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Comment: Re:Seriously, an iphone? (Score 2) 85

Tracking is separate from recorded and forwarded history of travel. It has always been possible to hire an agent to follow a specific indivdual. This is different from carrying a device which tracks everybody by default at a very low cost.

An external agent to track dumb cellphones is far more complex than having an agent running inside a smart phone. It involves pretty substantial external resources and doesn't easily scale to large populations.

You knew this, I hope, and were just trolling us. Right?

Comment: Re:Fetishising nature + this is after all a desert (Score 2, Informative) 265

What you say would have more merit if there was free choice for these Bangladeshi people to come and go. Why have their passports been confiscated? Why is there not a viable means (steerage in low cost cargo ships) for them to return home if they wish? The arrangement as it stands amounts to what is called 'Indentured Servitute' which is a fancy name for slavery.

Extra points, though, for trying to turn the issue into something 'dirty and sexual' by using the term fetishise. Tell your masters to give you an extra bonus for your effort, because you've written some excellent propaganda.

Comment: Re:Not about jealousy, but ... (Score 1) 265

To simplify things a bit, visualize a light bulb. It needs power to remain illuminated. That power can come from a large bank of solar cells...

Hmmm.... Out in the open air the light doesn't do much. But I suppose if you enclose the light, it could have some impact on darkness, and the big array of solar panels can be positioned over the enclosure.

What's wrong with this picture, though.

Comment: Re:Dubai has bigger problems (Score 2) 265

A lot of people forget that the other great cities had their founding in geographical advantages that are no longer essential to their operation. The harbors around New York are still viable, but they are no longer the main focus of the city. It's the fact that a critical mass was established to foster social/cultural/economic centers which once established, became self-supporting. Festering, one might even say.

Comment: Re:load of rubbish (Score 2) 265

Yeah, but who the f wants to live in a place like that?

It has great appeal to statists, because they want to crowd the entire population into highrise apartments along mass transit corridors... but I like having a yard (not a manicured one, there are enough people at work nuts about crabgrass and shit like that.) We have what is essentially a 100 year old yard. It has a fairy ring in it (a fairly ancient ring of mushrooms) and rabbits and there are coyotes singing in the distance out across the pasture in the evening and sometimes the morning... And the scree of the red-tailed hawk (plus all his singing food.)

If you live in an area where AC is mandatory and cannot be overcome with proper architecture (earth sheltering, big shaded porches, fans, etc.) then you're living in a place not viable and should relocate. Not because 'I say so' but because economics should be telling you that. The days when we can subsidize kentucky bluegrass lawns in suburban tracts in any environment anywhere are over.

Comment: Re:Does anyone get the impression.. (Score 1) 50

'Information wants to be free' is just a badly constructed wannabe-meme similar in quality to Apple's 'Think Different' slogan. Basically, it's the kind of drivel marketing types who dropped too much acid in college come up with.

Why would anybody claim that the people who point this out have 'bad language skills'?

Comment: Re:"Thus ends "Climategate." Hopefully." (Score 1) 401

by Bing Tsher E (#47418297) Attached to: Climate Change Skeptic Group Must Pay Damages To UVA, Michael Mann

The way pro-AGW fanatics present arguments often stinks of conspiracy theories. (Those evile brothers, Big Oil, etc.)

Let's face it. A good percentage of slashbots are non-scientific ranting nutters. It's fun to approach all issues in a big adventurous way when you'e young and being all idealistic.

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