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Emulation (Games)

A JavaScript Gameboy Emulator, Detailed In 8 Parts 62

Posted by timothy
from the behind-the-scenes dept.
Two9A writes "JavaScript has shed its image of being a limited language, tied to DOM manipulation in a browser; in recent years, new engines and frameworks have given JS a reputation as a language capable of bigger things. Mix this in with the new elements of HTML5, and you have the capacity to emulate a game console or other system, with full graphical output. This series of articles looks in detail at how an emulator is written in JavaScript, using the example of the Gameboy handheld: starting at the CPU, and (as of part 8) running a copy of Tetris."

Comment: The problem really is in approach (Score 1) 300

by Allnighterking (#32544960) Attached to: Volume Shadow Copy For Linux?
You are approaching management of the Linux boxes as if they where windows boxes. That is the event causing you the greatest pain. Basically a Linux box can be divided into 3 groups




Configurations: Two types Users Configs: this is kept in their home so no need to worry aboutthat as normal backup takes care of it (exception can be /root) System. System Configs: This is /etc/ and key entries in /var for the most part.

Data: By in large this is also maintained in homes, for that too backup software is the key. Data could also include software that either you made the mistake of building locally without some kind of packaging to repeat, or, that is 3rd party. Scripts and Cron Jobs also fall into this realm along with logs.

OS: That's why they make CD's. You just install. To make sure you get all of the same software, both rpm based, and deb based systems have ways of taking an inventory and replicating the inventory to another box.

There is no concept of registry in a Linux box. (unless you run some of the newer gnomes but that registery is by user so it's in the home.) This means you don't have to have restoreable clones to re-create the box. It's sufficient to have a copy of /etc/ a copy of key data, and either a kickstart file, dpkg list or other tool (Like a wiki plan) to re-build the box.

On the cheap tar and gzip are all the tools needed. More involved. Puppet

Comment: Sssssh. (Score 1) 342

by Allnighterking (#32077436) Attached to: Rest In Peas — the Death of Speech Recognition
Don't tell the people actually doing it. They don't know that the author of this piece says it won't work. So they keep making it work. We don't want to upset them. Ssssh.
Speech recognition and translation is becoming a highly effective and proficient tool for the US military. You see it fit's in your iPod... and ... well translates. info here Kinda puts the knosh on this article. Speech recognition as a part of translation is a new application of the tech that is growing by leaps and bounds. 10 years ago we had to do text to text translation, now it's speech to voice. Then you have companies like Voxify,TuVox and others replacing routine call center calls with realistic voice recognition. Far from being a dead animal. It has moved from the realm of fantasy to the realm of direct application.

Comment: Re:Move to a higher order port and use denyhosts (Score 1) 497

by Allnighterking (#31386796) Attached to: Coping With 1 Million SSH Authentication Failures?
Yes nothing like security by obscurity. Quite honestly I'm of the opinion that moving the port is of little use. One scan and they have my ports list one run of telnet against the ports and they know what they ports are. Ok I've delayed them what, 2 minutes? SSH key authentication, (which allows for easier to remember pass phrases for your users) Iptables or host_deny for the worst offenders (I've got 3 IP's banned that comprised 80% of my problem) and that's it. Just don't use 256 bit ssh keys. Go 2048, 1024 at the very least.

Comment: Re:Try "fishing for noobs", not admins. (Score 1) 134

by Allnighterking (#31341524) Attached to: New "Spear Phishing" Attacks Target IT Admins
Amen, I open ports for stuff that I know, first hand, verified face to face only. This is more like phishing for id10t's than anything else. Besides I like our ISP the only thing they ask for is a check. Otherwise they do what they are supposed to and that keeps us both happy.

Comment: Re:Statistics! (Score 1) 1142

However for Logic to provide a proper conclusion, an initial assumption must provide the starting point. If that assumption is flawed then no matter how flawless the logic, the conclusion is still wrong. The conclusion that the earth was the center of the universe was logically sound. However it originated from a flawed data set. Kind of like what statistics can do to you.

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