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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 3, Insightful) 365

That's what the lovely built in computer that porche provides is for. The dashboard can show you many of these things. Porche will provide more info than almost any of its customers would care for. The rest will prefer using their custom tools to read more detailed raw data. Android is there to do gps and handle in car entertainment and communication. Nothing else

Comment Re:Can't take the heat? (Score 0) 621

And somehow it's always the other guys fault?

Look torvolds is a smart guy. He accomplished something impressive. That's great. It does not mean he is a good person or a good leader. He can be a total asshole. That doesn't make him a bad developer but it sure as hell would make him someone that most sane people would choose not to work with.

Comment Re:Update the resume (Score 2) 229

What rights exactly. At least in a "right to work" state you don't have a lot of recourse unless you are being discriminated against. If an entire department is being laid off it would be hard to show that you were laid off for anything but legitimate reasons. Under what circumstances is a worker really going to end up better off turning down the money (plus the ability to collect unemployment right away, at least here in Mass).

I coukd see delaying signing to consult a lawyer maybe but I suspect in most cases they will tell you to take the money and run. its better than nothing.

Comment Re: simpler? exclusive ad channel? (Score 1) 161

Yeah what would we do without the Google+ app.

Google makes a ton of money on the data they acquire from those apps. iOS users represent heavy consumers. Google needs access to those users and their data more than apple needs Google. That's why Google pays Apple to make sure Google remains the default search option in iOS.

Comment Re:Must be getting old. (Score 2) 415

Your comment on metal is total bs. Regular apps benefit because the underlying libraries (cores rapids and core animation) have been re written to use metal for better performance. Want to use it for your graphics or rendering engine? Then you will need to write code but your app will look just as native as always either way.

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