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Comment: Re:problem (Score 1) 225

by AnotherBrian (#35055390) Attached to: Ski Lifts Can Could Help Get Cargo Traffic Off the Road

We already have that, it's called the Intermodal Container. A tram way could haul carriages that would just clip onto the top of the containers like those cranes that unload them from ships. You could design a station where trucks line up and drive under the cables, the carriage lowers and plucks the container off the truck, all with out stopping.

Comment: Re:Honestly (Score 1) 157

Split-flap displays make a little click when they change characters. Given some of the known words sequences that will be displayed, variations in the sound of each click, and variations in the timing due to the addressing of the characters, I'm sure complete displays could be reconstructed.

Comment: Why wireless? (Score 1) 167

by AnotherBrian (#30082430) Attached to: Keeping Pacemakers Safe From Hackers

Would it be too much to ask that these things not communicate wirelessly? It seems to me that this just unnecessarily multiplies the threat. (Everyone here should remember the shit storm over RFID passports). They really should use a contact based communication system in such a critical application like this. I suggest the transmitter use a small solenoid to tap (like Morse code) on a sensing plate glued to a rib.

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