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Comment Re:Extra battery? (Score 1) 153

They are. I have a 15000 mAh unit; two, 2.4 ampere outputs. Wouldn't be without it, can't really, at least unless the companies making the cellphones stop putting too-small batteries in them. last weekend I drove five hours, during about 3 of which we were either completely out of contact or only in distant contact with a cell tower (Montana... lots and lots of empty space.) When we left the city, my phone was at 25%. I kept the phone (a Galaxy Note III with an aftermarket "big" battery that's good for about 48 hours here, where we're within about 4 miles of a cell tower) plugged into the external unit for the entire trip, and when we got home, the phone was at 100% and the external unit at 45%, which allowed for both charging it and running it.

Really, won't even consider being without that external unit. As for a pager... no. Just no.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 169

The worse part of it is that even when some people *do* take into account the ways things may fail, often times others (i.e., management) do not want to hear any of it and force adherence to the overly-optimistic plan.

Comment Re: Income inequality has *RISEN* under Obama?!?!? (Score 4, Interesting) 729

The US also had a heavy-handed progressive tax system from FDR until Reagan (at one point the top bracket was taxed at 91%), and we did pretty well. Over time, however, we have made cut after cut in the upper tax bracket and especially capital gains such that the system is now effectively regressive.

Odd that rather than increasing GDP growth year over year like trickle-down economics might tell us, in fact, our GDP growth in the last few years is lower than it was during the 90+% tax years.

Comment Re: Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 1) 786

You don't like a project leader? Don't contribute.

The really nice thing about open source projects is that you can go further and fork the project to replace the leadership. If there was genuinely a leadership issue, and you pick better leaders, you can expect the contributors will likely shift over to the new project. We have already seen this in practice when leadership shifts to entities we do not trust (e.g., MySql going to Oracle).

Comment Re:Philosophy is science's retarded parent (Score 1) 207

So you don't suffer from this same failing?

I actively try not to, as opposed to wallowing in it the way the superstitious and religious do, which I find at turns amusing and sad, not that it matters.

And why do you think you need to help?

I don't. Not sure what you're talking about there. You might want to elaborate.

and who are you to "improve"?

Hmmm. I pointed out a cause and a consequence, along with one possible factor that can reduce the cause, and thus, perhaps, the consequence. I have no idea how you got from that to where you seem to be now.

If someone feels happy because he/she believes one plus one is three, who are you to say it's wrong?

Oh, it's not me that says its wrong. It's the universe that says it's wrong. If you think one plus one is three, that's perfectly fine with me. I don't require that anyone in particular try to actually grasp objective reality other than myself. I didn't even require that of my kids.

If pursuit of happiness is the goal, there is nothing that states that one must follow the path of science.

I completely agree. If jumping off a cliff makes you happy, or self flagellation does, or maintaining that one plus one is three does... awesome. You go, fella. :)

It's all about personal choice. The way I see it, you, and anyone else for that matter, should be perfectly free to make any choice you like as long as it doesn't infringe on the liberties of others, or otherwise cause harm to a non-consenting, and/or uninformed person or persons. That's my entire metric, right there, aside from animal cruelty issues, which I regard similarly.

It doesn't change anything I said, though. Doing what you want in pursuit of whatever it is you want to pursue is a whole 'nuther thing than having a clue about what you're doing.

Clear now?

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