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Comment Re:WTF is Wayland (Score 3, Informative) 70

Wayland is a fairly controversial replacement for X11, written by the people currently maintaining the X.org X11 stack.

As the summary implies, Wayland been criticized for lacking significant features of X11 such as network transparency. Defenders have argued that network transparency is a minority application and that they don't like the way it's implemented in X11 anyway,

Those of us who use network transparency are rather bothered by being told that something that works fine for us (and it does, I regularly have to configure LibreOffice systems running on AWS instances, and have never bumped into any of the supposed problems Wayland advocates insist I have) are things we don't really need or want. We're not happy about losing functionality simply so that someone can go from 59fps to 59.5fps when playing Call of Duty.

Previous proposals have varied from proposals for an optional intermediary protocol sitting between Wayland and the client (apparently by people who have no idea what the transparency part of "Network transparency") and even the ability to stream the contents of Windows using H.264.

This proposal sounds, at least at first glance, to be better than those hacks. Hopefully it means they're finally taking the issue seriously.

Comment Re:oh ffs already (Score 1) 206

It's the ultimate ad-hominem. When you don't like what someone is saying, when it makes you uncomfortable, just call them an SJW. It signals to others that they should be modded down.

It's basically doing exactly what they accuse SJWs of, only it's fine for them because they are just cutting through the bullshit.

Comment Re:Halter top and a miniskirt (Score 1) 248

So what you are saying is that instead of making the most minimal effort to understand what I'm saying, you prefer to just live in your own little world where you don't have to worry about me calling your bullshit.

Case in point, the patriarchy is a system. Every member of a society us part of it by definition, but that's irrelevant because it's an institutional problem.

Comment Re:Math (Score 2) 224

455W/person is quite reasonable for a country in northern Africa. Obviously they don't have a lot of heating requirements in winter, and in summer their homes are built to require less cooling than those in other developed nations further north. Also keep in mind that it is per person, so if a family is living in a house their pooled usage isn't likely to be 4x as much as a single person living on their own.

Comment Re:Environmental concerns (Score 5, Insightful) 224

You are comparing a developing technology with a very mature (and still highly subsidised) one. Much of the investment in this plant will be paid back by exporting the experience, knowledge and technology developed for it.

Plus, Morocco can't just decide to build a nuclear plant. It has to rely on foreign assistance for the designs, the knowledge, the fuel, handling the spent fuel and the clean up. Moroccans see how much money they have to export to get the nuclear they do have and figure they could develop their own clean energy source and start having people send them money instead.

Comment Re:Don't forget (Score 0) 366

Being blind to it is just perpetuating the problem. If you don't look around and notice that most of the people you are hiring look like you because you advertise jobs through socially networking with similar people, even being a perfect meritocracy won't actually give people different to you much of a chance.

This is very bad for you, because to get the best people you need to have the largest possible pool of candidates.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Nightmare on Slashdot 1

riaasux23 was finally relaxing. He'd made a pretty good impression, he felt, pushing back on some of the lies about global warming and vaccines on his favorite website, and was beginning to relax. Maybe it was time to kick back and watch Netflix? Or perhaps... he opened the folder on his PC marked "PHP". Time to take a little of the bad stuff? A little "code review" perhaps?

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 205

They want an ICBM for the same reason that the US and all other nuclear ICBM equipped powers do: Mutually Assured Destruction.

Okay, in their case they couldn't destroy the US, but the threat of possibly having a major city destroyed is probably enough to prevent a US president from risking an attack.

They are a long way from that point though. They don't have solid fuel rockets, so they can't keep weapons in a state of readiness for very long. Still, the weapon doesn't need to be 100% reliable or practical, just enough of a threat to prevent the US attacking first.

Submission + - iRobot is selling off its military division (engadget.com)

AmiMoJo writes: Vacuum bot maker iRobot has sold off its defense and security division in order to focus on its core Roomba business. If you were unaware that iRobot even made military toys, the company actually got its start building military hardware for the likes of DARPA as far back as 1998. At one point, it was awarded a $286 million military contract to produce robots that can detect and disarm bombs and do other risky chores. Turns out, there just wasn't enough money in it. According to its financial statements, iRobot raked in around 15 times more money with Roomba vacs than military robots.

Comment Re:Halter top and a miniskirt (Score 1) 248

The problem is people will always assume the absolute worst, so you have to be incredibly careful with your language and fully enumerate all possible behaviours you are referring to. Or don't, and just rely on the people actually dealing with this stuff to use their judgement.

When it says "without being touched or made uncomfortable by her professor", it means "no touching, no leering, no standing uncomfortably close and breathing down her neck, no overtly sexual comments etc."

By constantly mis-interpreting statements like this, and by extension requiring them to be enumerated every single time, it becomes hard to discuss the topic. It's a derailing tactic, even if it is unintentional.

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