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Comment Re:clueless about waterfall (Score 1) 305

The note resting thing here is that this seems like a reasonable place to use waterfall. Didgitize a bunch of forms that haven't changed in forever. Perfect. The requirements are fixed. They should be easy to understand. You can break the requirements down so you come up with a design for both the back and front end that works for every form/section/ question. Finally you code that up.

Done properly it could be modestly more efficient than agile for this type of project.

Comment Re:I expect these in my next job interview but ... (Score 4, Insightful) 208

If the interviewer is worth their salt the idea usually isn't to see if you can get to the best possible, most efficient manner, but rather to see how you approach the problem. Do you solve the actual problem, are you good at understanding the implication of your design (figuring out what is slow or less than optimal about it, understanding the impact of set size on an performance). How do you approach optimizing the function you have created, are you stuck in one mindset or are you willing to pull back and try an entirely different approach to get a better result.

Some jobs require this kind of coding but you are right, most of the time you don't have to have the optimal solution, readability matters as well, usually more than ideal performance. Often that will come up as part of the discussion but for a lot of these problems, efficient solutions are often just as readable as the naive ones.

Comment Re:Not saying I disagree with Torvalds (Score 2) 576

No no. You have to do it like Linus to be effective. These gentle criticisms aren't going to cut it. Let me demonstrate

What the f$&@ is this sentence even supposed to mean? This is clearly written by a total idiot. What kind of total sh!&head would ever submit a sentence like this. Get your sh!& together and f$&@ing learn to write you worthless piece of crap.

See. That's the only way anyone learns

Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised by this? (Score 1) 144

if that were the case they would be pushing the service as an upsell when siri answers your question. A normal user who asks siri a question and gets web answers wont think twice about it and they wont know that they would get better answers if they signed up for a service.

It is possible that something in the streaming contracts restricted access to the metadata for subscribers only, but that would be a bit odd. I think they just haven't gotten around to implementing a quality upsell there.

Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised by this? (Score 1) 144

I am. It would make a lot more sense to answer questions based on the meta data and then tell the user that they can listen to the song or artist or whatever but they need to subscribe... it seems like a fantastic opportunity to upset the service. They are really missing out on a opportunity there. I suspect that in the future they will change that

Comment Re:At least this is a real issue. (Score 1) 362

The company will only be sued if the word gets out. You expect the employees to rock the boat for no reason? As long as the candidate is unaware of the bias nothing is ever likely to come of it.

It's still a stupid thing to say but if businesses were actually punished every time an employee did something stupid there wouldn't be any companies left.

Comment Re:Anticipated trip cost (Score 1) 106

My experience in n the states is that I can get an estimated fare but that I don't actually know the price until I arrive. Is it different in the UK? I'm surprised that they won this case though I am generally in favor of these services. It sure seems like a meter to me

Comment Re:However (Score 1) 106

Honestly I am shocked this didn't stop them. In this case it certainly seems that they are running afoul of the law. Personally I am in favor of these devices though I do think sane regulation is a good idea. But protecting the awful taxi lobby that exists in so many locations isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 2) 822

Seems to me it is the gun owner who should be responsible for securing their weapon and making sure it is only being used by responsible adults. It is not the parents job to make sure the kid can't get at some hidden gun they don't know about.

Of course the reality is that in most cases the parent and the gun owner are actually the same person.

Comment Re:How it should be (Score 1) 688

I guess the rest of the people acting like bullying behavior is acceptable were bullies from the start then. I'm not sure which is worse.

Well adjusted people find bullying behavior unacceptable regardless of their social graces now or in the past. Many of us grew past it or rejected it at an early age but there are some for whom it is a lifestyle. Empowered by the protection of the keyboard (greater internet fuckwad theory). It is a behavior we as a society will have to deal with eventually. Maybe the kids who grew up online will do better but sadly I doubt it.

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