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Comment Re:In Washington State ... (Score 1) 142

Most of our outages were due to transmission line faults (a.k.a. 'the grid'). The local power company also pulled the plug on a bunch of circuits to reduce load when they lost their transmission lines. Because they didn't want to pay wheeling charges to use parallel public utilities' lines that were still in operation.

Comment Tin Foil Hat Brigade (Score 1) 484

It seems that Woolsey is a member in good standing. It is pretty well understood by now that the Paris terrorists did not use encrypted apps, PlayStations, Bitcoins or any of the other TLA bugaboos. So what Snowden revealed had absolutely nothing to do with the success of these attacks. In fact, given the capabilities of the various intelligence agencies that ES revealed, I'm surprised that this attack wasn't prevented completely. But that can be explained easily by sheer incompetence.

The CIA/NSA/FBI and its foreign counterparts may have honest and capable employees, who would never abuse their position of trust in the handing of our personal data. But their upper management appears to be populated by a bunch of senile old coots who couldn't run WalMart's loss prevention department. And who can be conned into handing a complete dump of their customer data to any sleazy telemarketer.

Comment Re:How Would That Help? (Score 1) 274

I wonder how many people would have been accidentally shot, shot because they "looked like a terr'ist",

Probably less than 89. The most accidental shots would be one CW carrier shooting another because he/she was carrying a gun. And since that's a risk people choose to take, not as bad as shooting innocent bystanders.

Comment Re:Cell phone company to only allow registered tow (Score 1) 111

This is something that as the CEO of a cell phone company you could fight against.

If you wanted to be harrassed by TLAs for the rest of your life.

I have a phone that displays the difference between a secure call/data connection and an unsecure (unencrypted) one. It is an ancient Motorola RAZR V3. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but in the case of more modern phones, this feature has been dropped. And I'd guess that this was at the request of law enforcement.

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