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Comment Re: Income inequality has *RISEN* under Obama?!?!? (Score 4, Interesting) 729

The US also had a heavy-handed progressive tax system from FDR until Reagan (at one point the top bracket was taxed at 91%), and we did pretty well. Over time, however, we have made cut after cut in the upper tax bracket and especially capital gains such that the system is now effectively regressive.

Odd that rather than increasing GDP growth year over year like trickle-down economics might tell us, in fact, our GDP growth in the last few years is lower than it was during the 90+% tax years.

Comment Re: Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 1) 786

You don't like a project leader? Don't contribute.

The really nice thing about open source projects is that you can go further and fork the project to replace the leadership. If there was genuinely a leadership issue, and you pick better leaders, you can expect the contributors will likely shift over to the new project. We have already seen this in practice when leadership shifts to entities we do not trust (e.g., MySql going to Oracle).

Comment Re:"Laser Strikes" define? (Score 1) 161

The color of the laser matters, too. Geeks pointing out constellations are likely using a green laser. A green laser will be more visible both because they are mostly just available as higher-quality devices than the average red laser (which can get as cheap as $2) and because your eyes have more cones to sense green light.

Comment Re:Capitalism. (Score 2) 58

Wow, only $200k, and only because of EU privacy protections that half the country are so desperate to exit? seems worthwhile to do it again.

Exactly. With a fine that small, I have to wonder how much of a net profit the pharmacy made on selling information. The $200k is just going to get written off as a cost of doing business like most other paper tiger fines.

Comment Re:git (Score 3, Insightful) 325

I don't know that I share the same experience. There are plenty of UI tools that help make git easier to work with, such that I wouldn't have much hesitation in making it the first VCS for a team.

I certainly don't expect them to be doing rebasing, bisecting, or force pushes anytime soon, nor would I suggest they start by setting each other as remotes to take advantage of the distributed aspect. However stage, commit, merge, pull, and push operations on a central origin are all pretty simple, and not much different than they would be doing with any other VCS.

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