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Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

I've tried to find an article about this recently, but haven't been able to find the article that I read. But it turns out Google actually has your data collection lie to Google on a regular occasion. They get enough data that the lies shift out in the statistics, and in addition, no one at Google can actually trust specific data that you've sent Google...

Comment Re:Amazon has no idea what security is (Score 1) 131

So, I looked up the SMTP RFC, and yeah, the "local-part" (as it is determined) is to be treated as opaque by everyone BUT the domain in the address. Meaning that everyone must treat the addresses differently regardless of how GMail or anyone else interprets the semantics...

AND THEN, it turns out that while things are required to be case-insensitive, things are ALSO required to be case-sensitive. Basically, no one should ever assume that the local-part of the email address can be treated as caseless.

So, there you go, if Amazon doesn't let you sign up as both and, then they're totally out of spec...

But to the deeper part, why would Amazon not disable an account when someone with a local-part semantic collision calls in to object to getting the emails? "These two addresses are treated as semantically identical by my email provider, please figure out how to fix the other person's account," doesn't seem like a horribly unreasonable request... I'm sure they'd do it for coming from

Bitching about the RFCs and complaining that GMail is the problem is entirely misreading the RFC, and misreading reality in fact...

Comment Re:No story bias here... (Score 2) 135

Well the only examples I've ever seen where there is no government is Somalia, Waziristan, Afghanistan and the like. Basically what the anti-goverment people fail to forget is that there is a thing called human nature and with the lack of government you have a warlord society.

If roads and bridges were built based on market needs then only big cities would have roads and bridges.

Comment Re:Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 1) 410

While I agree with the majority of your post I would note that it's not just Hillary Clinton calling for back doors. All the republican candidates are too with one notable exception. Rand Paul.

As far as the TSA thing goes. It's important to note that in America, optics matters more than reality. We are a society of drama and optics. You can generally thank the for-profit news media for that where their concern is about ratings not reality. So when something happens and you see the CNN and Fox news talking heads and pundits calling for the government to do more to protect us from "The Muslims", the government reacts because optics matters not reality.

I distinctly remember when there was a big broohaha over the orphans coming over the southern border and pundits and opposition party officials were calling for the President to visit the border and claiming the President doesn't care because he didn't visit the border as if him visiting the border during that time was going to make a shred of difference. However people didn't care about the reality of the situation they cared about the optics of the President visiting the border and that was it.

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