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Comment Re: Too bad (Score 2) 101

A company that made a serious concerted effort to do Android correctly could plow Apple under.

It would have to be a service oriented company intent on maintaining a secure and up to date Android distribution for users of it's phones. The app base is there waiting for somebody to roll out the right platform for it to run on.

Comment Re:Google, get your house in order first (Score 1) 198

There is no SD card on a Nexus 7, which disqualifies it to me. I like having the freedom to plug in any 32 gb of storage that I choose. It's then instantly available to me. Micro SD cards are cheap now and a good way to have whole volumes of extra content ready at hand to plug in. I am not interested in storing my data on Google's cloud hardware.

Comment Re:No Way In Hell. (Score 2) 198

I use my ISP provided modem/router only as a gateway. They have no access or control over my wifi network. They have no need to know which or how many devices I have connected to my network. They are only the gateway. If I used their router they would have a presence on my wifi's subnet.

Comment Re:No Way In Hell. (Score 2) 198

My ISP supplied DSL modem is a 'wi-fi router' as it is. That doesn't mean that I use it for anything of the sort. There is no way in hell that I want a carrier-accessible wi-fi router in my house. So I disable the wifi on the DSL modem and just use the Ethernet jack to connect the wifi router that I own and have (hopefully, still) the sole access to.

Comment Re:Behind the times (Score 1) 86

I was sort of enthusiastic, back in the day, for the 'Visual' interface in Visual Basic, in the 3.0 era. Which kind of went away. Visual C? Where do I click? heh.

What visual design elements does Visual COBOL bring? You get drag and drop Punch Keypunch Machines, Verifiers*, and a High Speed Card Reader? It would modernize and simplify COBOL coding. No risk of dropped decks! Output formatting would be in the code hidden under the Chain Printer icon.

I suspect all the code in the Visual COBOL program resides beneath the Card Sorter icon. You double click on it and there's your code!

(*the 'Verifier' was an odd beast. A big piece of equipment hulking on the floor in the same room that looked almost identical to the Keypunch machine, that didn't actually punch cards. You would feed the previously-punched cards into it and pay a keypunch operator to type in the same lines of data again and all the verifier did was verify the cards had the same data as what was being typed in a second time)

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?