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Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 4, Insightful) 218

My actual concern is our ability to maintain it. A good friend of mine who is a civil engineer specializing in trains has been involved in proposals to build things like mag lev trains in the US. His determination is that we generally do not do a good enough job of maintaining infrastructure for projects that require high tolerances. We like to build it, we like to run it, but maintenance... not so much. Hell even the bullet train in Japan, just a rain system, has a train packed with instruments that runs the tracks regularly looking for imperfections and issues, we can barely keep our bridges standing. What are the odds that we take sufficiently good care of the hyperloop system in order to keep it operating safely.

Perhaps we will develop it and the rest of the world will use it, but if we want to have nice toys like this we need to start dealing with the maintenance of such infrastructure (and maybe our other existing infrastructure while we are at it)

Comment Re: Just have medicare for all and get rid of the (Score 1) 285

Yes, but its not how the make money. Its a cost center, and like any other company you have to minimize the costs going out. That might mean deductibles, it might mean limited networks with really good deals and it also might mean fighting with doctors over whether they are going to pay for a service that was rendered or not.

All of these are things that insurance companies do and its not about being evil or not, its their job as a capitalist enterprise, it is their job to make money for the shareholders. This is why it is generally considered to be a bad thing to have such entities involved in health coverage because the demand for healthcare is inelastic. People get sick and they need to be treated and when companies can charge increasingly high premiums while trying their best to minimize expenditures it is a bad situation for the people who had the misfortune to get sick.

Comment Re:Liability... (Score 1) 293

I assure you that if it costs me more, or fails to perform, I, along with most people, will continue to own my own car. You really can't possibly imagine a world in which shared transport is not the superior model for most people or even a large percentage of people? You can't imagine the idea that there might be another way of doing things that might work out to be more efficient.

I'm very sorry about your lack of imagination. It must make life terribly boring.

Comment Re:What does this change exactly? (Score 1) 307

most report that weed is easier to get than alcohol. If weed were available legally, black market dealers would not exists, making it hard for teens to get it short of a fake ID or an adult buying it for them.

That doesn't mean they wont get it, but it could easily be much harder than it is today.

Comment Re:It's not just about IQ (Score 1) 307

Also it is not really that much more expensive to grow good stuff instead of crap and you end up with just about as much of it. Its a plant, its not like it costs that much more to use good genetics and provide it with a quality growing environment.

The cost per oz to produce marijuana is tiny compared to the street cost and it doesn't get much cheeper by cutting corners.

Comment Re:It's not just about IQ (Score 1) 307

perhaps the rest of you are using it incorrectly.

To you, a stoner is someone you can tell is a heavy marijuana user. There are many heavy marijuana users you would not identify as stoners because its not blindingly obvious. These people still consume heavy amounts of the drug, often just as much and as often as the people you identify as "stoners."

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 276

You still need insurance for those cars and maintenance. That is a yearly expense. Yeah this could be a bit more expensive compared to the cheapest car options but the flexibility provided between rail and home along with good public transit would be better for the economy overall. Kids and senior citizens are free to move around at will. Traffic problems can be more effectively dealt with. Instead of paying 20 bucks to have a car drive you to work you would pay a buck or two for a multi user shuttle to swing by your house and get you to the train in time to catch the one you need into the city. From there you can walk, take some more local public transit or get an autonomous car to drop you at your office door.

I love driving but I'm ready to give it up for flexibility and convenience.

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