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Comment Re:Hiring Fail (Score 1) 130

The police are not hiring some people because they have too high of an IQ.

Then the people they do hire, whine "Can't you make this easier ? It's too hard !"

What do you want next ?

Master keys to all physical locks ?
People must use their birth names ?
No cars that can exceed 30 mph ?
Everyone wear hi-viz clothes and flashing lights ?
Nation ID numbers tattooed on your cheeks ? all four cheeks ?

If it was an easy job, stopping crooks, all our bankers, lawyers & politicians would be incarcerated.

Master Keys - Wanted but all Internet Tech companies know that this is fatal to their business model.
No cars that can exceed 30 mph - See Self Driving Cars. Once we have you in a self driving car, regulating speed , route is easy.
hi-viz clothes and flashing lights ? - See Japan
National ID numbers tattooed on your cheeks - Close but see Real ID legislation that was passed without debate in congress as a rider.

Comment Re:"platform for users to express themselves freel (Score 1) 153

Translation: Complete freedom to agree with the left just as much as you like.

Yeah there's definitely a bias. Unfortunately that means for a lot of users will not be using twitter much which seems to be the plan. It's all puppies and rainbows on Twitter


Comment Only $19B more. (Score 1) 170

Meh, it's only money not counting what we already spend in this area. Hey, here's a nifty idea. With all the loopholes and private e-mails flying around with secure information, why not admit we failed and start over? That means get rid of the so called "experts" from Booze Allen et al. and at the NSA and replace it with the kind of infrastructure we need to protect our National Security. Oh and enforce the fucking espionage laws including those faux pas of those elected and un-elected officials who decide that Security isn't their problem.

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