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Comment: Caveat Emptor (Score 1) 3

by Aldenissin (#45997515) Attached to: GPUs Dropping Dead in 2011 MacBook Pro Models

Buyer Beware...

  Is it fair for customers to pay exorbitant repair prices when manufacturers decide not to build modular hardware?

Yes. If you support these practices with your dollars, then you get what you.... deserve. I choose Android over iphone, although I do like many things about Apple products. But this and related issues are more important to me.

+ - BitTorrent's Bram Cohen Unveils New Steganography Tool DissidentX->

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "For the last year Bram Cohen, who created the breakthrough file-sharing protocol BitTorrent a decade ago, has been working on a tool he calls DissidentX, a steganography tool that's available now but is still being improved with the help of a group of researchers at Stanford. Like any stego tool, DissidentX can camouflage users' secrets in an inconspicuous website, a corporate document, or any other, pre-existing file from a Rick Astley video to a digital copy of Crime and Punishment. But it uses a new form of steganography based on cryptographic hashes to make the presence of a hidden message far harder for an eavesdropper to detect than in traditional stego. And it also makes it possible to encode multiple encrypted messages to different keys in the same cover text."
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Comment: Re:Basically, they are going to give you (Score 1) 348

by Aldenissin (#37446928) Attached to: PETA To Launch Pornography Website

I came here for Rule 34, and I got it. So now, we're deliberately trying to see if we can get people to like violence and porn... but with animals.(the violence) And, to get everyone behind it under the guise of something else and quite opposite as well... evil lords over stupidity everyday.


+ - ITU says Facebook user count may be wrong->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It seems that ITU has serious reservations about Facebook's stated user statistics. In a report they issue they even go as far as asking:
"a comparison of Facebook user data and Internet user data for some developing countries show there to be as many Facebook users as Internet users, whereas it can reasonably be assumed that not every Internet user is also on Facebook. How then can these numbers be explained?""

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Submitted by Aldenissin
Aldenissin (976329) writes "In what we can now call it a tradition, we celebrate the Software Freedom Day by publishing our latest release: Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.0 STS, codename Dagda.

Today we publish both the standard GNOME based, and the lightweight, LXDE based Trisquel Mini editions. Current Trisquel 4.5 users can upgrade using the update-manager application, without the need for reinstallation. Advanced installations -server, RAID/LVM, encrypted, etc- can be done using the netinstall images. Two more editions, one based on KDE and other using the educational environment Sugar are on the way. The standard edition includes, among many others, the following packages:, Linux-libre 2.6.38, GNOME 2.6.32, LibreOffice 3.3.3, Abrowser (our unbranded Mozilla based web browser) 6.0.2.

We would like to thank the FSF, and their campaigns intern Jonathan Nadeau for helping us improve this releases' accessibility support. Among other changes, our international DVD boots now with a screen reader on by default, allowing blind users to run or even install the system without assistance. This change will also be applied to the system loaded in the FSF membership cards.
Download it now, and spread it around!
And remember, you can help this project continue by donating, buying a gift in our stores, or by becoming a supporting associate member."

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+ - IG Investigated for Muzzeling Inconvenient Science-> 1

Submitted by Layzej
Layzej (1976930) writes "Federal biologist Charles Monnett was placed on administrative leave July 18 pending final results of an inspector general's investigation into integrity issues. The investigation originally focused on a 2006 note published in Polar Biology based on a unique observation of four dead polar bears. The investigators acknowledged that they had no formal training in science, but later demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of science, the peer review process, and at times basic math with questions like "seven of what number is 11 percent?" and concern expressed over the fact that the note was reviewed by Monnett's wife prior to submitting the paper for peer review. When nothing turned up, the investigation turned towards Monett's role in administering research contracts. But documents released by PEER , a watchdog and whistle-blower protection group, suggest even that investigation is off base. Monnett has since been reinstated, albeit in a different position. Now the IG handling of this case is itself under investigation following a PEER complaint that the IG is violating new Interior Department scientific integrity rules."
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+ - SpyEye Botnet Nets Fraudster $3.2M in Six Months->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "The SpyEye Trojan has a well-earned place of respect in cyber-underground as an adaptable and effective piece of malware. Those same traits have also made it a bane for countless victims and the security community, and new research provides yet another reminder of why.

According to security researchers, a hacker in his early 20s known by the cyber-alias “Soldier” led a bank fraud operation that netted $3.2 million in six months. Powered by the SpyEye crimeware kit and aided by money mules and an accomplice believed to reside in Hollywood, Soldier commanded a botnet of more than 25,000 computers between April 19 and June 29 that compromised bank accounts and made off with the profits.

Most of the victims were in the U.S., but there were a handful of victims in 90 other countries as well. Among the affected organizations were banks, educational facilities and government agencies."

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GNU is Not Unix

+ - Celebrate Software Freedom today!->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It is the time of the year again, where we all unite regardless of the (free) licenses we cherish and go out in the streets to let people know how Free Software has changed our lives. With over 425 events in 80+ countries, communities as diverse as Joomla!, FreeBSD or The OpenDisc to name just a few will be celebrating all over the world. Don't wait, grab your best arguments and join the wild masses of freedom lovers to the software freedom parties. Where will you be partying today?"
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