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Actually I think the burden is on you to explain that. One should try to understand the effects of their research, certainly. But what does geology, or astrophysics, even biology have anything to do with a love of nature. The entire purpose of the scientific method is to remove personal biases. The only thing that can come from putting a love of nature into your science is bad science. You'd be doing humanity a disservice by perverting data with your emotions.

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So are you saying he's wrong? There is no place in science of any field for personal agendas or opinions.

"Reverence for the environment" is an extension of the reverence for nature. There's nothing unscientific about that...

What? How would a reverence for nature have anything to do with science whatsoever?

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by Albinoman (#45366081) Attached to: Third Tesla Fire Means Feds To Begin Review

You're twisting the truth a little. This last fire is a twitter pic and the car has obviously been in an accident, that's it. The first was the puncture we all know about. The second was a guy who went through a concrete barrier and hit a tree. In both of those the passengers walked away, an impressive feat for the second one.

Point is there's been nothing "spontaneous" about these fires. If anything it shows a great track record for protecting the passengers.

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by Albinoman (#45363897) Attached to: Third Tesla Fire Means Feds To Begin Review

Go to Youtube and watch the video of him taking a camera crew on a tour of SpaceX. He litterally walks through saying what components are and what their function is in the big picture. I doubt any other CEO or the head of NASA could do that. Best part is none of it is patented. So yeah, he probably knows more than you about hydrogen. Besides, you'd still have to get around the problem of hydrogen making steel brittle.

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by Albinoman (#45220015) Attached to: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel Cells Are 'So Bull@%!#'

"In reference to the Texas fiasco, no - it would be undeniably good if he was trying to get the law changed because it's wrong, but that's not the case - he was trying to get a special exception made for his company, and fuck everyone else."

Cause you know the dealerships should be the one's deciding how cars are sold, and fuck (literally) everyone else, not just a couple car salesmen. That's like WalMart lobbying to not allow you to shop online. You really think if the law allows him direct sales then no one else would be allowed? The exception is for him cause the big players don't want an exception at all.

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by Albinoman (#45219967) Attached to: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel Cells Are 'So Bull@%!#'

He may well be a douch,

Oh, he is.

but he's not the only one out there,

No, but the fact there are other douche-bags on the planet is no excuse for being one.

and he is doing something that will push us in the right direction.

According to you. Me, I fail to see the merit in the concept of having everyone drive around in what is, essentially, a big-ass pile of heavily polluting blood minerals that won't get you to your destination without taking a minimum hour break every couple hundred miles.

Not to mention, even if electric cars are "the right direction," Elon Musk doesn't give half a fuck about that - he's a capitalist, therefore he's in it for the money. If altruistic progress was his goal he'd be selling Teslas at a loss just to get them in the hands of the people who would benefit the most.

Also, it takes considerable effort to get hydrogen gas from dihydrogen monoxide. Perhaps he knows this already?

Uh, that was a dig, not a comparison or question of science. I figured it was obvious.

Lithium does not have to be mined for blood money (and there's probably lithium in the screen you're looking at, so you're a murderous hypocrite). The new chargers will work in twenty minutes from empty.

Now go watch a video of him being interviewed or giving a tour of SpaceX. He literally walks around naming all the parts off the top of his head and knows what they do. Name any CEO capable of that. First, the man really is a genius. Second, he's actually quite down to earth. Saw him get very emotional about the "perversion of democracy" that other automakers are going to to try to stop him. His college education is specifically for designing batteries, not what you pursue to get filthy rich, he's just good at what he does (and very lucky). They actually don't patent any of the the SpaceX technology, that greedy bastard. And lastly, no one said he's trying to be altruistic. And altruism isn't also suicidal.

Course, I actually know what I'm talking about instead of just spreading ICE automaker FUD.

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by Albinoman (#45219777) Attached to: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel Cells Are 'So Bull@%!#'

Smelled funny to me too. Technically I don't see at as impossible if you aren't shooting for the perpetual motion thing. But, why would anyone build was is essentially a hybrid the other way around?

Worked with a guy once that insisted that he was gonna build this revolutionary new car that had a few extra alternators hooked to the wheels(?) so it could switch over to electric when it generating enough electricity. I tried going from the perpetual motion angle, to explaining how alternators work, to just the lack of power coming from one. It was one of the most frustrating conversation I've had. Worse than any creation/evolution debate anyway.

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Part of his reasoning with electricity goes hand in hand with another project he's involved in, Solar City. You can charge it at home with essentially free, easy to generate, electricity. Charging a fuel cell is something I would definitely not trust the average joe to do. Also, some of the new charging station can get you from 0 to 300 miles in 20 minutes of charging.

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