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Comment: Here's an idea (Score 1) 208 208

How about making the company someplace where people would actually want to work? If you keep treating your people like "human resources" to be mined out and cast aside then fuck you you get exactly what you deserve, a bunch of devs just trying to do enough time in the salt mines to get themselves a job for a good company. I know the company were pioneers in the field of efficiently working people to death but they may want to finally change their Auschwitz approach.

Agile is a tool, it's good for things it's good for and bad for things it's not good for. How about letting the team select the methodology they think is appropriate to the task rather than letting a bunch of empty suits make the decision for the whole company?

Comment: Re:WikiLeaks are fuckers (Score -1, Troll) 143 143

Sony is a criminal company. No one innocent works for Sony.
Remember the root kit stuff, the payola shit numerous times, fucking artists every which way?
Innocent people don't contribute to that nonsense.
These leaks are still not spending Wikileaks money efficiently righting wrongs so it's a little douche baggy on their part without shedding any tears for the evil mega-corp.

We were so poor that we thought new clothes meant someone had died.