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Comment Re:Update the resume (Score 2) 229

What rights exactly. At least in a "right to work" state you don't have a lot of recourse unless you are being discriminated against. If an entire department is being laid off it would be hard to show that you were laid off for anything but legitimate reasons. Under what circumstances is a worker really going to end up better off turning down the money (plus the ability to collect unemployment right away, at least here in Mass).

I coukd see delaying signing to consult a lawyer maybe but I suspect in most cases they will tell you to take the money and run. its better than nothing.

Comment Re: simpler? exclusive ad channel? (Score 1) 161

Yeah what would we do without the Google+ app.

Google makes a ton of money on the data they acquire from those apps. iOS users represent heavy consumers. Google needs access to those users and their data more than apple needs Google. That's why Google pays Apple to make sure Google remains the default search option in iOS.

Comment Re:Must be getting old. (Score 2) 415

Your comment on metal is total bs. Regular apps benefit because the underlying libraries (cores rapids and core animation) have been re written to use metal for better performance. Want to use it for your graphics or rendering engine? Then you will need to write code but your app will look just as native as always either way.

Comment Re:Fear of guns (Score 3, Insightful) 535

I don't think open carry is allowed in mass. All permits for handguns atleast are concealed carry as I understand it. So a man carrying a pistol shaped gun openly could be arrested.

That doesn't change the fact that this is incredibly stupid. A toy is a toy and a storm trooper outfit should be a dead give away. Even if the principal fucked this up the police should have had more sense

Comment Re: No (Score 1) 161

Honestly I'm not sure I buy an order of magnitude.

That said if user experience is secondary (internal tools for instance) a quick and dirty web app might manage that order of magnitude but once you want some sparkle, maybe some animations, the advantages dry up quickly. It always seems like the web devs can get the basic feature implemented faster but getting it refined and polished seems to take them more time than app developers and the results are not necessarily as good.

Comment Re:The moan of sour grapes (Score 1) 450

If all you want is a device on your wrist that tells the time then you have the perfect device. This one does more. Either you want that or you don't. Lots of people say they dont but I think that is the standard anti apple knee jerk reaction. The pebble got a ton of support with less features and integration. People said the same thing about the iPhone and the iPod.

Maybe folks will prefer a different smart watch but that doesn't make this any less relevant.

It may not be a thing you want right now but comparing it to your device is as silly as saying nobody in the world needs a car because they have a reliable cheep bike. The bike will last longer. Costs a fraction of the price and never needs fuel!

For what it's worth I get where you are coming from. I like regular watches. But writing this off could prove to be pretty silly in the long run.

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