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Comment: Re:I May Not Agree (Score 1) 1111

by AC-x (#46703849) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

but it is a scary precedent to get rid of people based on their personal beliefs and political activities.

What about being forced to resign because of a massive public petition against them? He was never fired for donating to prop 8, he resigned because of public pressure for him to resign...

Comment: Re: How are those kind of things patentable? (Score 2) 406

by AC-x (#46462391) Attached to: Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents

Here's your prior art.

Should a company really be able to patent taking a well known physical object and replicating it on a phone's screen? It would be like granting a patent for an on-screen button that looks like a switch or a push-button, a volume meter that looks like a galvanometer, or a power meter that looks like a battery etc.

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