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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 591

The president of Turkey is a Muslim fundamentalist. His objective is to remain in power for the balance of his life, and to leave rulership to his descendents.

The president is also a pro-muslim in support of the anti-Assad Syrian president, and when Russia bombed the legitimate (non ISIS) anti-Assad opposition armies, it was time to show Russia that it is vulnerable. True, the planes may have been close to Turkey, but they were not flying in the direction of the interior, but parallel, and perhaps even further away. The president is responsible for it's army and probably it was a commander or a general who gave the green light to take down the Russian plane.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Is it me or are do others here think the next 20 years in the US is going to be an extremely rough ride? In less than 10 years we will have to deal with kids who grew up with these textbooks in our college system. In another 10 years they will start to become our "leaders". in 40 years they will be in the Senate and House making even worse informed decisions than the morons currently there.

Time to become a citizen of anthor country. The USA is too big, It should be broken into at least two parts -- west and east, and each part split between north and south.

With that splitting into halves, elections, taxes, costs, etc. will drop substantially for each half. Remember, every 7 workers needs a foreman, and every 7 foreman needs a manager, and every 7 managers --- oh well, you got it. Smaller is better but too small is too much overhead.

Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 1) 305

Hey dumbass, there's a mute button on your remote. Learn to use it. Better yet turn off the fucking television when you have dinner with your family.

Love the viagra / cialis ads that appear at mealtime and just before Jimmy Kimmel show. We Canadians watch American channels and are aghast at the amount of drug advertising, with final minor warnings, this drug can kill you if you have this or that. And of course, there are now viagra / ciallis adverts for women.

Time to restrict watching to Canadian channels. -- no drug adverts allowed.

Comment Re:for the love of god (Score 1) 202

You seem to have forgotten that the Internet spans the entire world. And that many /. readers are not from the USA.

while I agree that the news coverage on the subject is often a bit excessive in some regards I strongly disagree with your apparent position that the 127 people who died in France yesterday and the hundreds of others who die every month elsewhere in the world don't matter because they are not American.

and FYI I am an American, I just have a broader world view than you have demonstrated.

I concur with your views and position on war deaths.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 284

Have random audits to confirm people are following the rules. Enforce those rules.

Sure, but that requires *more* government -- to enforce those rules and punishments -- and, as we all know, that would be bad and a "job killer", unlike easy access to cheap, foreign H-1B workers ... oh, wait.

Continue to vote Republican and you got what you asked for.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 735

So what?

1) Global Climate change is disruptive and people will unnecessarily die or live worse-off because of the resulting displacement of peoples.
2) We can be carbon neutral in 30 years if we create large scale subsidies in existing state of the art in nuclear power. (oh and throw in a few renewable sources for up to about 30% of the total requirements)


3) If you think we can be carbon neutral and meet the energy needs of civilization with just subsidized renewables then you are the same as a "climate denier" because pretending to solve a problem (to get your extremely inadequate pet projects funded) is in effect no better than denying the problem and just waiting to run out of economically viable fossil fuels.

All of this won't bother me, I will be dead by then. It may however, bother my descendants. I don't pollute, so this global warning is for my grandchildren to handle.
I suppose that we will be building houses underground and living underground,

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

To be pedantic, a bittorrent server serves small .torrent files, not the actual files indexed therein.

Secondly, let's call "unlimited data" what it is: unmetered data. And unmetered data works in many other scenarios with lower costs to the end-user and equally large data, like VPN and NNTP services for $10/mo. Further, many countries have ISPs that profitably offer unmetered data. Indeed, Comcast has never been close to unprofitable in its years of offering unmetered data, and its 400GB (or whatever) cap has seldom been enforced.

The real reason corporations are pushing back against unmetered data is that it's non-billable data. It's a revenue stream that they're naturally eyeing in a never-ending push to increase margins quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. It's not because unmetered data is unprofitable, it's because it's not as profitable as metered data. The apologists who defend these corporations are either being duped by their marketing, or are heavily invested in their profits.

Do you remember the era where advertisers sponsored radio programs, then TV programs? And then, your web pages started to be comprimised with injected advertising data. Why don't the ISPs pay us to use their services. That way, we earn money to watch commercials (minimum of 6 minutes commercials / hr).

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

So, in other words, telco's are large Ponzi schemes whose business model is predicated on misleading customers about what they're actually buying so that faulty business models can be sold as if they weren't complete bullshit?

I'm sorry, but there's a word for that: fraud.

So maybe I can sell 1 million people my car? And then when I don't have 1 million cars I can say "well, I wasn't selling you my car, I was selling you the idea of car?

Sorry, their shitty business model and deceptive marketing are their own damned problems.

Oh, but wait, this was to maximize shareholder value and executive bonuses, so it's perfectly OK to commit fraud, right?

They know your typical home internet speed is limited to around 2 megabytes per second. Most users do not download 24/7. So, you pay for unlimited. They expect you to sleep at least 8hrs / day and they expect you to do something with what you dl'd. Unlimited to your configuration is what they used as a basis for their offerings.

Comment Hyperlinks and bookcases (Score 1) 220

If I walk into a library, I can search their catalog or I can walk down the aisle of documents, reading the library call number and/or the boot title.

If I do a comparison, I have to ask myself, what is the difference between a document title on a bookshelf, and a hyperlink in a web page?

If I don't retrieve the book, its like I did not click onto the hyperlink.

Presumably, a webpage may be copyrighted, and I bet that even the copyright holder has icons on it, or links to other copyright material not owned by him.

This is stupidity and we should just use common sense.

Its like saying, clicking on the link with a mouse makes a difference if I used the left mouse button versus the right mouse button, or a mouse with no button or scroll wheel.

Comment Re:Bathroom (Score 1) 284

If your home has two bathrooms, you are living above the average in prosperity. Most apartments and smaller single houses have one bathroom.

And There is a $100k difference between having 2 bathrooms and 1 in a home, and that also translates into family income differences.

Would they also ask if you are in a 0,1,2,3,or more car family. Would that indicate father,mother,and one car per kid?

Comment Re:WTF is "positivism"? (Score 1) 262

>> The OS/2 community has taken this news with positivism

WTF is "positivism"? It sounds like a drug advertised during football games.

OS2/warp was at its time, a multitasking priority preemptive scheduled operating system, that was way ahead of its time. The IBM directors never thought that the PC would take off, and so, let MS steal their business. Had IBM directors been astute, we would know of the existance of MSoft.

Comment Re:Lost Decade (now going on 3rd decade) (Score 1) 360

Japan is the first wealthy country to see its population numbers go down

The only reason UK population is not declining is because of net immigration, I expect the same is true for many EU countries.

The same is true for the USA. Without the Mexican's, legal or otherwise, the population would be in decline. It is these hardworking people that keep the 1.2 children per family statistic at not dropping to a lower number.

In Europe, it is the immigration from Muslim countries that is bolstering the rate to 1.2 children/family.
Time to think that money and being part of the 99% is the reason for a low USA birthrate.

Maybe too, the reason for the low birth rate is that there are too many adult toys, such as cellphones that last 3 years, laptops that fail a few months after their guarantee lapses, a new leased car every three years, chasing after fashionable clothing, and health care costs.

Comment Re:Real problem: He's an idiot (Score 1) 309

This is the Democrat Party we are talking about. The coronation of Hillary for 2016 was decided years ago.

No, his main problem was nobody knew who the fuck he was outside of a few nerds.

This guy was less prepared to run a presidential campaign than that fucking idiot Rick Perry. And that makes him a bigger idiot than Rick Perry--now there's an accomplishment.

It doesn't matter how prepared he is. Because the Clintons have the party establishment tied up, Dems have no viable candidates this year other than her, and she has a lot of legacy antipathy that will make the general election harder for her. Bernie's okay, but I figure he basically was allowed to run because he was too crazy a prospect to be a real threat to the Clinton machine.

For the first time in 10 years, I feel that the Democrats will not elect a president. Hillary is not a shoe-in.

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