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Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 3, Interesting) 352

I lived in a town with municipal internet. It was wonderful. My up/down speeds were synchronous, I didn't have to buy my own modem (or lease one for 10 bucks a month), and here comes the kicker: If I had a problem and had to call them, I talked to an actual person. No machine, no waiting on hold, just a person picked up on the other end of the line. A person who was even competent enough to perform basic tasks, like renewing my IP address.

Comment Re:Slow anyway (Score 2) 153

I had Sprint back from 2011-2013. The data was so slow, when I first signed up I called them a few times, wondering what was wrong, because there was just no way that the data could actually be that slow. Over the next two years, I had developed a somewhat perverted fascination with the slowness of Sprint's network. I ran speed tests all the time just to see those 50-130 kbps speeds (that's bits, not bytes). It's like when you have a sore in your mouth, and you keep touching it with your tongue just to verify that it still hurts.

And yes, that was the speed I consistently saw. It doesn't matter if it was in the morning, afternoon, or 2AM. It was always around those speeds. It doesn't matter if I was on the east coast of florida, west coast, or in central florida. My phone at the time could use their WiMax network, which did get good speed, but it was the most useless technology ever. It basically didn't work unless you were standing right in front of a cell tower.

I then switched to T-Mobile. The first thing I did was run a speed test. I saw 12Mpbs.

Comment Re:Oh won't someone please think of the children? (Score 1, Insightful) 100

This type of comment is always inevitable any time Simpsons gets mentioned in an online community.

No one denies that 3-9 was the golden age of the Simpsons. However 10-12 was the dark age of the simpsons. This was when Mike Scully ran the show; it had become very cartoony and "Family Guy"ish (maybe not so much with the cut-away gags, but in how it will compromise character integrity for the sake of a punch line). Around season 13 Al Jean rejoined the show as the showrunner, and the quality went back up. He was one of the original writers/show runners of the show.

So yes, Simpsons is not as good as it was in it golden years—I'm not sure if anything on TV is—but I think it's unfair to downright say it's bad now. It's a decent show, and still leagues better than Family Guy, at least. (I'm not sure why I'm suddenly comparing it to Family Guy—maybe it's because I hate Family Guy).

And before anyone points it out, yes, I'm aware of the irony that my signature comes from a Mike Scully episode of the Simpsons.

Comment Bound to happen (Score 4, Insightful) 619

Everyone running ad blocking software is not sustainable, since ads pay for a lot of stuff. People also don't want to have to directly pay for things (plus, could you imagine if every website was paywalled?)

Seems to me that the best solution is to just run unintrusive ads. People don't really mind ads all that much, they just hate it when they're noisy (literally and metaphorically) and get in the way

Comment His point (Score 1) 958

His point is that "food science" is confusing and everybody is an expert who knows everything. Look at this discussion, for example. Every post starts with "The problem is..." or "No, the problem is actually..." Basically, everybody chiming in because they have it figured out

One person will tell you that eating whole grains is good, because they have complex carbs and fiber that will help you lower your cholesterol.

But then another person will tell you that whole grains are bad, because they have phytic acid which will rob you of nutrients and make your teeth rot.

Then someone will tell you that all you simply have to do is burn more calories than you consume, to create an energy deficit (and thus burn fat)

But then someone will tell you that your body will refuse to let go of certain fat because it acts as a storage device for toxins, so you need to cleanse with nutrient-rich food to lose weight.

One person will scream low carbs is the key.

Then another person corrects them, stating that simple carbs are bad, and complex carbs are good.

Yet another will state that fatty oils should be avoided, unless it's olive oil because everybody knows olive oil is healthy, just look how skinny the mediterranean people are!

This goes on and on. Everybody is an expert on health, and yet there's still obesity and health problems run amok. Personally, I think food is a very complex thing that we're not close to understanding. The best thing is to just eat like a dumb human animal, eating fruits, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, vegetables, whatever you can grab with your amazing human hands. Maybe occasionally, after lots and lots of running, you can eat some meat too.

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