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Comment: Re: Joking about serious things? (Score 1) 432

by AgNO3 (#44482267) Attached to: DEA Program "More Troubling" Than NSA
Whats does that have to do with his exageration. He did agree we might be the most violent today. But I would bet the spanish and brits the most violent of the past 500 years easy. The problems in the middle east are a diect result of british conquer and divide stratgy. The borders of most of the middle east are britsh meandering.

Comment: Re:I don't trust new egg anymore (Score 1) 259

by AgNO3 (#42722005) Attached to: How Newegg Saved Online Retail
If it wasn't newegg that was hacked and it was in my opinion. Then why wasn't the card used at other places? The only saving grace is that the card data is encrypted better then their user data. So if they where hacked and they got user log in with accounts that have cards attached they would only be able to purchase via Newegg but not have access to the actual card number. How if newegg wasn't hacked did they use my account with my passwords. They didn't just guess my password I guaranty.

Comment: I don't trust new egg anymore (Score 0) 259

by AgNO3 (#42712953) Attached to: How Newegg Saved Online Retail
Wait the same newegg that I believe was Hacked around Christmas time and refuses to acknowledge even though I had to call then 3 times to ask why I kept getting failed purchases to my NewEGG account for a bad CCV. But they had all my account info correct beyond that? I wouldn't buy free shit from them ever again.

Comment: buh didn't they prove VR headsets BAD Idea (Score 1) 151

by AgNO3 (#41285121) Attached to: Valve Reveals Gaming Headset, Teases Big Picture
"What happened to 3D Virtual Reality? Do you remember in the mid-90s when virtual reality headsets were going to be the next big thing? Do you wonder why the whole technology just sort of went away? VR pioneer Mark Pesce has spilled the goods. Audioholics was able to contact Mr. Pesce via Twitter where he answered a few questions for us regarding his work with Sega and the mysterious disappearance of its VR project. Over 15 years ago, Mark Pesce worked with Sega on its VR Headset, which was intended to plug into the Sega set-top-box. The headset was going to provide gamers with a virtual reality 3D environment. Of course Sega wasn’t the only one developing a VR headset at the time, and we all expected to be running around in 3D environments when graphics evolved beyond chunky wireframes of the early VR visuals. We thought the technology was just around the corner. With a working VR Headset almost ready for market, Sega had the product tested by a third party lab, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) at Palo Alto California - the results weren’t pretty. The lab at Stanford came back to Sega with dire warnings about the hazards of prolonged use of this technology. SRI warned Sega: "

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