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Comment I agree (Score 1) 96

I think TFA has a point. Why bury your head in the sand? Profiting off of such footage is in an ethical grey to dark-grey area, but on the other hand having the ability to see things that occur in the world is overall a good thing, instead of being sheltered by the media.

Comment Re:Won't someone think of the birds. (Score 1) 256

I'm probably wrong with my layman's understanding of how it works, but if you consider conservation of energy, the additional thermal energy from AGW would cause atmospheric agitation. I just meant to illustrate that any slowing of wind would likely be offset by the surplus of energy produced by the trapping of thermal energy caused by greenhouse gasses.

I had to google what keelhauled meant.

Comment Re:Won't work for long... (Score 1) 65

The work around would have to be hardware too. I mean, the mouse would have to sync it's output with the game to spoof it. You'd have to mod the mouse with some wireless transmitter and receiver. It's an arms race, for sure, but I can see it cutting down on cheating by orders of magnitude.

Comment Re:This never works (Score 1) 304

That's extremely hard. Good luck getting something like that to actually work. The senior electronics engineer who might be able to create such grabbing system has probably a better-paying job somewhere else.

If you could manufacture a device that would bypass virtually all forms of video/audio DRM, you could make some nice pocket change I'm sure. Or at the very least you could impress at a convention.

Comment I would have been affected (Score 1) 229

I used Steam for 5 years or so without buying anything through Steam, I just played a lot of CS:S and TF2 from the Orange Box. This would have really inconvenienced me at the time since I was using a lot of the social features. It was before I had access to Steam funds via Gamestop. It could be a pain in the ass for people with no method of online payment, from foreign countries. It's a good idea but there has to be an alternate process of validating an account, as to not alienate people in odd situations.

They should at least make retail games count, just exclude keys from Humble Bundles. I mean, even if they hunted bargain bins for old keys it would still create a lot of labor per account.

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