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Comment: SD cards can't impersonate a keyboard (Score 2) 178

by AC-x (#48388937) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Non-USB Flash Direct From China Safe?

SD cards can't impersonate a keyboard, so anything like the USB firmware hack you linked to is impossible. There could be malicious files pre-installed on the drive, but then that's happened to big name suppliers plenty of times too.

As far as I know Android has no facility to run code directly from an SD card anyway, and if you're using an antivirus package worth its salt on your PC it would block any autorun attempt.

Comment: Why would you want to type at all? (Score 3, Interesting) 100

it's Microsoft that might have the most logical solution for typing on small size displays running Google's Android Wear platform. Microsoft's research division has built an analog keyboard prototype for Android Wear that eliminates the need to tap at tiny letters, and instead has you write them out.

Why would you want to type at all? There's reasonably good voice recognition now, that's got to be better than trying to finger-paint letters on a tiny watch screen?

Comment: Roadable aircraft aren't "flying cars" (Score 2) 203

by AC-x (#48081243) Attached to: A Production-Ready Flying Car Is Coming This Month

I wish they'd stop calling roadable aircraft "flying cars".

Flying car: Something that allows you to take off from your home and fly directly to your destination.
Roadable aircraft: An aircraft that you can drive to and from local airports.

It's good for people who already fly light aircraft (no more worrying about transport once you fly to your destination), useless for the rest of us.

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