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Journal Journal: Necessity is my Motivator

No one is probably reading this any more since I haven't posted since April, but...

I've decided that I'm doing fine.

My operating system conversion effort went silky smooth. I completed the conversion on time and within budget. My boss said he'd never seen a major project go so smoothly. That says a lot since he is within 5 years of retirement. I won a President's Club award for the project and received a great review.

I DID work quite hard after my last journal entry. As a matter of fact, I think work broke my Slashdot habit. I typically only come here now to read headlines and rarely read discussions.

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Journal Journal: I need motivation 3

I need to motivate myself. I've been coming in to work every day, but just not doing anything while I'm here until the situation is urgent.

I don't know why.

Management hasn't noticed because I still get stuff done. I find myself having to tell lies all the time to cover for my laziness (status reports, etc.) until the next burst to get things done.

I'm not a lazy guy.

Am I depressed, or just tired?

I know I'm tired. Not sure if I'm depressed.

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