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Comment: Re: LOL "advanced" apple users (Score 0, Flamebait) 185 185

How can you say it''s a 'very usable desktop' when you're not using the iApps that make it so?

Personally, I prefer FVWM2 for a unix desktop.

What is 'coding web servers'? Are you writing or maintaining an httpd? Or just one of those guys slowing down our web browsers with croft hidden in our html content?

Comment: Re:The author doesn't understand Herbert (Score 1) 199 199

Really, the most disappointing people to talk to about Herbert and Dune are the people with a throwaway attitude. They say 'That movie really sucked' and you can't get them to think about the matter further. I've tried to read Herbert more widely. Just last week I picked up a second copy of 'Whipping Star' to reread it. He wrote a lot of books besides the Dune series.

Comment: Re:That's still exactly what it was (Score 1) 199 199

Mostly you're just talking about California, and arid regions where people just shouldn't congregate to live.

Here, I am using electricity to pump excess water off a corner of my land and to the railroad drainage ditch.

Low government interference? Again, you're just talking about a California problem.

Comment: Re: Slippery slope (Score 1) 260 260

Ah, so you accept a definition of the practice as 'gaslighting'.

That's very cynical of you. But all that matters to you is the end result. There is no room for discussion. You have it all figured out and there is no reason to engage your opponents. You need only impose your view. It's good we were able to come to an understanding.

Comment: Re: Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 3, Informative) 253 253

People don't want to hear it today, but Microsoft played a big part in the early growth of the Macintosh. It was a threadbare platform without Microsoft Word and Excel. Excel, in particular, was a Macintosh program for quite awhile before Microsoft had a Windows environment good enough to run it on.

Comment: Re: Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 253 253

And Apple, especially in the early years, was a Pascal shop. With some Smalltalk and other stuff thrown in there. The whole Apple culture was way too baroque and niche-ridden for anything as utilitarian and clean as C. Apple spent hundreds of millions on failed attempts at a new 'elite-unique' OS before giving up and just buying in NeXT Step, which is based in Unix/C legacy code.

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