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Comment Tegra X1 used to be the fastest ARM/GPU SoC (Score 1, Troll) 22

Tegra X1 used to be the fastest ARM/GPU SoC - but now the A9X in the new iPad Pro leaves it in the dust.
Meanwhile, the Cortex-A57 is probably one of ARMs worse cores to date. It really needs to be implemented on FinFETs to avoid overheating / throttling and performs poorly compared to custom ARM cores.

Comment Tracking protection, can it work? (Score 1) 134

I wonder how well the tracking protection really works.
Just looking at the huge amounts of ways that your browser can be fingerprinted - - it seems virtually impossible. To start with they already have your IP and there's about a dozen other standard parameters the uniquely identify you. Then there's some crazy shit, like checking system clock time skew.

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