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Comment: Re:Godsend (Score 2) 207

by Atrox666 (#47261681) Attached to: Century-Old Drug Reverses Signs of Autism In Mice

I don't know if I'd take this drug. I'm over 40 and have learned to manage the downsides. I've also learned to use the super powers associated with mild cases of ASD.
I've had to learn to override the adrenal response which gives me the ability to act when most people just freeze up(e.g. artillery strike). I'm always having a stress reaction when I'm outside my own head so a little more doesn't really matter that much. I doubt it would fix my voice modulation (flat affect)and other mannerisms that have been ingrained. I wish you could try it before making it permanent.

+ - Microsoft will issue one last Windows XP patch-> 1

Submitted by Atrox666
Atrox666 (957601) writes "Breaking up with dead operating systems is harder to do than Microsoft thought it would be. Microsoft announced on Thursday that it was issuing a critical patch for Internet Explorer that would be compatible with Windows XP versions of the Internet browser. The new patch for XP users comes even though Microsoft swore last month that it would stop issuing patches for any XP software unless users paid the company additional money to help keep support up."
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Comment: Get the military out of the schools (Score 0) 33

by Atrox666 (#44519881) Attached to: Competition Tests Student-Built Aerial Espionage Robots

Military money needs to be removed from education. Higher education shouldn't be a competition on how fast you can sell out the planet to fascist forces.
Just cut enough out of their budgets that they can't afford to murder goat herders for profit and plow it into real education.
Geeks need to stop giving away their power and take charge and authority over our own contribution or it will always be used against us.
I'm saying this as a former soldier.

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