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Submission + - Monsanto Develops First Genetically Modified Strain of Marijuana->

schwit1 writes: Monsanto has announced it has patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. Global AgInvesting reports that the news has been welcomed by scientists and leaders of the agriculture business alike as a move forward towards the industrial use of marijuana and hemp products could bring a major shift towards marijuana policies in the U.S.A. and ultimately, to the world.

Under present U.S. federal law, it is illegal to possess, use, buy, sell, or cultivate marijuana, since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, although it has been decriminalized to some extent in certain states, Monsanto's interest in the field has been interpreted by experts as the precursor to "a major shift in marijuana policy in the U.S." as it is believed the company would not have invested so much time and energy if it had not had "previous knowledge" of the Federal government's "openness" towards the future legalization of marijuana.

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Submission + - Notepad++ Leaves SourceForge->

An anonymous reader writes: SourceForge was a good place; unfortunately, sometimes good places don't last.

Recently SF hijacked its hosted projects to distribute their wrapped crapware:

        SourceForge grabs GIMP for Windows' account, wraps installer in bundle-pushing adware
        Black “mirror”: SourceForge has now taken over Nmap audit tool project
        What happened to Sourceforge? The full story between VLC and Sourceforge

Obviously, the paid component per installation system is one of their important income generating scams. I would be fine with that, if they were the actual owners of the legitimate software. The real problem is, they are polluting these open source software installations for the purpose of filling their pockets by this scam, and worst of all, without even notifying the authors/creators of this software, while the creators are struggling against such parasitic software in order to keep their installers cleaner and safer.

Such a shameless policy should be condemned, and the Notepad++ project will move entirely out of SourceForge.

I humbly request that Notepad++ users not encourage such scams, and educate others not to download any software from SourceForge. I request as well that the project owners on SourceForge move out of SourceForge, in order to preserve the purpose of the Open Source Community and encourage the works of true authors/creators.

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Comment Re:Wire or overlay (Score 2) 237

you might want to try power line networking for those wired connections since you will reuse your existing AC wiring, keep the 5ghz as a backup.

If power to the wireless access points all ends up at the same breakerbox, powerline networking would be the way to go in my book. Aaron Z

Comment Re:Seems like a lot of effort (Score 1) 500

Electric vehicles perhaps, although then you could just move to taxing tires. AFAIK their degradation is correlated to distance traveled and weight carried. Plus tire wear is probably highly correlated with road wear, which is kinda the point.

Such a tax would discourage people from buying snowtires in areas where such a thing is prudent and would encourage tires with harder compounds which wear less (and provide less grip on the road in adverse conditions)
Thus taxing tires would cause an increase in accidents (hows that for extrapolation)
That would be suboptimal

Aaron Z

Comment Re:Lightning involved (Score 1) 184

When the train and track got struck it probably knocked out all power on the train. It may also have knocked out telemetry on the track. No power for the radio, no telemetry and the train just disappears from the control display

And when that happens, the following train should assume that the train in front of them has hit a brick wall and is stopped at the last known position. They should immoderately slow down to the point where they can stop within their line of sight and continue with caution. Doing anything less is foolish. Aaron Z

Comment Re:Great Forum for Input Devices (Score 1) 310

While you're at it -- upgrade your mouse too! I found all my wrist problems went away when I moved to a Logitech Cordless Trackman (wish it was corded, but whatever). This has a finger-operated trackball and a thumb-operated left-click, which I find MUCH more accurate and comfortable than a thumb-operated trackball (e.g. most trackball mice on the market now). Trackball mice are usually considered to be more accurate than regular mice anyways. One of the big benefits here is the fact that your wrist isn't as twisted as with a regular mouse... if that's your main goal, there are also some expensive ergonomic vertical mice that might be comfortable.

I agree. I have a Kensington Expert Mouse (Model K64325) at home and at work with the top right button remapped to be a middle click (via X-Mouse Button Control) and I wouldn't be without it.

Aaron Z

Comment Re:Backups (Score 1) 352

Shit like, Dammit! I used Skype for one fucking call, and now it starts up every time I start windows slowing things down needlessly, How do I remove it from the startup items? Oh, dammit, now there's no such thing, I have to adjust a setting IN THE PROGRAM ( which will be different in every program so I need to search it out for each program, and god forbid I install something a little bit shady and reluctant NOT to start up and splash me with spam every time I boot... Any bit of knowledge a user gets that gives them an advantage in getting stuff done themselves is promptly made useless so that a solution can be sold to them for money.

Try using msconfig. It lets you remove services and programs from starting when Windows does

Aaron Z

Comment Re:Of course they can (Score 1) 560

I'd like to know what the point of the damn things are, since every post 9/11 attack on an airline has been negated by the efforts of the passengers. It seems to me that metal detectors are all you really need -- keep guns off the plane and there's no way that any would-be terrorist is going to overpower dozens of passengers. Heck, even with a gun it would be tough to overpower everybody on an airplane......

If you allowed those who have concealed carry permits to have their guns on the plane, there is slightly a higher probability that someone will bring one on and try to hijack the plane, but there is also a higher chance that if someone tries to hijack the plane the person in the seat behind them will reach over the seat and put a gun to their head.

They are also useless from a practical point of view, since they can't scan body cavities. If you are willing to die for your cause it doesn't seem like a huge leap of faith to assume that you are also willing to shove explosives or a weapon up your ass......

Come on, do you actually expect the government to think through all of these difficult permutations before going out and spending billions in taxpayer money on a new boondoggle?

Aaron Z

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