pretty heavy" when you keep it open.

Fanboy's aside, g+ isn't used and at least part of that blame has to be on the interface.

Comment Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 229 229

Some great reasons as to why G+ never took off, but something I haven't seen mentioned is that the interface was a pig.

Go ahead. Go open it up and time how long the damn thing takes to load up. I have a fairly quick computer and it took over 10 seconds for first load ( around 8 seconds for each subsequent load ). On top of that, it loads my hangouts list again; I already have it in my browser and my email tab.

I am constantly amazed how frequently big companies completely screw up the interface thinking it's not important.

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