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Comment Re:In Theory - Thor (Score 1) 87

I'm an implementer of OIM (10 years now). OIM is an excellent framework for a provisioning tool, but the connectors are terrible (fortunately easy to build your own against the API) and the UI is useless. The most successful OIM implementations I've come across (or built) have been ones that used a custom UI and/or just made everything scriptable. The API is really the saving grace of OIM. It's confusing, but it is powerful.

Sadly, I'm watching the product spiral downhill as of the last several versions.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

This is a bit like saying you're going to send someone to jail for getting rear-ended waiting at a traffic light - if the person was parked at a green light, drinking, in the middle of the night, with the rear of their vehicle spray-painted black to hide any reflective markings.

It's not that a hack happened.

It's that a hack happened due to willful negligence and incompetence.

Comment Re:There is no reason for any drought to continue (Score 1) 387

LOL, phantom. Okay, so explain why those using 12% of the water should make heavy investments to benefit those who are using 80% of the water, yet only contribute 2% to the state's GDP? Remember to bring your stash of 'shrooms and acid, as such an explanation isn't going to be possible without them.

Comment Re:Gays can't get married (Score 1) 187

Nice try, homophobe. "Traditional marriage" has variously meant:

Rapists marry their victims
Soldiers marry the surviving daughters of the families they just massacred
Kings marry hundreds of wives
80 year old men marrying 12 year old girls

Marriage has constantly been "redefined" throughout history, so all you've got is a red herring in addition to your flaming nazi shitbaggery.

Comment Would you guys be as poutraged for a Klansman? (Score 2, Insightful) 187

Eich was a bigot. It's a free country, and he's allowed to have his personal views - but he also spent money to force those views onto other people. Would you guys be all indignant if a reasonably talented software manager was shown the door after he was shown to be a Klansman, and worked to deny basic civil rights to blacks or jews?

If not, why not?

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 467

Islamist wackadoos wanting to take over Europe (and elsewhere) aren't doing so because they think the US has too big a military. They're doing it because they think the rest of the world should live under the culture they consider to be the only valid one.

You from the U.S.? It takes an extra special brand of racist dumbfuckery to be from a country that has bombed and overthrown dozens of countries over the last 70 years, gotten tens of millions of people killed, had a worldwide kidnapping & torture program, assassinates people based on "meta data", yet wag your finger at those people over there to whine about how irrational and violent they are.

The best part about it is, any Radical Islamofacism you can name is directly the fault of the U.S., or a direct backlash to U.S. imperialism. Don't like Iran's theocratic government? Blame the U.S. and Britain for overthrowing their secular democracy in the 50's. Say Pan Am Flight 103 was a horrible crime? Tell it to the family members of those on Iran Air Flight 655. Taliban got you down? Take it up with Zombie Reagan, who gave them weapons in the 80's. ISIS being a pain? Blame the Obama Administration for giving them arms and training to fight Assad.

And of course there's Saudi Arabia, the most brutal regime on the planet, which the U.S. sells billions of dollars in arms to every year.

Comment Re:We're dealing with an imbalance of power here (Score 1) 211

And that's the problem with unions. Initially they address the problem of the power imbalance between management and labor, but they eventually accrue power to themselves, siphoning off their members' productivity.

More laughable talking points, as worker productivity has done nothing but rise since the 70's, and unions are inherently invested in the profitability the business they are in.

In many industries, the union is really only be needed for finite intervals to correct an issue or set of issues and then should disband until needed again.

Unions will be needed as long as bosses and capitalists are afflicted with greed. Are you telling me that they stopped being greedy when Reagan was elected?

They just fear that after the initial benefits are realized, all the crap will start to accrue and they won't be able to get rid of them.

Crap like: higher wages, greater benefits, and the right to be fired with cause, rather than without. Oh, the horrors!

Comment Re:Yes - known for years. (Score 1) 432

Well....if this is jury selection, and you're going to use your counselors prerogative to kick Apple's superior case, battery, 40% greater resolution, weight, SSD and thunderbolt expansion out of the pool, then...

...I'm going to do the same for Acer's GPU (base MBP only has integrated graphics), ability to have both an SSD and an HDD, DVD drive, gig-e, and yes, the price. Everyone should buy what is is they want, at the price they want, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of the options.

If what you want is a big plastic brick with a good GPU, that's peachy. But it's not like people buying MBP's aren't getting what they paid for.

The best things in life go on sale sooner or later.