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Submission Carly Fiorina: I Supplied HP Servers for NSA Snooping

Motherfucking Shit writes: According to an article at Motherboard, shortly after 9/11, NSA director Michael Hayden requested extra computing power and Carly Fiorina, then CEO of HP, responded by re-routing truckloads of servers to the agency. Fiorina acknowledged providing the servers to the NSA during an interview with Michael Isikoff in which she defended warrantless surveillance (as well as waterboarding) and framed her collaboration with the NSA in patriotic terms. Fiorina’s compliance with Hayden’s request for HP servers is but one episode in a long-running and close relationship between the GOP presidential hopeful and US intelligence agencies.

Comment Re:$400/month is too cheap (Score 1) 164

$400/month is for residential 10 gig service, which surely won't come with a three-nines SLA or any HA promises. From the article,

While business pricing varies based on the deployment, residents would pay about $400 a month for 10Ggbps service.

I can't find anything on their site about business rates (or even a residential 10 gig rate, yet).

Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 3, Insightful) 229

An open message to Comcast execs: be absolutely sure you're ready to make customers decide between your content and Netflix. I bet you'd be surprised how often the response won't be what you'd hope.

Good luck with that. Netflix is busy dropping content, using the rationale that you can get that content from cable TV instead. We're approaching a point where the only winning move is not to pay; I predict many folks will soon cancel cable and Netflix, and just go back to torrents.

Comment Re:Data usage is data usage (Score 1) 346

It's part of the contract, is why. There's a clause in my apartment's lease that says I'm allowed to have up to two adults and two children living here at any given time. If I decide to go out and get three adult roommates, I expect the leasing office is going to be upset. You might ask, "why should it matter whether there are 2 adults and 2 kids, or 4 adults and 0 kids, it's 4 people either way." Well, it matters because I signed a contract saying I don't get to have 4 adults living here.

I believe T-Mobile is using the word tethering to mask the fact that the plans are not really "unlimited".

Nobody's masking anything. These folks signed a contract saying they get 7 gigs, and only 7 gigs, worth of tethering data; along with unlimited phone data. Unlimited tethering data was never part of the deal.

Comment Re:Stop expoiting your carrier (Score 1) 346

There is no false advertising going on here. T-Mobile did not sell anyone "unlimited tethering." They have never offered such a service. I don't understand why this is so confusing.

T-Mobile does sell a plan that gives you unlimited data use on your phone, for using apps and browsing the web and shit on your phone, plus 7 gigs of tethering data. They aren't complaining about anyone using too much data on their phone. They're going after users who are tethering every device in their home (or perhaps business) to their phone, and then intentionally evading the 7 gig limit on tethering. That limit is in the contract, and it's part of the marketing.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 1) 211

This sounds like a troll, or maybe Zuckerberg posting as AC. But I'll bite just in case some congressional staffer who might believe this nonsense is reading.

If your company wasn't run by fucking slave drivers, they wouldn't have such a tough time filling open positions. 16x5 +10 (+10?) is worse than what EA used to expect out of their employees, and they had the worst reputation in the business. They also wound up having to pay out millions in a labor dispute surrounding those practices, something your bosses might be wise to research.

Where are you located? Consider recruiting remotely. If the company is scared of using telecommuters, open a satellite office somewhere. Not everyone involved in software development needs to be in the bay area, or in Austin or other expensive "tech cities." Smaller southern metros like Little Rock and Memphis have rich talent pools with lower costs of living (read: you can pay people less and they'll still feel well-compensated) and lower cost per square foot to lease commercial space. We even have the internet down here!

Not that anyone in these cities will put up with 100+ hour weeks for very long, either, but there are lots of unemployed American developers looking for a job. You just can't expect to find many unemployed people in cities where a studio apartment is $4,000 a month; they can't afford to be there in the first place.

Comment Re:Who is stopping him? (Score 1) 372

GP poster is just trolling, with his "Eclipse, like all free IDE's, sucks" comment. You don't notice him mentioning his own environment.

The only other strong suggestion he can make is Android Studio, which instead of bundling Android SDK with Eclipse it bundles Android SDK with IDEA. Which would be fine, if it wasn't languishing in bug reports of its own, new major releases every week, breaking due to Gradle configurations that cause hair-pulling (what the fuck is Gradle and what was wrong with Ant and Maven for dependency management), etc etc. And forget trying to migrate from Eclipse with the SDK over to Android Studio. For God's sake, even when Google I/O was going on, the current builds of Android Studio on offer still didn't work any better than the Eclipse SDK. Life apparently is no better in the Mac world but I don't have experience there.

Don't get me wrong, I love Android, I have 3 Android devices, I'm interested in developing Android apps personally. I'm not knocking Java, I use it. I'm not knocking existing IDEs, I use them. What I'm knocking is the constant moving target status of Android where things change so fucking quickly their own devs can't even keep up with their own IDE bundles or their own documentation. As a potential Android developer, everything I run into is a turnoff. Look at the project and look at all the open issues with the IDE tools and the SDK (forget API and device bugs, those are all to be expected, I'm talking serious problems with the developer tools only). I don't have time to deal with that shit for fun.

Comment Re:Who is stopping him? (Score 5, Insightful) 372

Let's say you're a competent Java developer and you'd like to build an Android app. I wish you the best of luck!

First you're going to need to pick an IDE. I've always used Eclipse and hey look, there's an Android SDK for Eclipse. Perfect! Download, extract, fire it up... Errors. This version of Android SDK requires Android API version foo, you have version (foo - 9), please use the SDK manager to upgrade. The hell, the IDE bundle doesn't even launch out of the box?

Alright, so you're distributing your IDE with an outdated version of your API, I can forgive that. Run SDK Manager like it suggested, let it do its thing,. Update available for SDK tools and SDK platform tools, looks good, do it! ...And, errors. Package not found, blah blah, let's see what Google has to say about this one.

OK, apparently hundreds of other developers are having the same problem and have, after much wrangling, figured out a solution on their own. I see, I have to go into SDK Manager Settings, create a new User-Defined Add-On Site pointing to https://dl-ssl.google.com/andr... because the URL that ships with the IDE is missing the "s" in "https" and that server doesn't have the right packages available to download. That highly intuitive process would surely have been my first try anyway, but at least someone else found the fix.

SDK Manager seems to find the packages now, great! Got past that hurdle so let's do the upgrade. Wait, now what! What do you mean you can't upgrade to SDK Tools rev. 23 while SDK Platform Tools 19.0.2 is installed? I checked the boxes to upgrade them both; if Platform Tools has to hit rev. 20 before SDK Tools can be upgraded, why is the installer going in the wrong order?

If and when you finally get the actual goddamned IDE installed and working, have fun with the official developer tutorials to create your first "Hello World" app. See, the API has changed over the years^Wmonth^Wpast week and so the app architecture that the tutorial talks about isn't valid anymore. XML files that it says should be there, aren't, so there's no way to follow along in the tutorial by editing them.

I gave up on Android and won't touch it again unless I'm being paid to.

Comment Re:So does this mean the TrueCrypt hijacking busin (Score -1, Flamebait) 222

God fucking damn, you salty cocksucker. You made me log in with this fucking account for the first motherfucking time in 5 years just be-goddamn-cause I needed to really show the fuck how I felt about your cunt-smelling post, you fucking shit.

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