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Comment Re:Launch from balloon (Score 1) 22

to get into orbit you need to be going sideways fast enough that as gravity pulls you down you miss the edge of the earth 100k ft (20 miles) still has enough atmosphere that that's hard (esepcially with a non guided rosket, just fins, that can't go up then pull that fast right turn). Launching above 100kft also requires extra federal oversight that makes it a whole extra magnitude of effort

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265

IRS 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted from political action group activities. If they want the benefit of being a charity, they have to act like one.

(Not that it really matters because the IRS lost the Ring of Power to Audit Church-like organizations back in 2009 or so.)

Comment Homeopathic Pollution (Score 1) 668

So let's just assume that homeopathy actually works they way they claim it does, they dilute stuff throw away 9/10 of it, dilute it again, and it gets stronger and stronger at each dilution ..... what happens to that 9/10 they throw away? it goes down the drain, into the sea where it gets diluted way more, and presumably becomes far stronger, the ocean must be full of horribly strong medicine for all sorts of things, a quite dangerous place to go.

Mind you it's also full of diluted fish-poo too .....

Meanwhile I'm off to make some 150 proof homeopathic beer ...

Comment They Do Cool Stuff (Score 1) 125

My next door neighbor in Celebration just had hernia surgery at the Nicholson Center done using this technology, it's pretty amazing. Minimal invasivness and very efficent. It's nice to see Celebration getting good press for this type of thing.

Interestingly, residents in Celebration have access to the very best fiber connections, competitive to Google but from a smaller regional telecom. For $60/month residents get 1000/1000 internet. On the town message board, residents routinely post their Speedtests with tests in the high 900 Mbits.

Comment Re:memory (Score 4, Informative) 148

This is very flimsy, as well. Sen. Wyden gave the DNI advance notice of the question, and, his office offered the DNI to correct the testimony in the written record the day after (which happens often with minor technical or honest mistakes; basically an aide to the person testifying who is knowledgeable sits and takes notes on anything that needs technical or administrative clarification after the fact, and then in the official copy of the testimony that is submitted for the record, these imperfections are buffed out; incidentally it would be nice if normal people had this courtesy when dealing with the law).

These statements from Clapper were premeditated vicious lies. He knew that Sen. Wyden knew the truth, being privy to it, and he knew that it would be a felony for Sen. Wyden to reveal that he knew Clapper was lying. Clapper only had to be exposed because of Snowden.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?