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Comment wow flaw of intellect? (Score 1) 622

Name precise years of Muhammad? They only have estimate. Then they admit they have not tested ink. Im no religious person but that seems to be some serious we must prove something false methodology. Seeing that at best the result is a bounty on the scientist maybe they should have actual proof its not just old paper while admitting it could just be old paper. Funding getting low?

Comment Re:funny geeks (Score 1) 223

No on a stylus pro 4900 or better. "They are" is typo, "THEY AREN'T" For which Epson is getting its lunch eaten by pantone accurate after market ink sellers already. I have 5 1000ML bottles of each each we use at my company on hand most of the time. Your name isn't, Troll I don't know how to ask questions, by any chance is it? Oh right its slashdot.

Comment funny geeks (Score 1) 223

They are talking desktop market here. They are talking to people who print a lot. You know go over to the art dept for you company. A lot of you sound like my departed grand father, "Who uses photographs? " as he flips through popular mechanics magazine. Im not talking abouy the magazine but its contents.

Comment Re: interesting experiment (Score 1) 224

Yeah they left this thing in a shaddy area on purpose. They new it would get jacked. What brain surgeon left a silly looking pos on the side of a road in a place the redidents are unlikely to be going more then several blocks from their homes. Look up the address on a crime map. Its the freaking hood. Left in shit paris or montreal area same would happen.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 368

Yeah brain surgeon did you read that the pilots last job should be trying to see an 18in square thing while trying to line up a run on a fire? The elevation of that run is whatever it HAS to be. So what pilot should have to waste time re align path take out drone then circle back to make its run? You don't understand the process do you?

Comment Re:How? (Score 2) 368

What you can't see you can't avoid and what you aren't in control of can avoid you. So drone is above flight path gets sucked down. See how that's a problem. I thought this site was for people who knew shit like math and physics. Pilot should 100% not be having to watch out for drones while navigating a helicopter in a fire zone.

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