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Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1) 96

How long has the earth been around?
6,000 years.

How long have we had satellites watching or even just regular and reliable weather records.
Sheeple. We don't have satellites and never made it to the moon.

Now tell me what "we've never seen before" means. And no,this would not be " the evidence you are looking for".
It means that since God created Man and the Earth 6,000 years ago we have not seen this type of weather. It's a lie though, we had it all the time but never took the time to document it.

Seriously, you people dismiss the lack of hurricanes and just weather or even blame it on Global Warming and now you want to blame 3 at once on Global Warming.
Global warming is indeed a hoax perpetrated by Satan.

I have a theory. Everything that happens or doesn't happen in this world is because of my farts. Under the "science" of Climate change, it's irrefutable.
Satan is in your anus if that is true.

Comment Buy an island (Score 1, Insightful) 488

I'd buy an island and make a nation out of it. I would live there with the family and my army of 1000 topless female slave-warriors. The island would have a private airstrip and a private jet, piloted by a topless female slave-warrior, that would whisk us around the globe. People would become jealous of my topless female slave-warriors because Grub Island would be the only place on the planet with them.

I would have a lottery with $1,000,000 ticket prices. The prize would be one week on my island with 10 topless female slave-warriors to be at the winner's beck and call. After the winner departed Grub Island, the other topless female slave-warriors would destroy the lottery winner's 10 because they would then be soiled and not worthy of me.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 1) 211

This sounds like a troll, or maybe Zuckerberg posting as AC. But I'll bite just in case some congressional staffer who might believe this nonsense is reading.

If your company wasn't run by fucking slave drivers, they wouldn't have such a tough time filling open positions. 16x5 +10 (+10?) is worse than what EA used to expect out of their employees, and they had the worst reputation in the business. They also wound up having to pay out millions in a labor dispute surrounding those practices, something your bosses might be wise to research.

Where are you located? Consider recruiting remotely. If the company is scared of using telecommuters, open a satellite office somewhere. Not everyone involved in software development needs to be in the bay area, or in Austin or other expensive "tech cities." Smaller southern metros like Little Rock and Memphis have rich talent pools with lower costs of living (read: you can pay people less and they'll still feel well-compensated) and lower cost per square foot to lease commercial space. We even have the internet down here!

Not that anyone in these cities will put up with 100+ hour weeks for very long, either, but there are lots of unemployed American developers looking for a job. You just can't expect to find many unemployed people in cities where a studio apartment is $4,000 a month; they can't afford to be there in the first place.

If I'd known computer science was going to be like this, I'd never have given up being a rock 'n' roll star. -- G. Hirst