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Comment Re:And we care because...why? (Score 1) 265

women, genetically, are more maticulus then men. Once on the project, they produce far far better code than do men. Unlike men, when they get home, they have other responsibilities, such as children, groceries, etc. Let her husband assume those responsibilities, and watch--much higher quality code, with good clean logic.

Thats been my fantastic experience as their project leader. Suck that up Guys.

Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 1) 189

>> 1776 was a bunch of rich people convincing the poor to fight for them

That wasn't the question. It was whether "free-thinkers and weirdos ever caused an actual revolution?" Whatever class theory you hold, you can't deny there was something strange about our founding fathers - a little too obsessed with freemasonry or whatever, but they definitely all had a screw loose to think they could take on the greatest empire the world had ever known (the British) for the greatest prize ever known (half the world) and completely redefine government as we know it at the same time. And yet these "free-thinkers" (hello democracy) and "weirdos" (Greece was awesome, amiright?) pulled it off, and the world is better for their success.

Is your comment about Bush and Halliburton, and the invasion of Iraq?

Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 1) 130

Automation has hit the agriculture industry. Unmanned machines can pick, wash, select, package different foods from vegetables to many fruits.
And with drip irrigation (thank you Israel), California farmers will prosper.

So, many many fewer H1B visitors for agriculture. What is left? Manufacturing? The Corps have shipped the jobs off shore.
Software engineering -- Offshore education and skills are at a higher level than what we find in North America.
Industrial Engineering -- some (erecting a large building needs onsite qualified intelligent engineers. Are there enough domestic engineers with those skills?
Want more. Just add your findings to this list

Comment Re:I would hardly call R obscure. (Score 1) 427

So what is and not obscure?
ADA? It is used in all the latest Boeing airliners but not used a lot outside of the aerospace community.
What about Lisp?
Or Haskell?
What about Comal, Action! and Promal? Now those are obscure.
Pascal ,Modual, Oberon?
Or the RPG family? REXX?
Some are truly obscure or just not used anymore and some are very common in a specific domain. For instance I have never needed to use Lua but I know it is used in a lot of places.

I love APL I could beat the best of the best who choose other languages by 20 to 1 in delivery days.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 829

I guess if I were to get overnight wealthy, it would have to be the lottery, Powerball or something.

What would I do?

Well, I'd leave work so fast the door wouldn't come within a mile of my ass hitting it on the way out. While I *might* stay long enough to be a nice guy, maybe give the passwords to someone, I'm outta there.

People that say they'd keep working, not me. I don't understand that, I have PLENTY of things I like to do that can keep my occupied for the rest of my life.

I"d likely but a nicer house here in New Orleans...one in maybe Denver, CO to go when too hot here, and maybe one in Key West or somewhere near a beach when I felt in that mood.

Married? Hell no....why get married when you can now be free to chase pussy 24/7...or if nothing else, do the sugardaddy.com thing...cute, good looking girls, and you get to upgrade models at will without having to risk losing half your shit you own.

But more seriously, the world is your oyster if you are that rich. Travel, see things..hell, you can see and do a lot without ever leaving the US.

I have plenty of friends around the US, so, I don't really need more. I'd take care of them and their families (the ones that are married)...and well, just have fun.

I have never understood the lottery winners who'd just keep working. I've got a ton of stuff I'd rather be doing at any point in the day.

Heck, on some long times in between contracts, one time was 7mos...I'd wake up about 8-9am, go walk the dog...maybe jump on my motorcycle and hit the gym daily for 1-2 hours. Home for lunch, then maybe back on the motorcycle (summer/early fall) and go check out a new art museum or something here in NOLA...and maybe catch a fest or meet friends of mine getting off work at a bar for a few about 4pm....come home...lather, rinse, repeat.

Personally I never got tired of that easy life..and hey, if I was rich and got bored, I could always travel somewhere and vacation from that!!!

Yep, I'm sorry, I dunno how someone could be rich and miserable.

If it is so bad, gimme the money and let me take a swing at that type of life. I assure you, I'll have no problems.

You must be under age 32.

Comment What Would You Do If I Was to be Suddenly Wealthy? (Score 1) 829

The first thing, would be to try to remain anonymous. I would clear my debts, I would then lock the wealth up for a month or two to allow me to decide what are my new priorities.
a) My children's debts would be secretly paid off.
b) A trust fund setup for my grandchildren
c) A selling of the existing home and a move to a smaller bungalow. (lateral move)
d) I would spend some of the wealth on some current technology, some comfortable clothing and a new car.
e) I would return to University, to enjoy the pleasure of learning
f) I would look at what part of it I could give to a registered charity

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 588

Easy way to win the Amazing Randi's million dollar challenge for supernatural powers. If you get sick when they turn the wi-fi on and feel better when they turn it off, you have the ability to detect 2.4GHz radiation with your body.

Its definitely possible to get sick from wifi. Want to know how???

Well, suppose the child's teeth braces are at the wavelength for perfect reception of 2.4Ghz. The child's braces act like an antenna, and there an be a voltage generated between two teeth by the metal bands. That voltage could cause some headaches.

And of course, my theory goes to pots if the child does not wear braces or metal frame glasses, also the frame capable of acting like an antenna.

A third possibilty is that the router is within 18 inches of her skull. So the next best thing to prove it is the router is for the child to put her head next to router and for the school to do a double blind test.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 177

Finally something appropriate for the older crowd with poor vision. Add Keyboard & Mouse support and a stand and you are giving a PC a run for it's money when it comes to basic computer tasks for a home user, who have found tablets to be too small in the past.

I have a tablet from Samsung that was purchased for $200.00 It has a slot for extra memory, earphones, and an attachable keyboard (which was included). There is a micro-usb connector and I purchased an option to allow micro-usb to a usb-hub. Thus, I can use it for browsing the web, taking notes, recording conversations, and email).
I have Dropbox on it, so that my notes are stored therein. When I get home, I pickup my notes using my desktop system.

Yes, in my life, Windows is history, something I used a few years ago.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 250

You want to regulate pricing, so that you have a corrupt cartel which keeps competition limited and prices high?

Because that's what we had before Uber came around.

We don't need regulated pricing, we need competition. And that's what we have with Uber and Lyft (who compete against each other). What we need is a few more services like those, and then several apps which do for them what PadMapper does for the rental market, and aggregates them and lets you quickly find out which service will give you the best combination of fare price and convenience (e.g., a cheaper fare probably isn't worth it if you have to wait an hour to get picked up).

All this whining about surge pricing is silly. The pricing is not a surprise: Uber's app tells you before you ride how much it's going to cost. If the price is too high, don't buy it. Most of the time, Uber rides are far cheaper than regular cabs, and you get to ride in a much nicer vehicle. Without surge pricing, drivers wouldn't bother driving during certain times.

We think it is a good idea to regulate prices. Most taxi drivers either own their car, or rent them. In both cases, the province sets the rate, and calibrates the meters. Taxi drivers don't earn big money, and the rates are what is tolerable.
Many many drivers begin their day at 5am, stop at 10am and sleep to 2pm, where again, they work until tired or later. Some drivers live from the stand at the supermarket, other from the airports.
I haven't met a taxidriver that works 80 hrs per week to make 6 figures.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 278

Its about $190 too much.

I used a wired connection. My phone company provides a device that streams tcp/ip wirelessly to a remote device and very much higher wifi speeds. From the end of that remote device, I put a wire/wireless router. My laptop is never more than 1 room away from that router.

Comment Re: Desperation due to FF's collapsing marketshare (Score 1) 125

I'm a. Old fuddee dudie. Even though I have Chrome and other browsers, I always return to Firefox. With it I am more confident of my browsing privacy than with any other browser. Eventually, when your deepest secrets are on the web, will you say "I didn't know Chrome did that or the other browser leaked my info. Sure Ff is a little slower, but I believe my browsing history belongs to me and me one. Bye bye Chrome, Chromium and all the leaky rest.

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