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Comment: Re:About Fucking Time (Score 3, Insightful) 307

by Shakrai (#48620191) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

A couple of airstrikes in Libya counts as a war now?

Yes. Dropping bombs on a sovereign nation is considered an Act of War under any definition of the phrase. Bonus points for not being bothered to get Congressional approval for the measure.

But hey, since were comparing economic apples to oranges, lets note that in the 60s the "real" unemployment rate was >40%, since most families weren't dual income and as a result overall labor participiation was far lower

There are a multitude of different "real" unemployment rates that one can quote; I've never heard of one that includes people who willingly decline to participate in the workforce (i.e., students and homemakers) The traditional definition includes people who desire work but whom have abandoned all hope of finding it. In any case, if you actually believe the <8% number I have a bridge in the Sahara that you might be interested in...

If Obama cured cancer, they would blame him for putting doctors out of work.

Just so you know, I'm not one of "them." I had very high hopes for BHO, voted for him in 2008 (primary and general), and even campaigned for him against HRC in the primaries. It would require thousands of words to tell you all the reasons why I'm disappointed with him; rather than subject you to that I'll just say that my biggest takeaway from BHO was the loss of all optimism towards politics with resulting massive increase in my cynicism level.

Comment: Re:Wildly premature question (Score 1) 78

by Bruce Perens (#48620117) Attached to: SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship

If we look at jet aircraft, wear depends on the airframe and the engines, and the airframe seems to be the number of pressurize/depressurize cycles as well as the running hours. Engines get swapped out routinely but when the airframe has enough stress it's time to retire the aircraft lest it suffer catastrophic failure. Rockets are different in scale (much greater stresses) but we can expect the failure points due to age to be those two, with the addition of one main rocket-specific failure point: cryogenic tanks.

How long each will be reliable can be established using ground-based environmental testing. Nobody has the numbers for Falcon 9R yet.

Weight vs. reusable life will become a design decision in rocket design.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 0, Troll) 307

by Shakrai (#48619821) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Cuba sucks, but their healthcare doesn't suck as bad as it ought to and that's not "Michael Moore fapping".

Frankly I don't know enough about Cuba to give you an informed opinion on the quality or lack thereof of their healthcare. There are two things I'm sure of though:

1) Fidel Castro leaving the country for treatment actually happened, which is very obviously an option not available to the vast majority of Cubans, hence my quote from Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."
2) They could have the best healthcare system in the World and I still wouldn't want to live there. Nor would most people who value freedom and liberty...

Comment: Re:About Fucking Time (Score 2, Informative) 307

by Shakrai (#48619689) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

end 2 wars

While starting completely new ones. Hooray!

bring unemployment below 8%

*cough* bullshit *cough*

Hooray though, we added 300,000 jobs in the last quarter. The economy did that in most years of the 1960s, when the population of the United States was significantly less than today. Success!

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 1) 307

by Shakrai (#48619601) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Here are some other facts that actually count:

CIA World Factbook Infant mortality rates:

Cuba: 4.76 / 1000 live births USA: 5.2 / 1000 live births

Here's a list of countries with even better infant mortality rates that don't control the media or oppress free speech:

Japan: 2.17 / 1000
Sweden: 2.73
Iceland: 3.17
Italy: 3.33
France: 3.34
Finland: 3.38
Norway: 3.47
Germany: 3.48

Comment: Re:About Fucking Time (Score 2) 307

by Shakrai (#48619149) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Might as well play to the base and show America what happens if both parties start appeasing their base.

The vast majority of Americans that aren't partisan asshats get whacked in the head every 2/4/6 years as pendulum swings back and forth?

Hooray for Gerrymandering and first past the post!

Comment: Re:My what impressive sources you have! (Score 1) 345

by Shakrai (#48618473) Attached to: Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

Will you also be quoting the National Enquirer in your quest to demonize anyone questioning the MPAA and/or Sony's behavior?

MPAA's asshattery does not justify cyber-vigilantism (best case), cyber-terrorism (worst case), and threats of physical violence.

Do you believe that vigilantism is always wrong?

In this case? With regards to an industry that could be killed tomorrow if enough people simply voted with their wallet? Yes, I do think it's wrong.

Comment: Re:This needs to stop ... (Score 1) 345

by Shakrai (#48618093) Attached to: Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

I'm not part of Hollywood dude. I rarely go to the movies; maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I own less than 10 DVDs; how many movies are really good enough that you care to re-watch them with enough frequency to justify owning them? My television service comes from an antenna and that exists primarily so I have access to local news.

My issue here is with the spineless theaters that are actually going to pull the movie over vague online threats. Because of that I am going to reward the nearest one that chooses to screen the movie despite these threats. If I happen to be dating someone at the time who is into this sort of lowest common denominator comedy I'll take them with; $20 is a worthwhile investment to get laid. Otherwise I go by myself. The 2nd Amendment comment was mostly "because I can", not because I actually think I'll need my legally carried firearm, though the saying "It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." comes to mind. :)

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