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Comment: I ask again, ... does anyone know. (Score 2) 355

by AbRASiON (#49814699) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th

How does it all work?
If I install Windows 10 on my personal desktop, with valid key.

Then trash the machine, re-install from a brand new original Windows 10 media DVD. Does the Windows 7 key work for Windows 10?
Even if another user signs in?

Is the Windows 7 key tied to my "Windows account" (they seem to be pushing accounts / logins now.... my Windows 10 test machine I literally login with my Microsoft live account) or what was once called live...

I own at least 3 machines with genuine Windows 7 keys but I administer / work on / help with at least 30. I do NOT want to have 30 unique Windows 10 "accounts" with MS.

So is it literally a flag in the DB "this key is now Windows 10 and Windows 7"?

Comment: Re:annoying downgrade, ingores major usage pattern (Score 1) 100

by AbRASiON (#49810923) Attached to: Google Calendar Ends SMS Notifications

Most of the kids these days.......

How much is it costing google to run the SMS service? The company used to do useful stuff, now they just endlessly kill off their services and re-skin stuff to make it harder to use (gmail)

Run the damn SMS service for another decade until it's well and truly not needed, then end it and get ire from no one.

Comment: Re:And now for a real question (Score 1) 214

Buy any off the shelf Dell / HP business workstation for under $1000 and then double the ram and put in a 500gb SSD, I'd be surprised if you got LESS than 7 years out of the machine for word processing, youtube, email, browsing etc. :/ MS definitely best not be dictating the lifespan of machines.

Comment: Reading between the lines, now I get it...ahh-ha! (Score 1) 214

So as an owner of ... quite a lot of Windows 7 Pro CD keys and completely legal / valid machines. I was surprised I was getting Windows 10 for free for myself to use, however I've just read the summary on this article, NOW it makes sense.

Key words in the summary are the following for the supported lifetime of that device.

So, unlike my Windows 7 key, where I can un-install it from the old PC / wipe the machine, then install it on a new machine, call a phone number, follow some prompts and re-activate my legit key, I get the impression the Windows 10 key I'm allocated will only work on ONE set of hardware, period.

I'm still not sure if they are simply going to convert my existing, legitimate Windows 7 key to a Windows 10 key or issue me a new key. Either way it sounds like a Win7 -> Win10 conversion license is is not going to be as flexible as a 'proper' Windows 10 license.

Also of note, if I recall the original articles regarding this, I have a 1 year window to make my Windows 7 keys "Win 10 free mode allowed" I'd bet good money, I can't just type the keys into a website and convert them, I bet I need to install Windows, using the Win7 key, activate it AND follow the prompts to engage "upgrade mode"
I'm seriously considering building a VM just before entering the key to actually do this.

Finally, I ALSO get the impression that a Windows 10 license / key is 'bound to' an email account / Micosoft account of some kind, which is also quite awkward for me, perhaps I can only have 1 Windows 10 license per account? Who knows.

Comment: Stupid fat sack of shit (Score 5, Interesting) 125

If he wants to bring in some fucking revenue, END NEGATIVE GEARING.

For foreigners who don't understand, you can buy a second, third, fourth, nineteenth goddamned house and can claim the interest repayments, renovations, real estate management fees, maintenance etc against your taxable income.

They claim this 'encourages low cost rentals' and housing to be built by the rich for the renters.
Statistics show the VAST majority of negative gearing boffins actually buy in well established areas because they are worth more money (of course) and will appreciate in value.
They get interest only loans and bank on the "fact" that housing should double in value every 7 years (incomes sure don't though)

What negative gearing actually does is artificially drive investors (ie: rich people) to offload cash into homes, turning the "aussie dream" of owning a home far more difficult for those who can't afford to compete with the rich, trying to reduce their tax.
Furthermore we are also welcome with wide wide open arms, foreign investment into property here, it's not good for the economy, it's good for a miniscule fraction of the population, it's driving the average price up also.

Long story short, me, you and any other Aussie tax payer reading this are literally paying for rich peoples homes, when you explain this to most foreigners they are baffled as fuck "wait, a tax break for people with SECOND homes and THIRD? what about a tax break for people getting their first" ...
It's fucking nuts, disgusting.

Comment: Fuck updating. (Score 1, Flamebait) 434

by AbRASiON (#49625959) Attached to: Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer

I used a Galaxy S3 with 4.3 for about 2 years and was quite happy with it for the most part.
I picked up a used Galaxy Note II from someone at a very very reasonable price, it shipped with 4.3 and I updated it to the very latest build of 4.4 available for that model.

It ran well, was surprisingly snappy for basically the same phone (plus 1GB more memory) and then all my god damn fucking tools went haywire because of some dipshits policy change on MicroSD card usage. EVEN WITH ROOT AND SD CARD FIXES, the functionality of data stored on the SDcard is reduced. This is causing me major headaches as an advanced user.

I've got Titanium Backup doing a scripted full backup at 2am (if charging) and then I've got a great app called FolderSync doing an SMB via Wifi upload of the ENTIRE /phone/ and ENTIRE /sdcard/ to my NAS. It ensures I have a complete backup of the phone, in full. This all went tits up with 4.4 though.

Google have turned into Apple, enforcing shitty policies at their own whim. Combine that with the ghastly adoption of "material design" (all looks flat, colourless, no shades, no borders and offten no text labels) plus killing off old useful services, seriously - fuck them.

Comment: Fuck that bullshit and that stupid article. (Score 1) 323

I've activated at LEAST 150 to 200 Windows 7 keys on my IP in Australia over the past 3 years (re-building one of my 4 machines regularly, friends and machines I also sell)

There's only ONE thing which Microsoft should be focusing on here.
Period, that's it - is the key valid? Not being used a second time? Yes or no, period. Doesn't matter if he or she activates 1 or 1000 codes, for fucks sake.

Comment: Mmmm delicious material design (Score 3, Interesting) 112

Contextless, textless, unlabelled icons I take it then?
No separation of data using small 1 pixel width dividing lines, shading, or anything really, just one big flat white (or whatever colour they choose) mess?

Difficulty in easily identifying data because it's not highlighted or accentuated in any particular way?
Yep, love that material design. It's clever stuff.

Comment: Mine is mounted in a cupboard (Score 2) 253

Bottom, far corner, that impossible area to get to.
In summer, unfortunately due to 7200rpm disks (not my choice) they hit 134f, so I've had to add a fan pointed directly at it which will run for about 5 months solid.

It's actually mounted there for noise, I've got quite a small apartment.
I'm also running FreeNAS on the server, I use a dedicated HTPC with Kodi (XBMC) on it for playback. Quite a nice, quiet, good looking one too.

I routed wires there with cable ties, drill, hanging hooks etc, it's all a pretty neat install, considering it's in a back corner with my spare blender next to it.
I've only once had to hook up a monitor to it, due to a poor upgrade from the FreeNAS crew, that should be fixed now. I'd recommend, if you can somehow - at least dangling a very long VGA cable off it or something or a very long USB cable. Even if you almost never use them, that one time you do, could really save hassles.

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