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Comment: DLC's sold as cheat? (Score 1) 178

by Ailure (#47314613) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

Honestly, this is not really commonplace, at least not on the PC platform (no idea about console). There is only a handful of games I seen that sold cheatey DLC's (and with cheatey, I'm thinking of godmode esque cheats). Where does the idea that it's common came from, rose tinted nostalgia glasses?

Cheat codes are a bit less common sure, at least game specfic ones. Some games still got a dev console you can use, but it's usually engine rather than game-specfic cheats.

Comment: Really? (Score 1, Insightful) 548

My salary has been steadily increasing and I certainly haven't found that there are skilled developers sitting idle at home. I can collect a small fortune in placement fees, if only I know some out-of-work developers I wouldn't be ashamed to recommend.

The simple fact from where I am standing is: There is a lot of work and there are not enough skilled people to do it yet we are only using 50% of the population.

But the sector has a massive negative image. Not even so much anti-women as anti-human. If you don't fight for yourself you won't get raises by just doing a good job and managers will happily have you do 80 hours with no compensation if they can get away with it. So a LOT of good developers I know have started their own businesses to get out of the rat race. You really got to love coding to stay with it when you can make money in consulting.

But part of the problem is the gigantic hatred you see on this site and sites like tweakers any time a story of this kind comes up. "The girls are getting some money, UNFAIR!". Crybabies. There are tons of initiatives to promote coding in general, plenty of competitions if you so wish, plenty of events to visit often with booth babes. No booth boys.

Let it go! Or at least accept that if this news story makes your blood boil, you got issues. And your issues are poisoning your work place or are even the reason you can't find a job despite your leet skills.

Nobody with real skills fears competition. If you see a new employee as anything but "FINALLY, some HELP, here is ticket 1000-9999, I take the remaining 1 million until you are up to speed", you are not a developer, real developers don't have enough spare time to worry about their jobs.

Comment: Re:Stand-alone server (Score 1) 93

by Ailure (#47212119) Attached to: Civilization V Officially Available On Linux For SteamOS

Unfortunatly it's kinda buggy in some ways after playing it with six-seven people. Crashes and desyncs galore, and regular multiplayer hosting is actually stabler.

It also crashes if it's started without a steam login, but it doesn't care who is logged in (so it can be a alternative account that dosen't have Civ 5). This could be a regression introduced with a patch at some point (it probably tries to do a callback with the steam API and fails).

Comment: Spreadsheets destroy data (Score 1) 422

by Dwedit (#47104543) Attached to: Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work

Spreadsheets tend to mess with strings that look somewhat like a date, it will automatically convert it to a date when it sees things like that. You need to be really careful about spreadsheets automatically reformatting your data, make sure you properly indicate whether a field is Text or not.

Comment: I think the OP was talking about the 1-5k range (Score 1) 399

by SmallFurryCreature (#46864199) Attached to: Japanese and Swiss Watchmakers Scoff At Smartwatches

The top watches tend to be good (unless they are laden with diamonds) but the 1k-5k range is riddled with rather crap watches, often with mass produced innards from far cheaper models. This range you don't pay for the craftman ship, you pay for the brand name.

Even in the high end you got to check what you are buying, name, jewels or mechanics.

Comment: No it isn't impressive (Score 1) 399

by SmallFurryCreature (#46864189) Attached to: Japanese and Swiss Watchmakers Scoff At Smartwatches

The point is that tech advances and as you yourself admit, quartz is better.

The function of a time piece is to keep the time as accurate as possible and you admit that cheaper quartz watches do a better job then this particular mechanical watch. There are mechanical time pieces that do much better. So this time piece in question has no other function then being an expensive bit of jewelry.

There are some very good mechanical watches, Tag Heuer is not amongst them, it is a hipster thingy, more about flash (look at how much I cost) then actual value for money.

Wear what you like but please don't pretend that 1 minute out of date in a month is anything then mediocre.

Comment: Yeah because snow storms can't be predicted (Score 2) 174

by SmallFurryCreature (#46864141) Attached to: Google Using Self-Driving Car Data To Make Cars Smarter

It takes an incredibly narrow minded and anal personality to come up with situations 99% of customers will never encounter and therefor conclude that because 1% might encounter them in a life time, an entire line of products is useless.

Oh no, a product isn't perfect for everybody! USELESS!


Minerva CEO Details His High-Tech Plan To Disrupt Universities 106

Posted by timothy
from the many-of-them-deserve-disrupting dept.
waderoush (1271548) writes "In April 2012, former Snapfish CEO Ben Nelson provoked both praise and skepticism by announcing that he'd raised $25 million from venture firm Benchmark to start the Minerva Project, a new kind of university where students will live together but all class seminars will take place over a Google Hangouts-style video conferencing system. Two years later, there are answers – or the beginnings of answers – to many of the questions observers have raised about the project, on everything from the way the seminars will be organized to how much tuition the San Francisco-based university will charge and how its gaining accreditation. And in an interview published today, Nelson share more details about how Minerva plans to use technology to improve teaching quality. 'If a student wants football and Greek life and not doing any work for class, they have every single Ivy League university to choose from,' Nelson says. 'That is not what we provide. Similarly, there are faculty who want to do research and get in front of a lecture hall and regurgitate the same lecture they've been giving for 20 years. We have a different model,' based on extensive faculty review of video recordings of the seminars, to make sure students are picking up key concepts. Last month Minerva admitted 45 students to its founding class, and in September it expects to welcome 19 of them to its Nob Hill residence hall."

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