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by lsatenstein (#47587183) Attached to: "BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil"


I once worked for a company that wrote web banking software. The laptops/desktops/etc of certain employees had a 'driver' that continually monitored the USB ports. If anything plugged into it that had storage on it but not the proper corporate auth key to connect as an approved storage device? It would automatically send an email to the IT department, immediately shut off the entire USB subsystem in the OS, and it stayed that way until the device was re-imaged (in many cases making the device completely useless). It also got you immediately perp-walked out of the building and freshly unemployed, unless you could immediately give them a reasonable (and provable) explanation as to why it happened.

Now in this case, I suspect that if the bad stick presented itself to the OS as a keyboard/mouse/whatever, it may circumvent that (I say "may" because I don't know if it would be able to dump any non-keyboard/mouse-related data onto the machine w/o presenting itself as storage.)

Either way, if you're that worried about it, then epoxy the USB ports shut (well, except on the phone for obvious reasons...)

Surprise, surprise, surprise, not all computer cases are locked. Had a case of user powering off the computer and rebooting with a live usb drive. Since it was standalone, the host system did not detect this action.

Also had a case of an employee opening up the computer case, unplugging the drive and replugging it into his external USB hardware adapter (cost for adapter $35.00 at Used his laptop to download stuff from that mpw external laptop drive to his laptop, and person could upload stuff too. No, he did not insert stuff on the drive, but we do know he dl'd stuff. t'il by chance an IT guy happened by.

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I would hire devs to interface with the ERP. Because when you go to upgrade to the next version [of the ERP], you have a modular thing that you can change pieces of rather than having to pay someone to rewrite the entire thing. If you continue to customize the ERP you're using, you'll be locked in to that specific version and all of its security/stability/functionality problems.

Have you looked at an alternative ERP system? Ive used many that were as functional as Oracle or even more functional, and at less than Oracle's TCO.

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That's what Israel tells the world after they bomb schools ....

Don't let israel brainwash you!

That's what Israel tells the world after they bomb schools ....

Don't let israel brainwash you!

Hello, Mr. Hamas Troll,

The other day when BBC was interviewing a doctor who was inside a hospital in Gaza, in the middle of the interview two Hamas rockets were fired from the 3rd floor of the same hospital

The sounds of the rocket firing was heard clearly, and the doctor himself admitted in that live broadcast that two rockets were fired from the hospital

That broadcast was not sponsored in any way by Israel. It was a BBC broadcast !

That's what Israel tells the world after they bomb schools ....

Don't let israel brainwash you!

That's what Israel tells the world after they bomb schools ....

Don't let israel brainwash you!

If it was the USA in Israel's situation, would they send knocker bombs or pamphlets or make phone calls. I bet you that the USA would have dropped napalm, and would have just eliminated Gaza.

Want to live with terrorists in your midst, here is a link Here is the funeral of one such terrorist stopped by Israel. The funeral was taking place in Gaza, They failed to remove the suicide belt before the burial.

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Time Shifting? Worked for the VCR.

If you bought the CD/DVD, you are entitled to protect the CD/DVD from scratches and damage by copying to the car's hard disk. This hard disk is integral to your car and is not transferable. Ergo, I believe that there is no need to pay for a second copy of the purchased entertainment.

This is another unwarranted grab

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by lsatenstein (#47567441) Attached to: Tesla and Panasonic Have Reached an Agreement On the Gigafactory

According to Tesla, it will have as much production capacity as all current li-ion battery factories combined.

The giga does have some meaning, as the factory has a planned production of 35 gigawatt-hours of batteries per year.

This is a great investment, Robotics galore, people only for telephone and emails. And the best part, just when the site gets to be profitable, new technology will come along and make that investment a major flawed decision.

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" disabling everything that plugs into a wall socket. Most people wouldn't even be able to flush their toilet because urban water supplies largely rely on electric pumps"

Every single water filtration plant has very large diesel generators that can run the place for months without electrical power. And no, a solar flare can not burn out giant motors and generators, all that can be ran easily without the SCADA system. In fact we used to run drills operating the place by hand, as most of the guys that did it from 1940 until 1990 did it mostly by hand.

One problem I see, is tha that the municipal storage tanks would need to be refilled, once fuel was consumed. But to do that, you need to have a way to pump the fuel to the transport trucks, and to ensure the truck can deliver the fuel. Not too sure your idea is possible, except for a short time, perhaps less than a week.

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Simple, it's the same people who get into a hissy fit whenever someone posts something that's contrary to their view of the world. The group think on /. is thick, and the site is screaming in decline as noticed by the lack of comments on topics and poor commenting.

Of course it is in decline. University/College/school is out for the summer as students try to earn money to cover the next semester. I just love for profit everything, including education. Wanna buy a masters degree, we have a ghost writer for you, real cheap". Our university has no buildings, ergo, degrees are cheap to come by, and while you are working to pay for that diploma, we'll keep you to busy to write to /.

Where are the well educated? In countries where education is low cost. Almost every country has geniuses that are able to obtain PHD and other degrees. Oh yes, the degrees are in earned in Spanish, French, Portugese, Hebrew, Aisian (Chinese/Japonese/Korean) and yes, English too.

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by lsatenstein (#47518519) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Its time to return most of California to Mexico, and the lands back to the native indians.

Jerusalem and Jordan and the current land of Israel were always inhabited by Jews. For over 100 years Jews were buying up land in that area. There is no way that Israel will tolerate terrorism against it.
Hamas has refused to recognize peaceful co-existance. Their charter says to have muslim world domination and death to infidels and Jews. Had Hamas concentrated in building infrastructure, schools, universities, roads, etc, the hundred of millions of dollars poured into cement walls for tunnels was a theft from their citizens.

Israel wants peace. Trade with neighbours would have helped Lebanon,Jordan, Gaza, Palestine, and more to improve the life of all residents. Shame on power blind leaders--only 1 religion allowed, and Christianity is amoungst many excluded.

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by lsatenstein (#47497647) Attached to: Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars

You want people to adopt electric cars and hybrids in greater numbers sooner? You want to wean the general populace off of fossil fuels? This is how you do it! Of all the complete wastes of money the U.S. government commits, this comparatively speaking would be a drop in the bucket and of great long-term benefit to the entire country. While we're at it how about they sink some money into electric vehicle support infrastructure like rapid charging stations, too?

Whatever increases government net revenue would be the guide for the best solution. Please note, some of that money would come as party donations. Gas, Electric, Nuclear, wind, coal, water, they are all financing one or other political party.

Why think that the governments (fed and state) are going th be in favour of hybrid car subsidies?

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Ads and marketing in general have evolved from simple, respectful "hey, try this! It's good" into manipulative nonsense. Few people can see through it and the result has been devastating to them. It has shaped and certainly harmed the culture of the US and even results in violence in some extreme cases where people want things so badly they hurt and kill each other to get it. Though most will disagree exactly when things have gone "too far" few will disagree that they have.

I have always subscribed to @ 20/yr. This last renewal, they rejected my visa payment because they were not equipped to have Visa transfer my payment directly to my provider for approval. And there is no way for anyone to contact No way, I discovered, and no ombudsman, I could not get my payment processed. SHAME

So now I am getting the same repetitive annoying add from a dating service. I will try the following... Edit my profile and change my age to 12 or 13. Just to stop that repetitious dating stuff. I am of the belief that we need a free from adverts NET NEUTRAL internet. If I pay my ISP for a connection, I expect him to not count the adverts in my download allotment. Fortunately, using Thunderbird, I got rid of most of the stupid adverts.

Set your age to 12 for youtube, twitter, gmail, hotmail, and whatever, and see what happens.

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by lsatenstein (#47482213) Attached to: US House Passes Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes

They'll never pass up an opportunity to squeeze more money to fund pet projects back home. Hell, they're already talking about tapping the untouched potential of my 401(k).

Do you pay taxes on services. Get the car repaired and pay for labour and taxes? In most parts of the world, labor is value added and is therefore taxed. Are your phone services taxed?

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The point of password reuse is to use an algorithm that you can remember but not someone can guess.

This is not my password but it's an example of how I create one:
If I visit a site and it's name is, I will use my "easy" word + the first syllable of the site + a padding word that I use on all sites, Depending on how asinine the password requirements are, the beginning or end of the password will be padded with numbers and symbols, but always the same ones.
So might be turkeyGootrucking8
and another site like a bank site that I want higher entrophy on will use a different algorithm, so BOA might end up a hard non-englisht word + the passing word, then the company's initials + needed password entrophy, so BOA would end up with namastetruckingBOA8

So when I use sites that want to remember my shipping address or credit card (I never save my credit card number, I don't care how "safe" your site is) I use the harder credentials. I just want to post a comment on the many HuffPo type of sites, easy password all the time. So while each password for each site is unique, effectively the easy password is reused but padded with something unique to the site so that even if the password was stolen it's unusable for any other site.

When a bank's or other stupid organization calls on using a password with a Capital letter, an integer and a minimum of 8 characters, and two adjacent characters not the same, it is recipe for easy hacking. Mathematically, easy.

I protect my passwords by including the wonderful €, and symbols which are on my standard keyboard.

  sekalf nroc

(read backwords)

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Suggesting she become a homemaker despite her explicit request for career information and knowing nothing about her other than her gender -- yes, almost certainly misogyny.

Homemaker is a career, and it does take certain skillsets that are developed over a lifetime. It's an important career chosen by many women throughout history. Consider what happens if the next generation is not nurtured and educated.

And it is a future proof job - can't outsource child making and rearing, and she has capabilities unique to her sex. (eg: half the potential competition of other career paths) Kids are also an effective retirement plan when raised well.

Even if you don't think it's the best option, it's a valid option, and a noble one.

Chez nous (Canada), women are in construction industries, in taking over the gardening/snow removal businesses, plumbing, motor mechanics, refrigeration systems and electricity. These are skills that will be required for centuries to come.

And while they may be at 80% of the "professional rate", the lifespan for the former is longer, both in age, and in working years, and in pension years.

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