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Comment: Get the military out of the schools (Score 0) 33

by Atrox666 (#44519881) Attached to: Competition Tests Student-Built Aerial Espionage Robots

Military money needs to be removed from education. Higher education shouldn't be a competition on how fast you can sell out the planet to fascist forces.
Just cut enough out of their budgets that they can't afford to murder goat herders for profit and plow it into real education.
Geeks need to stop giving away their power and take charge and authority over our own contribution or it will always be used against us.
I'm saying this as a former soldier.

Comment: Re:This thought crosses my mind a lot. (Score 1) 808

by Atrox666 (#43752569) Attached to: Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years

This is why socialism in some form is necessary. If corporations are allowed to own these automated systems (the means of production) then corporations will be free to toss you and everyone you love in the garbage because they don't need you anymore. Why should they let you eat when it's just cutting into their profits unless they are forced to? It's either we share the wealth the workers earned or the rich getting richer and the poor get poorer will reach its obvious conclusion.

Before anyone says it, none of this has anything to do with a Soviet/Chinese style fascist state.That's just what Americans have been fooled into thinking socialism is.

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