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Comment Re:"and they halt operations when they do so" (Score 1) 112

This is my experience as well. I have supported a shared memory system and now a distributed memory cluster, the resilience of the latter means job resubmission of jobs related to the failing node is the standard response. A failed blade (Altix brick in my case) meant the entire numalink connected system would go down. Component-level resilience and predictive diagnostics help. Job suspension and resumption and/or migration is also useful to work around predicted or degraded component failure.

Comment Re:Politicians are only experts at getting re-elec (Score 1) 410

Agreed. I enjoyed listening to him at the Perl Conference 1997 and his "Cathedral and the Bazaar" and, to a lesser extent "Homsteading the Noosphere", essays were useful. I used fetchmail when I had dialup. Everything he has uttered since has been unenjoyable.
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Journal Journal: Honours Update

Honours completed sometime ago, with a mark that enables further research. The model results were nothing to write home about. I was able to tweak the model to match, broadly, alkalinity observations around towards the end of the last glacial period. I did also get to learn more about myself. After years of denial, I sought help with mild depression and my outlook improved significantly.

Comment Re:Ho ho ho (Score 1) 314

Thanks for the links, especially the SIAM one. Some of those ideas I touched on in my Honours thesis as my project was directly affected by the issues of lost programs; old media storage where was were parts of programs found; a paper with an idealised function only described with a graph; incomplete mathematical description of a model component. I have begun planning future research along with a methodology to avoid a lot of the above issues.

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