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Comment: Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 221

by dave420 (#47963511) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

Or maybe it's the US's InfinityX number of troops in military bases around the world, coupled with the US's InfinityX support of Israel, with a dash of the US's InfinityX military bases engaging in torture and detention without trial...

Yes, the US is powerful, but if it had used that power for the greater good, there would be less nutters out there with problems with the US and its leadership... You can't pretend it's just a case of the big boy on the block getting bullied...

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by dave420 (#47962843) Attached to: Scotland Votes No To Independence
You seem to be confused. It's not a theocracy. In a theocracy, priests rule in the name of a god or gods. The queen is entirely ceremonial. You seem to be confusing history and the present, something that someone from such a young country can be easily excused. The constitution does exist - it's just not written down in a single document.

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by Stargoat (#47958327) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

It already is a fortress. In time of war, nations protect their leaders. And the US has been at war for twenty years.

Open the doors of the Temple of Janus, acknowledge the truth. Every day that the US drops a bomb somewhere in the world is a day that the President of the United States should not sleep easy in his bed. One cannot be angry when one nation attacks another, and that other nation responds in any manner it can.

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