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+ - Sony Pictures 'Paralyzed' by Hack and Data Leak in #GOP Blackmail Attack->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Did Sony learn nothing from the LulzSec hacks?

'Sony Pictures Entertainment employees worldwide have been ordered to disconnect their computers and not access email, after the studio was struck by a malicious hacker attack which infiltrated the company's network and threatened to publish "secrets".'"

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Comment: Re:A bit high (Score 1) 1040

by ACE209 (#47158409) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

But those on that wage level won't have lost anything either.

And I think a minimum wage wouldn't have a major influence on inflation.

One problem today is the loss of jobs due to more and more automation and outsourcing of manual labor.
Naturally this causes a drop of wages in certain professions because of less demand.
My opinion is that a society shouldn't allow wages to drop below a level where you can't make a living by a full time job.

Not because I'm so good at heart but because of all the related problems with poverty and crime that come with those low wages.

So - minimum wages seem to be a good idea to me - but I'm always open for better solutions.

+ - How to fix Slashdot Beta? 17

Submitted by Forbo
Forbo (3035827) writes "Since the migration to Slashdot Beta was announced, it seems all meaningful discussion has been completely disrupted with calls to boycott and protest. Rather than pull an Occupy, what can be done to focus and organize the action? What is the end goal: To revert entirely to the previous site, or to address the problems with the new site?"

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 0) 101

by ACE209 (#46018639) Attached to: US Geneticist Discusses North Korea Trip With Dennis Rodman

But of course he completely misses the irony that he and the rest of the North Korean elite were enjoying a newly build *ski resort* (quite literally "trampling" the workers in the process) while a significant portion of the population is near-starving, and any citizen who points that fact out is sent to a forced labor camp.

Patience. Western elites are working on evening out the situation.

To restore a sense of reality, I think Walt Disney should have a Hardluckland. -- Jack Paar