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Comment: Re:The difference... (Score 2) 35 35

It isn't just that modern computers are 'completed.' They are essentially closed off. The old machines some of us grew up with powered up to a programming interface. A prompt at which you could start typing in a BASIC program for the most part.

Modern software systems have abstracted things completely away from this sort of interface, for better in the case of usability but for worse in terms of prodding a young new user to actually learn to program it. There are huge abstract toolchains that have to be installed and a budding programmer can only write code at the topmost layer of the abstraction. No kid is going to write an 'Android app' straight out of the box after reading a few chapters in the introductory manual that comes with an Android device.

Comment: Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 35 35

This is the same mission that the Raspberry Pi was designed to fulfill. Even to the point of the Pi serving as the modern-day BBC Micro that it's designers has grown up with.

There's always room for more than one pedagogical computer intended for schoolkids, I guess.

So when are all the adult hackers gonna climb on this one and gripe about it, as many have with the Pi? (clue: it wasn't designed for you.)

Comment: Re:Please please stop with the MONOLITH (Score 3, Funny) 109 109

The oldest commercially-built Linux kernel I have only has CDROM support for proprietary things like the Sound Blaster Pro and the old proprietary 1x Mitsumi CDROM drive. I guess I have Slackware floppy diskette images tucked away that are that old, too.

Those 0.99 builds are small kernels. They'd run on a 386sx motherboard with 2M of memory. I should put one in a box and see how it spins for old times sake.

It would be fun to see how it would scale to modern hardware, like, say, a Pentium 233 box.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 1266 1266

If every penny they owed was forgiven tomorrow, and they were loaned no further money, they wouldn't be in the hole 20 years from now.

Fortunately since they don't have German's industrial ethos, they'd probably not invade the rest of Europe to 'fix' things. Instead they could stew awhile and figure things out. Places like Kenya, Canada, and Mexico could set up relief funds to send them food.

Comment: Re:I hope for an agreement (Score 1) 1266 1266

If you want to pay the electric bill, I'm pumping thousands of gallons of water off my land after last weeks rain that you can have. I don't need any compensation for the water itself. Just the electricity for the pump. Oh, and you need to supply the tubing. I'm willing to provide the 200 feet of 2" hose that I already have connected to the pump.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1266 1266

As far as I am concerned the investors can FOAD. The end result of Sunday's vote will probably be that both sides (the investors, and the greek populace) will both take significant haircuts.

My bet is on the Red Cross and UN Humanitarian organizations. For those areas of Greece where people are particularly hotheaded, make sure to ship in pallets of lime.

Comment: Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1266 1266

The Euro may not, now that people realize that the whole thing was a scam and the loan shark can be chased out of town.

Umm, well, if the Euro collapses over this, German will start using DM, and Greece will start using drachma. I expect the exchange rate will strongly favor the Germans. How does Greece 'having a say in the matter' have any positve effect whatsoever for Greece? The only thing the Greeks can hope for is the can getting kicked further down the road. But the road in question is at this point a very, very short blind alley.

Comment: Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1266 1266

Fucking fascists and their sympathizers think everyone is a communist... or are too stupid to learn what words mean before using them.

Woah! Be careful swinging around those big words! You could take somebody's eye out!

Grow a brain, use it; buy a dictionary, use it.

That's a weird thing for you to put in front of what you typed after it.

Beware the new TTY code!