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Comment Re:Two Words: Metal Detector (Score 1) 302

Really? so they have 3d printed plastic bullets as well? you do know that bullets are metal casings with metal projectiles that easily are detected with current metal detectors.

My pants buttons have about as much metal as a bullet has in them and pass metal detectors just fine. Given that most of these plastic guns can only fire a few shots reliably (before becoming structurally compromised), I'm skeptical of why anyone would take any more bullets than that.

Comment Two Words: Metal Detector (Score 1) 302

The conventional defense against bringing firearms into crowded places (like sports stadiums, political speeches (when four of your presidents get shot (McKinley, Lincoln, TDR, Kennedy) it's kinda an issue), airports) has been metal detectors. If you start making guns that can bypass metal detectors, you open up a new vector of attack in said crowded places.

Given that using firearms in a crowded place to defend people is a Bad Idea (TM) because of collatoral damage, how do you propose we protect people? Americans, after all, have a long history of disarming people in crowded places that goes back to the Old West and further.

Comment Re:Who enjoys struggling? (Score 2) 166

Get a load of these guys. As if "struggling" should be applauded and praised.

Yeah. A lot of the time I don't even care to understand the answer because it's incidental to the underlying problem I'm trying to solve. If I'm trying to build a frobnicator and I'm getting hung up on some trivial little linker error, I could spend hours digging into the problem until I truly understand it, or I could check Stack Overflow and be on my way in 5 minutes.

Comment dear national security personnel: (Score 5, Insightful) 259

do your fucking job. spying on suspects

not hoovering everything from everyone and thinking a search query will give you magic intelligence. intelligence work is *work*

the encryption is not important. your gumshoe work is. get out of your fucking cubicle you lardass and find these dirtbags

and if you can't do that maybe your useless security theatre job should be axed

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

Well, we still have to figure out a good way to get rid of coal fired power plants, that task alone is probably going to take a good chunk of those 80M people. If you had 80M people building windmills and solar-thermal plants you could get rid of coal worldwide in less than a generation, maybe even produce enough excess power to have everyone use a BEV. That would be a significant good to everyone on the planet and the primary reason we don't do it today is cost, but cost is just a way of measuring labor so if you have a bunch of available labor the cost should be reduced.

Drilling for oil is boring.