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Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 170

by Andrio (#48655751) Attached to: Minecraft Creator Notch's $70 Million Mansion Recreated In Minecraft

You are right on most things, however this put up a red flag for me:

"Then I'd spend the rest on awesome stuff."

Keep this in mind: Poor people spend their money on consumables. Middle income people spend their money on liabilities they think are assets. Rich people spend their money on assets that make them money.

Most "Awesome things", like cars, boats, electronics, etc, lose value pretty fast (Sorry if I'm putting words in your mouth, those were the first things that came to mind when I read "awesome stuff"). Eventually, you'll lose all your money. If I won 200 Million, I'd probably spend a tiny portion of it on buying nice houses for myself and my family, and use the rest to buy things like boring stock in boring companies. Boring, but secure companies that have been around for a hundred years and have offered dividends for decades.

+ - Argentine Court Rules Orangutans are "Non-Human Persons"->

Submitted by Andrio
Andrio (2580551) writes "In an unprecedented decision, an Argentine court has ruled that the Sumatran orangutan 'Sandra', who has spent 20 years at the zoo in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, should be recognized as a person with a right to freedom.

The ruling, signed by the judges unanimously, would see Sandra freed from captivity and transferred to a nature sanctuary in Brazil after a court recognized the primate as a "non-human person" which has some basic human rights. The Buenos Aires zoo has 10 working days to seek an appeal."

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Comment: Re:I'm betting on 60%+ of what we ask it to do (Score 1) 574

by Andrio (#48507585) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

What your describing is more akin to a "virtual intelligence." Basically, a computer that's smart enough to have human reasoning. It would be like the star trek computer. You could tell it something like "Find me 100 different pictures of cats" and it would be able to do it as easily as a human could. (Ordinarily, getting a computer to perform such a task would be excruciatingly difficult and prone to false positives)

A true AI would be more akin to Data from Star Trek. It would have all the capabilities of a VI (virtual intelligence), but also have the self awareness, sentience, and desire for self-preservation that a human would.

Comment: Re:Oh good (Score 4, Insightful) 164

by Andrio (#48325109) Attached to: Discovery Claims It Will Show a Man Being "Eaten Alive" By an Anaconda

Yeah, I have childhood memories of watching the Discovery/Learning channel, and seeing so many documentaries and things about technology, science, and just plain learning.

That went away a long, long time ago.

  Discovery = Reality shows targeting men
  TLC = Reality shows targeting women

The best book on programming for the layman is "Alice in Wonderland"; but that's because it's the best book on anything for the layman.