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Comment: Re:Keyboard Shortcut in GNOME (Score 1) 410

by Aerik (#30345002) Attached to: Multiple-Display Power Tools For Linux?
Pressing ALT+F7 will change your cursor to the "griping hand" which will then be holding your current window so you can move it. Shift+direction is supposed to jump the current window to the workspace in your chosen direction. The ALT+F7 command still works however, the shift+direction does not in in Jaunty 9.04 or evidently 8.10. You can drag your window to the other screen though. (That's easier than a four key combo anyway)

Comment: Re:Are you sure? (Score 1) 576

by Aerik (#29843207) Attached to: Linear measure of books on shelves in my dwelling:

Anyone who marked more than 50 feet, I question your honest or ability to estimate linear feet. If you think you have more than 50 linear feet of filled bookshelving, get out a tape measure and prove it to yourself.

50 feet is a LOT of shelf space.

A $2 2x4 ripped down the center and cut into 4' lengths makes great supports for 1' wide 4' long shelves that won't sag. a 5 shelf bookcase = 20' of linear shelving with two of these you're already at 40' and can easily make up the difference to get to 50'. I bet most little kids have 3 x 3' shelves for their books. :)

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