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Comment: Need an excuse for snooping on the locals (Score 1) 835

Since the US policy of generating foreign born terrorists to justify its military industrial complex has worked so well, why not try the same thing at home and justify the dismantling of the constitution in the homeland. Very soon you'll start hearing about how all this action against citizens is protecting you from home-grown crazies.

Comment: Ethical consequences? (Score 3, Interesting) 393

by BlackSabbath (#43735713) Attached to: Why We Should Build a Supercomputer Replica of the Human Brain

Say this actually works. We create a brain and start down the long path of "teaching" it just like with new-born humans.
What happens when we detect that the brain is "experiencing pain" (we already know that pain has a detectable neurological basis right?)
What happens when we detect the brain is experiencing depression?
What are our responsibilities then? Is this thing a human, a lab-rat, or a machine?


Google Bumps Up Search a Notch With Google Nose BETA 66

Posted by samzenpus
from the smelling-is-believing dept.
coastin writes "The folks at Google Labs have launched a new way to search with Google Nose BETA. The new condensation in search will have you "Coming to your senses" where you can go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation. Get acquainted with Your internet sommelier, expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions, and aromas. Take a whiff of the Google Aromabase — 15M+ scentibytes. Don't ask, don't smell! For when you're wary of your query — SafeSearch included. What's that smell? Google Nose BETA leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available with: Street Sense (vehicles have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles), Android Ambient Odor Detection (collects smells via the world's most sensible mobile operating system), and SMELLCD 1.8+ (high-resolution compatible for precise and controlled odors)"

Comment: Re:Preserved To Show Who Took over $100 Billion... (Score 1) 215

by BlackSabbath (#43129079) Attached to: The Science of Hugo Chavez's Long Term Embalming

A. This was done openly.
B. The guy was popular and never lost an election.

Maybe the citizens of his country value different things to the citizens of your country. Which I can see might be a problem if one of the things valued in your country is telling everyone else what they should value.

Comment: Re:Both good for the individual & bad for soci (Score 2) 135

by BlackSabbath (#40418749) Attached to: Erasing Details Of Bad Memories

Hey there soldier! Worried about PTSD? Afraid your conscience may interfere with your patriotic duty? No need to worry! With our new treatment you'll never have to worry about flashbacks, or fear that you may have to turn whistleblower. War-crimes trials? No fear. We'll make sure you will always be the most reliable and entirely truthful un-witness.

Comment: Re:gee, false dilemma much? (Score 1) 714

by BlackSabbath (#40293043) Attached to: FBI Hunt For Child Porn Thwarted By Tor

> when a warrant has been issued by a judge

Seriously? We live in a world where even "after the fact" FISA warrants are not enough for some. Hell, there is currently legislation mooted in various countries that would allow corporations the same kind of powers just because you MIGHT be sharing a movie.

And you think I'm deluded...

Comment: Re:Make up your minds (Score 1) 714

by BlackSabbath (#40293029) Attached to: FBI Hunt For Child Porn Thwarted By Tor

Where freedom of speech is illegal Tor use is illegal. Yet there are still those that would exercise their free speech regardless of the risk. Dissidents who use Tor to get their message out or to listen to anothers' message don't do it because it is no risk. They are usually very well aware of the risks they take.

The world is replete wih people willing to commit "crimes" if sufficiently motivated.

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