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Comment Re:Why buy Adobe products anyway? (Score 1) 259

What FOSS alternative for Flash/Flex is there? One that produces compatible formats (swf,flavor,etc.) of course.

Same question for Photoshop, as Gimp is rather kinda shitty. Most image editing software I've tried on Linux seems to get some HCI heuristic horrendously wrong.

Comment Well (Score 2) 117

On the desktop, it is an extremely fluid, extensible, quick yet powerful way of developing visual applications in a language that many love (C++).
I would quite like it if I could build applications for the core mobile devices under that exact same setup.

But that isn't what they are aiming for, and you're right, their sights seem set on irrelevancy and failure.

Comment Horseshit deflection. (Score 1) 418

You could say the same things about usurping, gouging and destroying the interests and consumerism of ANY technology or ANY hobby or ANY interest. "just don't buy it" and "they're a business so it's OK" and all variants of these statements are bullshit non-responses and nothing more than flakey attempts to avoid valid criticisms and contempt of abhorrent business practices.

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