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Jeez guys, our good friend Alex Chiu has been selling fine magnetic immortality devices as long as I can remember on the internet and now some "harvard scientist" thinks they can get in on poor Alex's action here? What gives!?

Comment: Re:You are of no value to the company, you're a to (Score 1) 249

by AbRASiON (#47844039) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps

It doesn't interest me though :/ if anything I've found the majority of security people I've dealt with, technically incompetent and cause nothing but trouble. 9 times out of 10 they are over paranoid to the levels of extreme AND don't know shit about IT.

Furthermore, with the whole "send it to the cloud" philosophy, yep, even security people are being reduced. Who needs a team of 5 to 10 security people for desktops, servers, networks etc when a large portion of the infrastructure is now located off site and presumably X cloud provider will handle security?

Comment: You are of no value to the company, you're a tool (Score 5, Interesting) 249

by AbRASiON (#47840395) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps

That's all you are, it's all I am and it's all I've been. The drive for the bottom dollar has gotten even more intense in the last decade than ever. Managers, CEO's CTO's, shareholders, taxpayers, regardless - the primary focus is money.

The ONLY IT workers they give e a shit about are the well dressed, smart talking (and genuinely smart) guys who waltz in consulting on how to reduce costs. (ie: you MAKE them money, you're income, not expense!) If you can charge a business 700 to 1500 a day for 6 to 18 months, but in the end of your project they get to fire 3/4 of a team of 100 people then you're _exactly_ what they're after.

I write this unfortunately as a primary support person over the years, maybe due to lazyness, apathy, people skills, depression, personality? Who knows - but I never became a creator always a supporter. I fixed things but I never designed stuff, so now things are breaking less and less, things are finally being designed exceptionally well. Plus there's ways to minimise the impact if things do break. At least in the support area, you are fucked, be it level 1 2 or 3.
They do still need some support people but less and those people generally already have their jobs. So, if you know how to replace systems, "send shit to the cloud" - you're in, save carefully though, because eventually every business will be "on the cloud" and your consulting gig, moving people to the cloud will dry up too.

This is just how IT has gone, let alone the impact of the shitty financial industry and governments fucking up the economy(ies) internationally, gloablisation means move shit to where it's cheapest - and a lot more shit can be moved easier now. We had a good run on the gravy train but that shit is finished now.

I'm estimating a 35 -> 45% pay drop from the job I've just been given the heave ho-from to my next one (assuming I'm lucky enough, I'm hearing an average of 200 applicants per job in my city) I should've damn well become a plumber or electrician. YEah they need to re-train now and then too but you sure as shit can't outsource it to XYZ country.

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by AbRASiON (#47839757) Attached to: Dell Demos 5K Display

Exactly this, current 4k implimentations are balls.

There's a large contingent of gamers pushing for 120/144hz gaming for example, we can't even do 60hz at 4k easily. (Forget about the GPU power, the damn cabling and interface standards to send the signal to the display) this really needs to be solved, especially with OLED coming and it's potential 1000's of frames per second refresh rate.
I suspect the display will work on some kind of 10:1 ratio, where it updates 10 times for every 1 time the GPU can - as long as it's in sync (another unsolved issue!) then great.

5k is meaningless, fix 4.

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Security whining about Facebook aside, there's a plethora of countries where your 3g/4g data limit per month is quite low. I've just come off a 600mb per month plan to 1gb. I only use about 300mb per month but I have on holiday gone up to about 800+mb in a month.

The cost however, when you exceed your limit is _insane_ auto playing videos which you can't damn well stop is idiocy. They should have either a wifi only option or a play button. (I had the same issue with vice videos in twitter for a while too)

Too many companies continue to take their product, fiddle / fuck with it for the sake of change (keeping UI designers in a job I suspect) and then antagonise their users. Google maps is a prime example, the new google maps is AWFUL compared to the existing one, lacking several key features. Please, stop fiddling and changing things.

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If you read his post, I got the impression the link was down, remote access wasn't a viable option. If that means an administrator needs to talk someone through unplugging / re-plugging something or confirming a diagnostics LED, so be it, they're employed regardless.

Comment: I never thought I'd be one of these posters (Score 1) 129

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but consider yourself lucky someone wants or needs your help. This industry and capitalism's desire for endless efficiency and profit means a fair few of us reading your post are sitting at home without a job at all.

I'd gladly sit on the phone through a translator to fix something, infact I'd be inclined to think you're probably at a medium sized business or smaller if you're dealing with something like that, so it's probably within your power to do some pretty interesting and dare I say "cowboy-ish" stuff. Once a business reaches a certain size, your hands are constantly tied for experimenting or learning.

Meanwhile, yeah I'm here in my pajamas still at midday but my bank account won't last forever.

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I've isolated the problem perfectly, through a decade of exactly the same behaviour and the issues have only been serious for 12 months.
Across multiple machines.

I'm very boring, I've run the same addons for the best part of 3 years to boot as well.
The problem is firefox.

Comment: Somewhat on topic. (Score 4) 237

by AbRASiON (#47813771) Attached to: Mysterious, Phony Cell Towers Found Throughout US

Can I just say,

From the mouths of ANYONE who isn't an American.

Jesus christ fuck me gently it's the worst god damned thing to do on any web page, I think it might actually be worse than "this content is not available in your region" - because at least it takes us (mostly) to what we wanted.
takes me to

Thanks dipshits.

Comment: Still having misery with Firefox. (Score 4, Insightful) 220

by AbRASiON (#47812753) Attached to: Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support

I post in EVERY Slashdot firefox article, whining for the same thing.
LESS focus on UI / features, MORE focus on stability / performance.
I've been using FireFox since the name it had before FireFox (I've forgotten it) - I think I used it since version 1 or god knows what.

For about the last 12 months, maybe 18, Firefox has become completely unstable for "extreme" browsers like me. I run anywhere from 30 to 150 tabs open at a time. I'd say a nice average would be around 60 tabs. When I'm researching something (often multiple things) I like to google what I'm reading, middle click open in the background the first 5 results. Then when on a forum, I'll middle click open 5 more results and so on. I like having those tabs queued up in the background for me to read.
You might think "well there's the cause of your stability problem!!" except this never used to happen. 18 months ago you could hit 200 tabs without FF crashing. Now, I'm scared to open more than 60. This is across multiple machines too.

I've even tried switching to WaterFox, no dice - I'm still able to crash FF regularly and I run very few addons either.
It's good to see the http cache changes, so they are working on performance but stability should be the #1 focus.
Oddly enough, I get exactly the same symptoms in Firefox for Android as I do Windows for fucks sake. If I hit enough tabs (about 8 on my Galaxy S3) - FF for Android shits the bed, presumably because it's out of ram and can't page well or something. Worst part is FF for Android doesn't remember my open tabs either. Miserable.

They've fiddled and fucked with the UI, replicating Chrome as much as they can (ugh!) for years, now can they stop? If I wanted ugly goddamn chrome I'd install it.
PLEASE fix the stability, PLEASE make it faster. I don't care how much ram it uses, I just want a modern experience with my browser.

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Your memory must be shabby.
He recommended OCZ SSD's when they were SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the competition. They were the first non premium priced SSD with intel like performance and no huge latency spikes when writing small files.

Yeah look a lot of them failed, I got burnt by many of them - but at the time the failure rate issue wasn't widespread. They were the Celeron 300a of SSD's and so he rightfully pushed them.

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