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Comment: I would have been affected (Score 1) 229

I used Steam for 5 years or so without buying anything through Steam, I just played a lot of CS:S and TF2 from the Orange Box. This would have really inconvenienced me at the time since I was using a lot of the social features. It was before I had access to Steam funds via Gamestop. It could be a pain in the ass for people with no method of online payment, from foreign countries. It's a good idea but there has to be an alternate process of validating an account, as to not alienate people in odd situations.

They should at least make retail games count, just exclude keys from Humble Bundles. I mean, even if they hunted bargain bins for old keys it would still create a lot of labor per account.

Comment: Re:Leave then (Score 1) 886

by AlCapwn (#49339703) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill
Bravo, but you're not the kind we're worried about when such legislation passes. If every Christian was as accepting, we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place. But, keep at it. Lead by example. I'm pretty sure that's a Jesus thing, right? Your religion needs more like you to be taken seriously by the secular folk.

+ - Valve Partners With HTC To Develop VR Headset->

Submitted by AlCapwn
AlCapwn writes: Valve and HTC have been working together on a Rift competitor, dubbed Vive. The article boasts two 1200 x 1080 displays and a 90 FPS refresh rate. They have also announced a "Steam VR base station" which "will let you walk around the virtual space instead of using a controller." "...in spaces up to 15 feet by 15 feet."
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+ - Fark's Drew Curtis Running For Governor Of Kentucky

Submitted by AlCapwn
AlCapwn writes: Drew Curtis has announced on Friday that he will be running for governor of Kentucky

"We have a theory that we’re about to see a huge change in how elections and politics work. Across the country, we have seen regular citizens stepping up and challenging the status quo built by political parties and career politicians. They have been getting closer and closer to victory and, here in Kentucky, we believe we have a chance to win and break the political party stronghold for good."

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