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Comment Re:That isn't trustful. (Score 1) 570

If you don't trust Intel, don't run their microcode.

If you don't trust Logitech, don't use their mice and keyboards containing their firmware.

If you don't trust Seagate, don't use their hard drives containing their firmware.

If you don't trust Nvidia, don't use their graphics cards containing their firmware.

None of the above are open source, and at least one of the above is in many, many machines running a Linux-kernel based OS.

Comment Re:Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

A weird engineer who couldn't find engineering software to do real work on his Mac SE in 1989? We're taking the kind of person who goes out of his way to be offbeat.

There wasn't engineering software to get to work in that era. You had Ashlar Vellum and you could compose pages on Pagemaker. And Excel.

Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 3, Funny) 339

The most deserving ones are obviously those who showed up two weeks early and pitched a tent to be first in line. Also they're wearing their Elon Musk fan club tee-shirt and cosplay as a Tesla Model X at every event that will allow them in. And that includes the strip mall near their home in Dubuque, Iowa.

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