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Comment Re: Solution! (Score 1) 360

I didn't know the iphone was designed so ass backwards.
Usually it's the security system that polls the sensor and compares the data to what it has recorded. But you're telling me a dumb sensor is actually delegated the task of pulling fingerprint data from encrypted storage, comparing it to its sensor data, and telling the security system to unlock?

You would have made a horrible speakeasy guard during prohibition. Asking the would be patrons if Swordfish is the password they know and opening the door if they say yes.

Comment Re: Wha? (Score 2) 120

That should be the new vulnerability metric. Womp rats.
"A new vulnerability was found in the D-Star app this week, rating at 3.8 womp rats. CEO Tarkin downplayed the severity of the vulnerability and promised the D-Star app will continue to enhance system stability without interference from any rogue squadrons of hackers."

Comment Re:Taking cues from NASCAR? (Score 1) 91

Imagine this times a thousand.

Also, there's the chance of a stray chunk of metal getting lodged in the connector when swapping a battery pack and the whole thing shorts in a spectacular lightshow. The commentators could use nick names for the accidents like drunken thor, angry zeus, dragon pack, ect...

Comment Re:No story bias here... (Score 4, Insightful) 135

This isn't biased. This is so far tilted towards capitalist supremacy it's almost horizontal.
It's like a piece of anti-commie propaganda from 1969 got republished with some dates mixed up.

I'm actually afraid not cheering the article on will result in my username being put on a House Unamerican Activities Committee list.

Comment Re:They should fight it out in court befor going b (Score 4, Insightful) 211

The tough on crime crowd, also known as the board of directors of for-profit prisons, has done a fine job of kneecapping public defenders. To the point that in some areas they have as little as 15 minutes on average to dedicate to a particular case. As such people who can't afford a private lawyer are told to just plead guilty and take whatever leniency the judge feels like granting that day, even if there is clear cut evidence of their innocence. Add in mandatory minimums and you get a nice steady stream of easy convicts the prisons rake in profit from.

Comment Re: Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 1) 245

Currently prescriptions are filled by brick and mortar pharmacies who are capable of checking the legitimacy of a prescription.

What do you expect to happen if people are allowed to order their drugs online? The creation of a national prescription database that foreign companies must abide by, and have port authorities open every package and check the contents for prescription drugs to verify with the national database?

Pharmacies should be able to source their stock from outside the US, but consumers should NOT. Letting consumers purchase their drugs online from overseas relies on some pretty powerful fairy magic to nullify all the ways it would go wrong.

Comment Re: Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 1) 245

Ok, so what government agency will vet the foreign companies to enforce those standards? You know, provide that accountability? Do you expect port authorities to open every package to check for prescription drugs and verify the contents with a national database of every prescription written?

You're arguing to shrink government while simultaneously expecting them to do something beyond their current capabilities.

Again. Trained and licensed pharmacies should be allowed to source drugs from outside the US, patients should NOT. You let consumers buy drugs online from foreign entities and you lose all accountability.

Comment Re: Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 1) 245

No, frankly, they aren't.

"Wake me up when patients can import drugs from abroad, without any hassle" implies grandma fill her own prescription without the hassle of those pesky profiteering pharmacies inserting themselves into the supply chain. And those pharmacies are the main quality control mechanism, as well as gate keeper to prevent abuse. Because if they give out chalk pills or drugs to people without prescription they get jailed. A website owner in china with 20 drums of lead paint to get rid of, not so much.
Lift the import restriction and let patients import their own drugs, and a bunch of hassle free "pharmacy" websites out of china would gladly sell you any drug you requested without prescription.

I'm all for letting the guys with training and accountability source their stock from a country with adequate quality controls. But that's not what billy is advocating for.

Comment Re: Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 1) 245

Patients should not be able to import their own prescriptions. At all. There's a reason shit like daraprim and amoxacillin are behind the prescription counter instead of on the shelf. And I guarantee you if you were allowed to fill a prescription from an online "pharmacy" in russia you'd be able to find another that lets you buy random meds without a prescription.

Pharmacies should be able to source their stock from abroad if the source country has confirmed adequate quality controls, yes.
But that's not what "Wake me up when patients can import drugs from abroad" advocates.

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