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Comment Re:Hey. Wingnut. (Score 1) 122

Or try opening a business in a gang run area then demand all the benefits of the gang's protection (i.e. not having your store burned to the ground) while paying none of the dues.

Or try praying to Santa? Has as much relevance to the subject as your non sequitur about protection money. But, there's something about the word "union" that causes a lot of people to toss their brains down the garbage disposal without a second thought....must be a trigger word buried somewhere in Atlas Wanked.

Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 1) 245

Obamas a crook and Hilary's a mafioso.

And? There's no shortage of corrupt right-wing politicians to choose from, no matter what side of the partisan aisle they happen to fall down on. You could change the subject to Republicans and abortion....they would never actually ban it, as it would mean the rubes wouldn't turn out to vote for them.

Comment As opposed to CEO's paid $5000 an hour? (Score 2) 122

It's funny how many people hear the word "unions" and race to the garbage disposal to cram in their brains and flip the "on" switch, based on the same tired 50-year-old capitalist buuuuuulshit. If you work for a living and are against unions, then you're as much of an idiot as a slave who opposed the 13th Amendment.

Comment Re:What year do you think this is? (Score 1) 122

You must not live near Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philly, etc. or take a close look at who's involved in the pension plans then.

You must have been in a coma for the last 50 years. Before the FBI could create terror plots with paid informants and then swoop in for arrests, they had to make do with prosecuting mobsters. That and breaking up anything approaching "the left" is what the FBI does.

Comment Hey. Wingnut. (Score 1) 122

but unions are opposite of that, first they FORCE workers to "self organize" (be members) otherwise they cant work for that specific company

Walk into your local Chamber of Commerce and tell them you're a business owner. Then, demand all the benefits of a Chamber membership while paying none of the dues, and see what the response is.

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 245

Considering the security measures required to get into a stadium in france vs a group of protesters and someone wandering up with a suicide vest strapped to them. Well, there does appear to be a security risk to general people. Those protests would be a splody-dopes dream.

Before Fox would air a new episode of 24, would you put a new set of vinyl sheets on your mattress in preparation for a night of terrified bedwetting?

Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 3, Insightful) 245

Right, so the French government that recognizes climate change and agrees it is a major issue to be dealt with

Does it really agree, or is it just throwing around two-faced platitudes it has no intention of honoring? Like Obama when he vowed to renegotiate NAFTA, or Hillary now being against the TPP after she spent years drafting it as SOS.

Comment Re:or....GTFO with those priorities (Score 1) 815

It was HALF an hour, douchenozzle.

Times three, not including the initial freakout by the incompetent teacher and principal. Who's the dooshnozzle?

the family never allowed the school to release their records of the incident, because, SURPRISE, the family wants their narrative to be the ONLY narrative of it.

1) Irrelevant, we already know the record 2) no on would be more vested in claiming that Ahmed had come close to hinting at a joke of a hoax than the school district and the police department. But they aren't doing that.

So why are you wingers grasping at the same straws passed up by both the principal and the police chief?

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 815

Only in that it spreads the same amount among multiple school districts in the form of future payments--plus a bit of overhead, etc.

If insurance companies could arbitrarily jack up rates without losing customers, they wouldn't wait for a settlement for a reason to do so. They'd jack up the rates and pocket the extra profit. Else the customer would move on to the next insurance company - supply and demand, market forces, the invisible fapping hand of capitalism, and all that.

So it's back to the districts/departments bad behavior. There's no reason this has to work any differently than with any other kind of insurance. You have no accidents or tickets on your record, you're going to have lower car insurance rates than a chronic speeder with half a dozen DUI's under her belt. You're a school administrator or a police chief that doesn't have his head up his ass, you have low insurance rates. You're an incompetent racist authoritarian - high insurance rates. Stick, carrot, and all that.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 815

ts reasonable to wonder why and what reaction he was hoping for. A childish joke is one possibility

We've been over this. No one would be more vested in hinting at a suggestion that Ahmed came within a 200 foot pole of making a "childish joke" than the school district and the police department. Yet they aren't doing that. Why?

Because there was no joke, there was no bomb, and there was no hoax. Period. Do you go into police brutality stories and argue that the cops were justified, despite all evidence to the contrary, when not even the cops in question are making that argument?

Comment Re:Taken to police station as part of investigatio (Score 1) 815

He was told not to show it to people by one teacher yet he kept doing so

Irrelevant. Hoax requires intent. No intent, no hoax.

This is something the police do every day.

They freak out over supposed bomb threats at schools, while not evacuating the school, every day? The district and the police were incompetent reactionaries no matter which way you try to polish this turd.

Comment Re:Step to the right direction (Score 1) 815

So no, you didn't leave your brain by the door - you stuffed it down the garbage disposal and flipped the switch.

Does it leave a permanent arrest record that he has to mention every time he fills out any government form?

He's a minor. He wouldn't have to do that even if had jumped up on his desk screaming 'it's a bomb, it's a bomb', then been tried and sentenced to juvie. Christ, you wingers are stupid.

Comment Re: Micropayments? (Score 2) 222

Well, part of it is that even a small payment can still incur a psychologically large cost. If each user post here on /. cost one cent to read, would you want to have them load automatically? Probably not, many of them are not worth that much, and you could quickly run up a bill of a few hundred dollars a year on that sort of thing from this site alone. So instead you'd have to take more time to think about what was worth spending even a little on, because it adds up and the price doesn't really match the value to you of the thing you'd be paying for.

Something similar happens when people have metered or capped Internet usage compared to at least nominally unlimited usage.

You really can't avoid this problem unless the micropayment is so small that it is likely not worth the cost to implement. I suppose if I knew that a year's worth of micro payments for me, for everything I use, was no more than about a dollar a year in total, it wouldn't be so much that it would feel like I was wasting money on the Internet. But because the average user doesn't want to spend a noticeable amount ever, and there really aren't that many users in comparison to sites, the resulting pie of money wouldn't be much to split up. (Especially once you reduce the amount to account for lower average incomes elsewhere in the world)

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