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by AgNO3 (#48053553) Attached to: Google Threatened With $100M Lawsuit Over Nude Celebrity Photos
Umm you have no rights as a user of Googles stuff. Its their stuff. If they don't like your stuff they can delete your account and send you hate mail and there is jack all you could do about it. You don't own your blogs server space GOOGLE DOES and they can do what they like with it. Don't like that HOST IT YOURSELF.

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by AgNO3 (#47615397) Attached to: MIT Considers Whether Courses Are Outdated
huh see thats exactly how my Univ worked. Then again I went to a practical college not a Liberal arts college. There is pretty good size difference between the 2 which is why I picked RIT. This seems to be pretty light on frivolous classes. First Year ACSC-101 YearOne 0 CSCI-141 Computer Science I 4 MATH-181, 182 LAS Perspective 7A, 7B: Project-based Calculus I, II 8 LAS Foundation 1: First Year Seminar 3 LAS Perspective 2, 3, 4 9 CSCI-142 Computer Science II 4 MATH-190 Discrete Mathematics for Computing 3 LAS Foundation 2: First Year Writing 3 Wellness Education* 0 Second Year CSCI-243 The Mechanics of Programming 3 Choose one of the following: 3 CSCI-262 Introduction to Computer Science Theory CSCI-263 Honors Introduction to Computer Science Theory MATH-251 Probability and Statistics I 3 LAS Perspective 1, 5, 6 10 CSCI-250 Concepts of Computer Systems 3 SWEN-261 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 MATH-241 Linear Algebra 3 LAS Elective 4 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op Third Year CSCI-251 Concepts of Parallel and Distributed Systems 3 CSCI-320 Principles of Data Management 3 CS Elective 3 LAS Elective 3 LAS Immersion 1 3 Cooperative Education (spring) Co-op Fourth Year CSCI-261 Analysis of Algorithms 3 CS Electives 6 CSCI-344 Programming Language Concepts 3 Free Electives 6 CSCI-471 Professional Communications (WI) 3 CSCI-331 Introduction to Intelligent Systems 3 LAS Elective 3 LAS Immersion 2 3 Fifth Year Cooperative Education (fall) Co-op CS Elective 3 LAS Immersion 3 3 LAS Elective 3 Free Electives 6 Total Semester Credit Hours 126

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No dude. They took a physical thing from where it belonged without permission. Then they copied it. The 500 or so people that worked on it not withstanding the productio. Company is publicly traded and probably has more then a few 401k invested in them because of the previous 2 movies return on investment. So know the movie has less value will generate less return and your dad is going to have to blow other men in the park because to make up the difference in what the movie would predictably have made. See thats why its a crime. Because not only rich people own stocks in companies like lions gate, warnwr etc... but you go with that its not hurting anyone argument and frame it next to your participation medal.

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