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Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 131

I am making the claim people who take medicine prescribed by doctors are statistically more likely to get better.
Now, as per AC, since I do not propose a mechanism to explain this phenomenon my statement is 100% false and cannot possibly be correct.

There you go folks. Proof doctors are shams and homeopathy is the one true way to cure people. Go buy lots of bottles of 10000C cures from this store I have no relation to whatsoever and am not receiving money from.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 1, Funny) 39

Apparently these evil overlords calling themselves scientists aren't following entry 12 of the evil overlord list.
Specifically keeping a 5 year old child on staff to spot these glaringly obvious fatal flaws in their evil schemes.

Good thing though. Virtuous hero AC here can exploit that flaw and save us from their evil oil-seawater separation plot.

Comment Re:It was only a matter of time (Score 3, Funny) 67

There's one way to advance space flight and colonize the solar system. Moonshiners looking for a place to run their stills, and tax men following close behind.
We'd have colonies on mars growing modified corn within 10 years.

The other would be to allow porn to be made on the ISS.
Nothing spurs innovation like the quest for kinkier smut.

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain