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Comment Re:Yeah, for exactly one search (Score 1) 328

It is an evil practice born of corporate interests, just because it could be evilier does not mean we should turn a blind eye to it.

Evil? Really? I can see sneaky, sleazy, underhanded, or even manipulative, but evil? Evil is murdering people because you don't like the color of their skin. Evil is shooting young girls in the face just because they want an education. Evil cutting people's heads off. Evil is putting corporate profits before the health and safety of customers or workers. No one is going to die or become ill because they don't notice the check box. I agree that opt-out instead of opt-in benefits Yahoo at the expense of the user, but if we keep using 'evil' to describe any behavior we find disgusting, the word loses its power and becomes meaningless when real evil comes along.

Comment Re:Somebody needs to remind him (Score 1) 302

I've seen it. Not a lot, but occasionally. Someone saying (seriously, not sarcastically) they don't want a large share of computer users to use Linux. Some say they really like being in a semi-exclusive little community. Others fear the whole Linux experience will get dumbed down to fit lowest common denominator of user, missing the point that FOSS let's anyone who really wants to make the software as simple-to-use or complicated as they want.

Comment Re:Heuristics... apk (Score 1) 74

I just went through and checked those registry settings on a laptop with a default Windows 7 SP1 install, and that's how they're already set, except for the built-in administrator account, which on Windows 7 is disabled by default, so any other setting is meaningless. Maybe it was different before SP1, I didn't have a Win7 machine then.

Comment Re:Dear Roman Mir, (Score 1) 132

I take my chances with free market, at least it is not going to push the world into another war.

Yes, because two media moguls would never twist news coverage to force a government into a war it didn't want just to feed their circulation rivalry.

Comment Re:Typical Slashdot comments pattern to follow... (Score 1) 265

Bryan with a y is gay and would get along perfectly with bmo because of your obsession with balls.

Bryan with a Y is my mother's maiden name and a perfectly valid spelling of the Irish name. It's the same name as Brian, Brien, or any other spelling and is named after the first high king of Ireland. Furthermore, I'm gonna say Anonymous Coward is gay because AC is short for, oh, say, Anally Content.

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