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Comment Maybe they won't screw us (Score 2) 231 231

Maybe they won't pay an army of lobbyists to bribe the shit out of the government so they can perpetuate an obsolete business model and charge people up the ass for services that are no longer needed. Nah just kidding, let's watch them pocket the extra money like they earned it and screw the customer even harder.

Comment Learning is fun (Score 3, Funny) 112 112

Here's what you can learn from this security expert. If you click on those attachments we told you not to click on it will take me 2 days with your laptop to "analyze the threat" if you get infected. If it's not the first time then we were unable to recover your files and it will take 3 days.

Comment Digg-ing themselves a hole (Score 1) 581 581

If people see it as just a corporate forum it will implode.
Free(ish) expression is the bait, the lured users are the product and the advertisers are the customers.
If you don't have good bait, no users and soon no advertisers.
Giving the hive mind a lobotomy is not going to work, we'll just put a pillow over its face.
If you do Web 2.0 correctly the users are the star of the show. Reddit is taking centre stage here and it's a bad plan.

Comment Re:So What's Your Business Plan? (Score 1) 217 217

Yeah I'm not really interested in being an app coder at any price someone with half a brain would pay.

Anyone willing to pay me what I'd ask to dust off my average level programming skills would be dumb and working with stupid people is not on my road to job satisfaction.

Comment Oh well I'm incorporating (Score 1) 202 202

A corporation has the rights of an individual so I will register under the corporation's name and address and not a person's name.
Again only small business owners get the shit end of the stick.
Way to go ICANN, if you keep proving how irrelevant you are I may get my Christmas wish and you can all pound sand.

Comment When they get rude (Score 2) 217 217

When people hear that I can program apps I often get hassled by someone who of course has the next multi million dollar idea. I'm not interested but they rarely take no for an answer.

I've said directly to people that if I'm smart enough and disciplined enough to actually build an app chances are I'm smart enough to have 5 ideas better than theirs and if they really were smart then I'd be happy to recommend a book. People think there is some idea shortage out there. I like asking them about their "spec" because they almost never have anything but vague bar room banter and haven't even thought that out particularly well.

Reading makes their lips tired and no one ever takes me up on the book recommendation. Most apps pitched are already out or are outside the physical abilities of the phone.
Maybe it's because I'm a bitter old man but I love showing them the app they just described and watching their little hearts break.

A slow pup is a lazy dog. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"