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Comment Re:Happy, happy, joy, joy... (Score 1) 381

Proportional representation fails where it is implemented because you always end up with fringe nutters getting seats.

Under the assumption that parliament should represent the whole population I consider that a good thing.
When a small part of population has a certain unpopular opinion, that should be reflected in parliament.
Otherwise it's like taking the right to vote away from people you disag.. oh .. you actually propose that in your next sentence. Nothing I can do here I guess.

Comment Re:better late than never (Score 2) 76

From the second linked article:

When Japanese prosecutors bring charges on their own initiative, they win convictions more than 99 percent of the time, but cases forced on them by citizens’ review panels are different. Almost by definition, they involve charges that prosecutors saw little hope of proving.

Comment Re:don't trust new mega competitor (Score 1) 90

OP was probably referencing Kim Dotcoms first "enterprises"

His early years seem to be missing from the english wikipedia page

Here a translation of the relevant bits from the german version:

He was a member of the then flourishing mailbox scene with its mailboxes "Beverly Hills BBS" and "House of Coolness BBS", where among other things, Warez were traded.
It is said that he recorded the message of the users of this BBBs to gain inside information about weaknesses in the telephone system and software.
He later ran a partyline which became a forum for phreakers in which he again collected the latest information by listening to its users.

Comment Re:data-mining encrypted data? (Score 1) 46

I think the original poster meant that doing operations on encrypted data is something else than data-mining.

For data-mining you need to know the data. But the point here is that actually the one doing the operations does never see the results.

How can you data-mine that?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 169

Bollocks. The United States of America is the nexus of true freedom in this universe. They love whistleblowers, I hear they want snowmen back to apologize to him about the whole misunderstanding and return the ill gotten rights of the government, obtained by one or two bad apples, to the citizens. Furthermore the USA would never resort to underhanded tactics like that. How could you be so insulting to such great nations? I dare you to find a SINGLE real world example!!!

True story.
In fact they are a prime example of selflessness.
They brought so much justice and democracy to the world that nothing of it is left at home.

How come everyone's going so slow if it's called rush hour?