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Comment: Re:I dunno about LEDs, but CFLs don't last (Score 1) 595

by AC-x (#48002393) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

every one that I've purchased - from multiple companies - has burned out prematurely

Did you buy the cheapest, crappiest ones you could find or something? My house has a total of 21 Phillips GU10 and 4 Megaman MR11 (yes they're a real company) bulbs, all 6W (50W equiv) dimmable, and not a single one has failed in 3 years, including the ones in the bathroom (so hello high humidity and temperature swings).

They're all modern warm white LEDs, they work fine on standard dimmers, and the light quality is indistinguishable from the halogen spotlights they replaced. My living room has the equivalent of 1000W of light for just 60W worth of LEDs.

Comment: Re:Underwater? Yes. Robot? NO (Score 1) 71

by AC-x (#47985399) Attached to: Octopus-Inspired Robot Matches Real Octopus For Speed

"A robot is an automatic mechanical device ... "

Quite a serviceable definition, and it covers what they are doing.

But there's nothing automatic about their model; They manually attached it to a water hose to fill it, manually released it, and relied on fixed fins to provide passive stability.

Sure the technology can be used on robots in the future, but this proof-of-concept model is as robotic as a water bottle rocket.

Comment: Re:Some details about the 3D printer (Score 1) 129

by AC-x (#47963455) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

That's why you carry spare parts with you.

Still, with mass at a premium it would be more efficient to send up a stockpile of raw plastic rather than many combinations of different spare parts. After all you can't perfectly predict which parts will fail and how often, so you could get caught short on a part that was supposed to be reliable but failed more than often it was predicted to.

Comment: Re:Some details about the 3D printer (Score 1) 129

by AC-x (#47963367) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

Ever since Muslims were banned from going to Mars by a fatwa? I guess it is!

Well, they're banned if the mission is one-way rather than two-way, mainly in response to that daft Mars One thing. Of course Islam doesn't have any central authority anyway so it's not like that "no suicide missions to Mars" fatwa is actually binding to anyone.

Comment: Re:oh wow (Score 1) 129

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Thing is, you're melting plastic and placing that melted plastic where you want it to be. In gravity and endless atmosphere this is easy, the gravity helps feed the raw materials through a hopper and ensure that the plastic stays where you place it, and the essentially endless atmosphere carries away noxious fumes so that you don't poison yourself. Unfortunately on a space station or in a spacecraft you have no effective gravity and a very limited atmosphere, so you cannot pollute nor can you rely on gravity to make things go where you want them.

Gravity making things go where you want them?? Gravity is a limiting factor in terrestrial 3D printers! The plastic is loaded as a filament and is mechanically pushed through the nozzle so no gravity required there, and without gravity you could get much better overhangs without requiring supports.

As for the fumes it would be pretty easy to have the printer in a separate fume cupboard if they needed.

Comment: Re:Alright smart guy (Score 1) 504

by AC-x (#47963059) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

With an Android device, the manufacturer outright abandons updating the phone the moment their next handset is on sale. (Samsung seems to be the worst about this, but, even Google has done it to stock Nexus phones.)

Pick your poison. Slow, or quick. ....then get ready for your next pill.

At least with Android running a custom build is officially supported by the OS, and some handsets (especially the Nexus line) officially support rooting to install custom builds too. My nearly 4 year old Nexus S is running the latest version of KitKat just fine, and has actually got faster with the last few versions.

Comment: Re:a collision wouldn't surprise me (Score 2) 65

by AC-x (#47962985) Attached to: 2 Mars Missions Set For Arrival, Both Prepare for Orbital Maneuvers

It just seems that any time a government spends a lot of money to do anything, it normally ends with a fail worthy of Monty Python

Lets be fair here, the last thing they did on Mars was place a 1 ton nuclear powered tank on the surface using a rocket powered crane, so they've obviously come along way since that unfortunate units mixup...

Comment: Re:The biggest risk to the pyramids is Islam (Score 1) 246

by AC-x (#47850837) Attached to: Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Is Being Destroyed By Its Own Restoration Team

The Syrian civil war is a political conflict sparked by a violent crackdown on anti-Assad protests in 2011 you dolt. Some of the rebel fighters are literally backed by the US government. Does that mean the US government supports Islamic extremists? Maybe you're confusing it with ISIS, an Iraqi group which was at the time of your poll (May 2013) a largely unknown bit player?

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