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Comment: Re:I wonder how much hyperloop will really cost (Score 1) 157

by AgNO3 (#49156153) Attached to: Hyperloop Testing Starts Next Year
really thats the distance need for safety? Call china about what happens when there isn't safe stopping distance. I do mean SAFE. full on slam to a stop distance where your internal organs crush isn't what I am talking about. but normal breaking to accommodate station delays or just normal human trains not going BS.

Comment: Re: Propheteering (Score 1) 131

by AgNO3 (#49061869) Attached to: Elon Musk To Write a Book About Earth Sustainability and Mars Colonization
What has he done? Made a car that isn't even on the list of Green cars. A solar panel company that keeps the money from the electricity you put back into to the grid. Massive environmental destruction of the mountain of argentina and Peru with lithium poisoning from the Lithium mines. The vacuum train that he came up with accept he didn't and isn't putting one penny of his on money into. He is a smart business guy and he is making cool shit. He isn't Tesla, or Bell. He might be Edisonish accept he hasn't come up with any of his companies on his own. At least edison invented some stuff himself. Elon is more a Elison. Pretty freaking smart guy by no means the smartest.

Comment: Re: Propheteering (Score 1) 131

by AgNO3 (#49061791) Attached to: Elon Musk To Write a Book About Earth Sustainability and Mars Colonization
Tesla reports HUGE loss and stock took massive hit. vacuum Tube train was patented in like 1920 or somthing and Elon is so confident in it he hasn't put one penny in it. Toyota pulled out of giga Factory and its profitability is far from certain and SpaceX seems to be doing ok with Googles billion dollar investment. The Solarcity thing is almost a scam. No one lives in their house for 30 years so unless you take the out right payment option you are pretty much a sucker who will be selling their home while still paying for those panels which don't go with you oh and the extra you kick back to the grid belong to Solarcity not you. (even if it is very unlikely you will kick anything back to the grid) AWESOME.

Comment: Here you go (Score 1) 431

by AgNO3 (#48896643) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?
This and a Wacom tablet and you are all set. Bit pricy though when you add the needed Wacom tablet. OR you could just get one of these which took about 2 min to find with the Google Or for a whole page full of them

Comment: Re:Still not legal, right? (Score 1) 92

uh huh you think DOT or FAA is going to allow drones to fly over traffic? at any altitude? as for the other stuff I'm not talking about main transit. I'm talking last mile. Last mile where the drone is dealing with say this Or waiting at the security door at one of these zillion places in culver city (or the rest of LA.) or flying lower over house. Or how does it deliver to an apartment building? Block the door or just land and wait? (and be crushed by people pissed off that there is a drone blocking their apartment entrance. I would love to see this in Brooklyn any major downtown area. I would love to be the first person who has a drone fail over my car on the road or my property.

Comment: Re:Still not legal, right? (Score 1) 92

Oh your right. Just like how Santa monica was forced by the FAA to limit flights into Santa monica Air port. OH WAIT. No one wants a new air port anywhere near them so I can't imagine that say West Hollywood, or Chesterfield Mo, or King of Prussia PA or Englewood CO or a zillion other Suburbs that don't want airports give a rats ass what the FAA wants. Lets see how this works out for the FAA.

Comment: Re:Still not legal, right? (Score 1) 92

by AgNO3 (#48519733) Attached to: Kiva Systems Co-Founder: Drone Delivery Could Be As Low As 20 Cents Per Package
You might want to check on the height of those poles because the SCOTUS rulling quite clearly says. "But, a landowner may make any legitimate use of their property that they want, even if it interferes with aircraft overflying the land." that also means Air craft aren't allowed to interfere with your peaceful enjoyment of your land. IE I like to fly chinese kits and can legally leave them airborne over my property.

Comment: Re:Still not legal, right? (Score 3, Interesting) 92

by AgNO3 (#48519465) Attached to: Kiva Systems Co-Founder: Drone Delivery Could Be As Low As 20 Cents Per Package
People often forget that the air space over your property to like 300 feet is the property owners and they can and have had people arrested for trespassing for their drones being in their airspace. This has already been to many a court case over air rights. The FAA doesn't even if made legal to fly have the right to say you can fly in a private properties airspace. It would be interesting to see how many nets people put up to their max air space if people start flying drones with valuable stuff over their property. The FAA has ZERO say over your air rights and it varies by state as to how high they go. So they would pretty much be limited to following the roads.

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