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Comment: Re:Computer Science and Computer Programming (Score 1) 153 153

There is a gulf difference between what I consider Computer Science and Computer Programming.

Actually, a good CS degree is built upon a knowledge of computer programming. And the latter should be a prerequisite for the former.

It's like asking an architect to prepare a design for a building who cannot read blueprints. I don't expect the CS to have the same experience or productivity as the bricklayer. But I do expect them to understand the process and advantages or limitations of the materials selected.

Comment: Re:The cat is out of the bag (Score 1) 92 92

It's already too late for us early adopters.

I don't know about that. Google, Facebook and other services 'real names' policies are a relatively recent feature of on-line services. Back when I began setting acounts up, I used throw-away e-mail addresses, pseudonyms and other tactics which are increasingly discouraged. Having put my files and other info. out there encrypted, I feel relatively secure in knowing that all a service provider will have to sell is unintelligable binary blobs.

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