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Comment Re:Not good for per core licencing (Score 1) 310

Server 2016 is going per core licencing which means less cores overclocked

Given the drive to eke every last bit of economy (both dollars and joules) out of commodity server hardware, I see two possible outcomes for that: either future versions of Windows will have to reduce their licensing costs in the multicore scenarios, or most software will get ported over to other operating systems whose licensing costs are lower. (I'd imagine the latter is more sensible, since paying to license a GUI-based OS seems silly when running server software on a headless machine in a data center, but far be it from me to second-guess the IT industry)

Comment Re:speculative execution etc. With 1024 cores ... (Score 1) 310

With 4096 otherwise idle cores, it can make sense to calculate 1,000 possible scenarios in parallel and then ignore the 999 options you didn't need.

Well, maybe from a strict minimize-time-to-result perspective, but if we're also trying to minimize power usage (and given the subject of this article, we presumably are), then I'm not sure you're going to get any kind of efficiency win by doing 1000 times the necessary number of computations and throwing away almost all of them.

Comment Re:Revoke it (Score 1) 39

And in *two whole years*, they should have been able to establish that it was validating malware.

Is the app in question actually malware, according to Apple's definition of the term?

Or to put it another way, how evil does an application have to be before it should be labelled as malware? Is there a formal policy on this posted anywhere?

Comment Re: Everyone's phone, DSL and copper (Score 1) 161

I still keep a landline for emergency, it's never failed in 40 years.

Of course, the flip side of that is that you're likely paying a significant monthly bill to keep that reliable land line active.

My building's two front-door call boxes were each using a land line for their call-up function, and they were costing the HOA $65/month each. I switched them over to VOIP, now they cost the HOA about 25 cents per month each (not including the $23/month DSL service, since we had that set up anyway for unrelated reasons).

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 2) 161

Junk making the front page that talks to me like I don't already work in IT or understand how common household technologies work.

Who are you? I didn't understand how DSL worked until I read the article, now I do. (Well, probably not, but now I know more than I did)

Comment Vertical solar panels? (Score 1) 212

People are getting so distracted by the word "luddite" that they've neglected to ask the important question: to what extent does having all of the solar panels mounted vertically affect their efficiency?

Granted, it looks cool, but I presume that most solar arrays are mounted horizontally (or at an angle determined by their location's latitude) so that they are as close to perpendicular as possible to the sun. Unless this installation is *really* far from the equator, it seems like they will be generating less electricity than they might have this way.

Comment Re:Trusting the UN? WHAT THE FUCK? (Score 1) 327

I've got news for you, sparky: saying "right wing propaganda" isn't some kind of magic incantation that makes your favorite teleprompter-in-chief's incompetence just vanish in a puff of wishful thinking.

What you are complaining about is that Obama didn't manage to clean up the complete mess that Bush managed to create

More like, the motherfucker continued everything he ran against. How many times has he signed extensions to the PATRIOT act?


Comment Re:Swift is making Rust obsolete already! (Score 4, Insightful) 123

The main reason for using swift is that apple wants their developers to be locked in, on a language level.

Oh, for crying out loud.

The reason for Swift is that Apple is highly aware of where they spend their engineering time, and Swift makes the most common Obj-C mistakes difficult or impossible to write at all. It's not some kind of Machiavellian plot.


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