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Comment: Re:Don't ask, don't tell (Score 1) 85

by insanecarbonbasedlif (#49382463) Attached to: SCOTUS: GPS Trackers Are a Form of Search and Seizure

This ruling doesn't even have anything to do with planting a tracking device. It is in regards to an individual who has been convicted of multiple sexual offences who has served his time and is being required by the State of North Carolina to wear a GPS anklet for the rest of his life. He challenged that on 4th amendment grounds. NC argued successfully (at the state level) that this requirement is not a search. The SCOTUS disagreed and sent the case back to NC.

Jeez, RTFA.

Combative much? Let me rearrange your words so you can see how it relates to my original point, and you tell me how I did it wrong, and then I'll let you deal with the fact that you're chasing your own tail while barking at me...

NC argued [that] wear[ing] a GPS anklet ... is not a search

The SCOTUS disagreed

First line of the article:

If the government puts a GPS tracker on you, your car, or any of your personal effects, it counts as a search—and is therefore protected by the Fourth Amendment.

Jeez, what as that about reading the article again?

Comment: Re:Not another new rendering "engine" (Score 1) 122

by dave420 (#49379355) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Their current renderer (Trident) was first released in 1997. A re-write is not entirely uncalled for. The other things I mentioned are part of a browser, and suffer from the same issues of an old code-base which doesn't deal well with more modern approaches, and which make a re-write of the browser itself more necessary.

Their product has been running various parts of code written in 1997. Them rewriting the browser entirely (which is what Spartan is - EdgeHTML is the engine) makes a lot of sense.

Comment: Re:A Corollary for Code (Score 2) 209

by dave420 (#49378585) Attached to: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology

So you don't know about something, yet assume you know enough to know it's not useful? And you'd chew someone out who found a great way to achieve something because you think it's using tricky parts of the language, parts you are intentionally ignorant of because of some unmentioned reason?

You don't sound particularly rational. I could make a joke about your sig, but I'll leave that alone.

Comment: Re:The future is now. (Score 1) 148

by dave420 (#49378501) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's Going To Win the Malware Arms Race?
So uninstall the nonsense app which shows you the ad. You are in control, but you've assumed you're not, and sealed your own fate. While arguably Google can be held to blame for you not knowing how to operate your own Android device, you are arguably even more to blame. You not being in Google's "walled garden" (even though Android phones can leave any time they want, and many don't ever step foot in it) won't help you one iota if you can't figure out how to uninstall an app which is spamming you.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.