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Comment Re:Free crash key (Score 1) 343

The first time I installed Windows 95 it was a beta version on a CD-ROM that I'd been handed at a Microsoft Developer's event of some sort. (I promptly took it to work and installed it over my Windows for Workgroup and discovered via the 'Network Neighborhood' that there was tons of stuff out there on the Work servers that we were't supposed to be able to casually 'browse.')

I didn't encounter floppy versions of Win95 until significantly later, when I bought a laptop that didn't have a CD drive. You had to make an 'install set' with your own floppies back then, though Toshiba kindly provided nice professional looking stickers for each diskette. (When I produced my set [stupidly not buying new high quality media to use for that purpose] it had a defective disk #17 if I remember right. You just had to make sure not to install the optional components on #17 to get a clean install without it crashing.)

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 343

Also, the 3 buttons in the window, that's as much to do with XWindows as Microsoft. Remember MacOSX has roots in NeXT which has roots in UNIX. It's odd to attribute to Windows when there's a direct line to XWindows.

There were competing GUI choices on UNIX. The X Window System (*ahem*) wasn't even the leading choice during the early period. Sun had a couple GUIs, SGI had a gui, etc. The X Window System came along later.

NeXT and their display-postscript scheme came significantly later.

Comment Re:Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cre (Score 1) 343

I always wanted to drag the hard drive icon to the trash and have it make the hard disk version of that stupid noise the floppy eject motor made, and spit the hard drive out.

(If you've never run MacOS on floppy diskettes, esp. on a one drive Mac, you've not had the opportunity to grow really really sick of that eject sound)

Comment Re:Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cre (Score 1) 343

Apple mainly succeeded in the legal realm. They sued all the GUI OS companies out of business. The GEM desktop is gone, for one example. Geos was driven out of the market.

In actuality, what Apples legal muscle succeeded in doing was run all of Microsoft's competitors on the PC Clone platform out of business. Then Microsoft had the resources to defeat Apple's 'Look and Feel' lawsuit (which everybody involved in Free Software, in particular people like RMS actively campaigned against) and Windows owned the desktop.

Microsoft has a lot to thank Apple for. Apple plowed their field for them.

Also, Mac users have never wanted their OS to be the dominant platform. Why should the rabble get to use their cool 'elite' stuff?

Comment Re:15? (Score 1) 343

I ran Windows 2000 long into the XP era, and lots of other people did as well. In fact, I've never owned a 'legal' XP installer, because I didn't do XP until we were essentially forced to (and when XP Corporate iso images were commonly available.)

Before XP and before the 'activation' era I bought a full retail-box copy of every Microsoft OS. It just made sense to 'own' a copy that I'd be able to use where I wanted. Since 'activation' I've never bought a Microsoft OS.

Comment Re:15? (Score 2) 343

Well, on a 386 or better processor, Windows 3.1 would run in protected mode or '386 enhanced mode' and provide virtual DOS environments to run many MS-DOS programs, and also use 32-bit system calls to access the hard drive. So it was in a sense a 'shell' that ran on top of MS-DOS but also enhanced the performance of DOS programs run with it. I ran Windows 3 for years before I could afford a 386 though. A good old 8088 machine with a Hercules graphic card, and later an IBM EGA card in mono-graphics mode (there was a way to plug a 'digital' monochrome display into a real IBM EGA card that was jumpered correctly and get a pretty nice Windows display- much better than Hercules.)

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