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+ - DevOps: Sysadmin meet Developer and Vice-Versa-> 1

Submitted by socialized
socialized (1258014) writes "DevOps, also referred to as agile systems administration, is a big part of how Kris Buytaert, a Senior Linux and Open Source Consultant with the Belgian firm Inuits who, likes to create opens source apps for business. Buytaert describes himself as a developer who "then became an Op" and as such, began to see the challenges facing both sides of the application deployment process. The 451 Group also has recently noted this phenomenon as have may others (Stephen Nelson-Smith, Jake Sorofman) .There's even a series of Devops Days internationally and OpsCamp is running DevOps styleunconferences for cloud computing (Devops.Info lists even more self-organizing conferences). How many systems administrators consider themselves part developers and how many developers consider their operations knowledge a critical to their ability to create software?"
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Comment: Re:Too bad we don't have rules to deal with this (Score 1) 839

by dwillden (#30598474) Attached to: Midwest Seeing Red Over 'Green' Traffic Lights
Interesting, the only CFL I've had burn out on me in the eight years I've been using them was the one with a cheap ballast system that struggled with the cold which I had out in the garage.

I've broken a couple when I moved, but otherwise I have only tossed one burned out CFL so far.

Comment: Re:Smart move (Score 2, Informative) 284

by thetoadwarrior (#30598460) Attached to: Google Nexus Rumored To Cost $530 Or $180 w/Plan

I'm waiting to see what if there will be an SDK and what kind of access users will have to the phone. Hopefully it will be wide open.

You started off well but then you went here and jumped on the fail boat.

It will be the Android OS/SDK and already has loads of apps out as Android has been out awhile.

Comment: It Depends is the only answer here... (Score 1) 414

by alta (#30597786) Attached to: How Many Admins Per User/Computer Have You Seen?

The answers are going to vary wildly based on skill of the users, corporate environment and what they use the computers for. I've seen an insurance company that had 1 SA per 500 machines. They were all running a locked down version of XP, they were almost a kiosk. The users had 1, maybe 2 programs that they used, the insurance system and a mail client. It worked out well. Think blue collar behind a terminal.

On the other hand, an office full of 'empowered' users each with admin rights on their own vista machine, the need for using many various programs and various duties, you may see as low as 50 to 1... Executives constantly on the cutting edge...

A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing but together can decide that nothing can be done. -- Fred Allen